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Bluetooth-Verbindung zwischen TV und Smartphone


Panasonic TVs from model year 2018 offer the possibility to connect a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to it play music stored on the TV In this video we show you how to set this up

To set up the connection, press the apps key * to bring up the app overview Now select the Audio Link app and start it by pressing OK It must now be selected whether the TV station or receiver should be To play music, you must select Smartphone to TV in this view When the connection is established for the first time, a message will appear saying that the Bluetooth audio mode needs to be changed

Please select yes and confirm with OK If no smartphone or tablet has yet been paired, the link shown will appear Please call the Bluetooth Settings on your mobile device and connects it to the TV We show you two examples (Android and iOS) like the Operation on a smartphone or tablet works Depending on the manufacturer of the Android device, the presentation may be something differ

More information about the Bluetooth settings can be obtained from the manufacturer of the mobile device For Apple devices, after the connection has started, the ad appears on both the TV and the smartphone or tablet of a code If this is identical on both devices, confirm the connection by tapping on pairing Once the connection is made, the indicator disappears on the TV All you have to do now is play the music on your smartphone or tablet

It is important that the volume on the mobile device is set correctly Have you set up your smartphone or tablet very quietly, the music is also quiet on the TV because the TV can not control the smartphone

Source: Youtube

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