BLIND TEST – Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

Which do you pick – Samsung …

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  1. Did not expect that. I think overall the right (samsung) was definitely better quality in most ways. I thought it was the iPhone the whole time and I guessed the same and was wrong!

  2. ​ @Ken masters you are wrong man, iPhone has nothing! they have software and hardware designs only, other companies manufacture hardware for apple. sony makes cameras for apple !!! btw Samsung has its own image sensors called Samsung isocell.

  3. If I had to choose I would choose the Galaxy S21 ultra, because the battery life is longer, there is a lot more customization in the system because is android, the screen resolution is significantly higher and better (iPhone 12 pro max: 1242 x 2688 px < S21 ultra: WQHD (1440 x 3200 px) and on-screen refresh rate is 120 Hz.

    What do you think of my choice?

  4. I recently switched to Apple from Android after over 10 years. I can't go back to Android. Android phones pack so much stuff into their phones to try and keep up with Apple but I am sorry, the iPhone 12 is clean, simple, rugged, easy to use and it works. The video? Yea, no Android can compare. Sorry

  5. I knew from the start that the iPhone was on the left, as I own one and they go for more realism and that’s why you could see the footprints better on the iPhone.

  6. That’s it…. taking my iPhone back. I only bought it for the camera. The other features or lack thereof has been so frustrating. So glad I can go back to my Android.

  7. Very close comparison, this video is probably the best side by side comparison I've seen. I was able to guess correctly but only after seeing the image stabilization kick in on the 4K video. Good job guys! 👏🏽

  8. I got the 21 ultra. I've always gotten Android. Thinking about switching to Apple. Reason, iTunes. Samsung Keis doesn't work. They stopped updating years ago

  9. the iphone 12 pro max close up picture focus is simply broken. you cant get close to something if you tried, it just wont do it. You have to stand way back then zoom in if you want a close up, really stupid camera on the iphone 12 pro max. crazy broken

  10. The auto iso flickering gave iPhone away. They just don't give a crap about fixing that shit. And very poor dark room performance gave away samsung. That was an easy comparison, if you know what to look for. If we had another 3 flagship competitors – it would be just guessing (except iphone because of iso flickering)

  11. All iPhone 12 series has terrible video when you shoot a portrait indoors. I shoot a Portrait video for myself with 4k and HD format. Daytime in my living room with some fluorescent light in the room. After that, I transfer the video to my PC and look at it before editing. The video is so terrible all the pixel is a blur and break apart. Then I try with my camera Sony ZV-1with the same short 4k and HD ($500 camera). The Sony quality is amazing. I have iPhone 12 my friend has iPhone 12 pro and has the same problem. Is very terrible products why everybody crazy about iPhone 12. I return my iPhone and never trust Apple products. If you don't believe me test and find out. Make sure you view it on desktop, not iPhone.

  12. From the moment the close focus came with the dept of field, i knew that left was the iPhone, just cause I have that same problem on my iPhone xs 😉 the moment you go very close with iPhone, it seems to just give up 🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. Why didn't you show the Samsung Video recordings being uploaded to YouTube? Samsung records in HDR10+ which YouTube supports, but the Iphone uses DolbyVision which is not supported by YouTube and why iPhone videos look pretty poor in comparison to the Samsung devicies (especially if you are shooting the same scenes) Just watch the videos you upload on each device on a Samsung TV if you need any more proof!

  14. If your prefer photos then IPhone. If you prefer videos then Samsung. Never thought it would ever be this close before and it is so cool to see that

  15. This has made me realize how stupid the Samsung vs Iphone camera debate is. They are both amazing, and do have their caveats at random places in random times.

  16. I’ve used both, and they’re both great. Samsung wins for very distant or very close up shots, iPhone wins for midrange shots (5-25 feet), and video quality. I would call it a tie on low light photos and videos.

  17. He keeps commenting on how the snow is still blue. Here in Alaska, snow is blue a lot in real life and it fully depends on the time of day and how overcast the skies are. You can clearly see here the skies are not sunny, and I would expect the snow to have a blue hue to it, so it's possible the blue is accurate.

  18. Watching this again I’m noticing the iPhone is picking up more detail in the snow for sure, the more I see the more I’m leaning towards the iPhone as the better camera, but not having the closeup lense definitely hurts the closeup shots, the lighter video and the dollar bill show the worst of the iPhone for sure. Even Lew wanted the iPhone camera to be the Samsung because it showed better results.

  19. if the samsung camera is so good (as we can see in this video) why does it looks so bad when someone posts a picture using a android on social media? this has always confused me….

  20. My s21 has a nice camera. But as a phone and a piece of equipment it failed. I would've stayed with Apple if I had known that all samsung wants to do is fuck you in the ass

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