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Blind Tech Talks: Episode 11 – Smart cities


– After the last episode I don't think I trust myself with this – I don't trust you either

– No, 'cause I'll probably not remember what decade we're in again or something – Oh well – Yep – So today – It is

Smart cities – Oh, I know a Smart city; Newcastle Upon Tyne, very smart Probably not what that's referring to though – No (laughing) – All right, Smart cities

Smart cities is a bit random because it's like, I don't know of any truly Smart cities I've met delegations in places like Level 39 from South Korea and the types of parts of the world where you might imagine are at the forefront of that but Smart cities is really just a collection of Smart buildings, infrastructure, and it feels like we're quite a long way off anyone pulling all of those aspects together to really create a Smart city – Yeah, I don't know one that's wholly just a Smart city I think it's hard unless you build it up from scratch to have one – Yeah, you kinda feel like you'd have to bulldoze somewhere and restart for it to be truly Smart

– Smart, yeah – Although there are obviously lots of nice little things that can be installed into cities to make them greener and more technologically kinda friendly – True, yeah – So, when we were in Lisbon in November we were on Lime scooters that you could unlock with an app on your phone and off you went and it was eco friendly and, let's face it, getting round cities in four wheels is not the future – No, it's not

– Mobility, micro-mobility is the future of cities and Smart cities so Lime, Bird, Lyft, all of those kind of, you know, Boris Bikes to a degree – Boris Bikes – Have you ever got a Boris Bike? – No because I don't know, I'm scared in case I get hit by a bus or something – Would you be tempted to get a Boris Bike maybe at the wrong point of the evening? Is that a concern? – Yeah, yeah

I'd rather get in an, well, yeah it's bad but I'd rather get in an Uber – Oh, okay, okay – Yeah – What else, what else? I mean Smart cities, Smart motorways, if you're talking about autonomous vehicles, unless they've got the infrastructure that really supports them with Smart motorways etc it's gonna be very difficult to wholly transition – No, yeah, definitely

I'm trying to think of somewhere that I've been but I can't – Trying to think of somewhere that you've been but you can't? You go everywhere – I know but I can't think of somewhere that's like a Smart City or – Where did you go recently earlier in the month? – Is Helsinki one? – Well, Nordic, Skandi, probably gonna have some element of smart – You know what, it probably does but I just didn't know it

I think because I went to like the, I think when I think of a Smart city I think of skyscrapers and that kind of stuff and like very modern whereas the part of Helsinki that I went to was very old fashioned and I obviously went up to Lapland, which is not a Smart city (laughing) – But the funny thing is though, 'cause it's funny you kinda say about skyscrapers but that has absolutely no relevance on technology – Yeah, I know – But I suppose the one thing that will make cities smarter, of course, is 5G connectivity – Mm

– Which is a bit of the problem at the minute with Huawei and the Americans – I think they're having some – Thanks Trump – Movement, or that's what I saw in the news today – Yeah

Unless we get 5G networks into cities then there's gonna be very little ability to adopt technology

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