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Blackmagic Pocket Camera Battery Grip – BSVP On-Site: Tech


Hi, Sue Lawson here NAB 2019 with Bob Caniglia I'm pronouncing it correctly he is the be all do all know all end all when it comes to sales when it comes to Blackmagic Design when it comes to these incredible products that everybody wants to have including this nifty new one that he's going to go ahead and talk to us about its the perfect accompaniment to the camera to our little pocket camera here

So tell me about it So this is the battery grip so it's the Blackmagic Pocket Camera Battery Grip that we introduced because when we came up with the original pocket 4K here which has been shipping out We noticed that people were eating batteries and because we're we have the ability to bring in and use an external SSD drive to record for longer record times but they kind of suck up some power And also when you're using a phantom powered mic you're also using it so we thought you know what we can do here we can put in a new better grip It screws on to the bottom and the best part is that if it's mounted on a tripod you can still slide the tray out to replace the batteries without having to take it off

What happens is when you when you install it you're actually removing the battery door and it and there's a compartment slides up in there But the door itself can be stored in the battery grip so you don't lose it So if you want to go back to just regular old handheld you can do that This battery grip obviously it's designed to fit really nicely in here It's $245 US

There you go it's an easy price low price but also we're gonna start shipping them in August and it's as you say a great companion to the original pocket 4k here Can people's go ahead and start ordering it now? They can contact the reseller and get in line Go ahead get in line as soon as possible for this This is an amazing, amazing edition and it's not, it does not add a lot of weight to the camera either It's pretty balanced as well

But obviously you can you can put it on a tripod and as I say you can slide the door after the battery so it's it's convenient and yeah I think people are gonna like this thanks very much Order it now that's all I'm gonna say Order it now I'm ordering mine and I should order the camera too

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