BlackBerry KEY3 5G New Design – Latest Features, and Release Date 2021!

Finally, BlackBerry KEY3 5G is happening in 2021. Here is BlackBerry …

62 thoughts on “BlackBerry KEY3 5G New Design – Latest Features, and Release Date 2021!

  1. Keyboard looks smaller than the key 2….not good and screen looks to big like it's a 5.5 make it a 5.0……also it looks like a digital physical keyboard like some kind of prement digital touch keyword……I wouldnt mind that but need to be bigger……reminds me of the priv keyboard to small and ackward…….but if this is all u got than I guess I still going to get it……

  2. So they keyboard isn’t a actual physical keyboard… it’s flat and the buttons aren’t raised so it’s pretty much like a touch screen??😩

  3. That keyboard is not physical, it's just a touchscreen keyboard that won't disappear. I really hope this is not what they release I have been waiting a long time for this phone and will have to search online for a key2 if this is the new blackberry 😔

  4. This is a design, not the final product! Keep that in mind. It probably will not be called a Key 3 either. Wait for Onward Mobility to release something. all these videos are renderings nothing more.

  5. I don't think the picture of the BB phone will be the finally product. One issue I see is BB Hub, I've been using BB Hub forever. I love it, however, email vendors like Yahoo and AOL are no longer providing services for third party email accounts. My last BB phone was the BB Priv and I had BB Hub so long I never use Android email until now. My question is since BB runs on Android that makes their email through BB Hub third party. Will they address that issue with email vendors because you may not be able to get your emails. I know because my accounts stop working and will not authenticate through BB Hub.

  6. Hi, I am looking forward to the release of BLACKBERRY KEY3, I have been using this phone brand since its first appearance, if anyone can give me more information for the launch date, please post. thank you! I love you blackberry !!!

  7. I sure hope that this video is a mistake. I am hoping for a Blackberry Classic style touch screen with a true physical keyboard. A track pad would be awesome with an IR sending unit. All of that with 5G and dual sim would make me the happiest person of the year! Waiting so patiently with these other flat screen typing phones , but my patience is surely wearing off. I must check status updates once daily to see progression toward the new device. So far I am not seeing much but I must say that I hope the video here is a mistake or some other user's fantasy. Not mine from what I can see presented in the video.

  8. as long it has all the security features, it was not the keyboard that made Blackberrys so awesome, especially in times like these were every company suck you phone out for everything, that's why i liked the Passport so much even you install android aps and agree to everything the phone just refuses to give them access to the agreed things. and the ability to encrypt Emails and short messages was the nr 1 reason it was forbidden in certain country's. oh and i dont know, the ability to send direct massages from BB phone to BB phone in a certain range without using Wlan or provider mobile net…..on the other hand… its a perfect phone for terrorist….i guess^^

  9. This is probably fake. The latest article that came out about the newest blackberry only has an artist rendering of what they think it'll look like based off the very little they know about it so far. The article is newer than this video

  10. This doesn't look like a final product, just another render. they keyboard especially is too small, and appears more suited as a digital, not physical, keyboard.

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