Blackview BV6000 Teardown Review Disassembly & Assembly, best selling IP68 rugged smartphone

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39 thoughts on “Blackview BV6000 Teardown Review Disassembly & Assembly, best selling IP68 rugged smartphone

  1. I work at a company that sells water and shockproof remote controlls and receivers for industrial purposes. The phone looks very decently put together! buying today.

  2. I wonder if there is any kind of water seal protection around the 3.5 plug. If you submerge the phone with the earphones plugged, could you ruin the phone?

  3. doesn't it have any adhesive for close the phone?
    My rear camera lens is broken, does the lens have adhesive or it is in the own cover?
    Please, i don't find nothing in the web, i'll record the replacement for youtube, because i don't find nothing about this problem with this phone…

  4. Hello thanks for this video! I'm trying to replace the whole black cover (because one of screws holding sim card slot cover has snapped). I bought new back cover from ebay and it doesn't have antennas, vibration motor, and LED. So those need to be moved from the original cover to the replacement one. I can imagine unscrewing LED and moving of vibration motor, but how can I "unglue" the antenna? Can you please advice?

  5. Thanks for the video! My microphone on my BV6000S has always been a bit "muffled" and now its totaly dead. You do not take it of in the video. Is it soldered or is it easy to replace?

  6. i have a problem, during the disassembly of the phone i broke the microphone connector, it simply desoldered 🙁
    now i COULD order the microphone itself but i DO NOT KNOW how to solder it!!
    i see 4 tiny traces…but how can i solder so much tiny traces? it is very difficult or i miss some way to do it properly?

    it is strange that the microphone does NOT USE a connector…… but it needs to be SOLDERED 🙁 please i need an advice

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