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BITCOIN NEXT STEP!!! ? Predictions, Trump, Iran, Gold / ft Alex Saunders


And we have come live welcome everyone Good morning crypto episode only here We are definitely here only on Ivan on Tek Transmitting directly From stockholm sweden and we do every show And every day at 8 am Central European time and Time i think we have a wonderful today The special guest is alex from us Nugget news and you know the negative News is the largest YouTube channel In the blockchain about cryptocurrency Australia so it's great for you Alex here how are you and what are you doing Happening in australia Fire i know it's a lot Yes things are going on Me ivan and yes unfortunately Country is a little natural Disaster at the moment on nearest files Jones is probably frantic to me Away but it's really new South Wales Victoria Queensland and now Other states as well yes largest Withdrawal in history this is actually a I am a disaster with my thoughts Those affected yes it's crazy And the good thing is that you really are I talked while a donation is going on About tomorrow you are too Raising money for rural fire Service because it's a very good thing and People please see Alec's Twitter account and how are you Are you going to give it so are you Contact to increase it with Officer how would you make it Transparent because i get some questions How do you know like yesterday Money really goes to the authorities yes Actually originally i talked Roofing a service or monthly goals in touch Because we had another fight with them Fire before christmas and then we had one This week also guests on our channel To talk about everything Happening but it's rural fire Service that actually stems Because these bush fires are clearly In those rural areas and they Really understand that i talked to him They have received donations where you can just Pay normal money, but i was trying Explain to them what is bitcoin Unfortunately they didn't understand it And I spoke to him again this morning And all those money is going to them And then it's up to them if they want Use it to give to affected families Or they think it is more useful over other Resources or not that will be clearly Share some screenshots of that payment Charity reaches out without buying it We have a lot of Australian exchanges Yes, they will all be transparent and 2008 amazing then definitely check Algis and today we have a lot Discuss I mean tweet on the web Donald Trump Iran tweeted too heavily And very important that's why we're going To talk a little bit about that but then we Going to discuss bitcoin by 2020 About gold, about other property and people As always you know nowadays we have Our own notifications because YouTube is Now always and we sensing applications It can't be trusted and we can't Just you know that algorithm can begging To show us you can show our content Just don't continue like that and you Can't let this continue either because The algorithm determines what you see and Basically they don't look at the spoon feed You are aware and obviously not The world we want to live and so please Take back control Let's end this by paying our membership Notification list and you will get What is that organization called alex Currently you have a view on Iran and What is going on i discussed Tomorrow and the day before it truly happens Crazy things that might be revealing how Do you see the situation now yes I mean it's always a complicated We have the situation in the middle east Guess the three different Or more different cultures and there is All oil reserves and my one Favorite books that follow me America also talks so much about cold War and how those nations Resources especially oil natural gas And more uranium as we move it Actually produces a lot of friction Especially due to the US dollar And their relationship for those middle Eastern countries and most people have Petro dollars as they heard We saw it last week War games between iran in war With Russia and China and then we saw US embassy attacked or erupted Whatever you want to call it now It happens where they take out one Iran's leader has a lot of people in it Country loves it others don't love it You know that it's really divisive Subject but to come to Donald Trump again Out and of course Iran initially came Out and said they're going Vengeance and those who are Saying that up is very beautiful Not only know how to get quotes from you Leave people in the street The power that is saying that is saying more Then Donald Trump says and comes out Well if you retaliate we've got 52 goals we are ready to go We are going to eat hard and fast and i mean He can't make this stuff consistently You know really sorry what is it The same truth is stranger than fiction And Donald Trump is saying that his stuff is As a world leader it's no wonder we've seen Gold wedge and we're all in That other stuff as well yes but it is Certainly doesn't look like it's a Peaceful time in a moment and this The stream is further called bitcoin Step and we were talking about the next For bitcoin is actually a broad but Big stage And as you mentioned this tweet I mean very unusual and worrying Many people are very worried about it Basically if you talk about this fact That O Iran are talking boldly and they US troops in Iraq also repulsed but now He also says hey we have targeted Iranian size from 250 as you said 52 American hostages represented Some years ago by some people High level then some of this Iranian site They are very high level and important Iran and Iranian culture and those Lakshya and Iron Chef will be huge hits America wants too fast and too hard Threat So we are looking at different assets Gold spiked between saw oil spike Do you think this will continue Coming year or do you think it is Just this initial reaction that will die The way we looked when looked down There was some attack on oil and facilities Months ago we also saw the beginning Reaction but then it died How do you see if the prices are on oil Recently the situation is Maybe you know a lot Oil prices have arrived a week or two later Back down then it's actually there until it's You know the shortage of supply Or is one of the major oils Attacked features and it's really When your supply is interrupted Maybe see a constant oil price Because the oil is actually tightly bound Economy and if economies are going To make sure that I'm sure we're Being so obviously low in oil I think gold is used in the case Maybe a subject you know you've done Even after sleeping Ivan Technical analysis some people will tell You took that gold up a bit Of a retracement and now it's closing Other people will tell you again What was causing this We have seen many people moving Gold if they are worried about stocks Market reforms or just you know it We have also seen unrest in Australia Lots of people walking Housing Market Everyone Wants Protect your money for different Cause and i know it's something weird The crypto community likes to attack gold And we've seen the Drop Gold campaign For example but billions in my mind Dollars in global markets when they Want security to be the reality Bitcoin is not parked in bitcoin Moving up to another number Cause and some countries only they can Use bitcoin but gold is still Safe heavy play as it is Thousands of years and see not me Contest that many think People tried to paint as they are Either is good You mentioned robbed gold but more than that On the other side you have a dealership and And others are attacking crypto but At the same time it's really weird In the same movement because sometimes Peter Schiff says about great things How is the world working and how is the economy Is working and I really agree with him At many points but then it comes out and Bitcoin is bad for you, trade i agree with you there And that was interesting Nowadays it really makes financial Have some gold Portfolio if you use portfolio Visualizer and if you use these Sites where you can basically see how How different departments are performing By the way where with some issues Screen but it should be back very soon But anyway if you see how different If you have portfolio performing Just the S&P 500 and then you compare Only few people have portfolios Hundreds with one and portfolio with one Just want to present a little bit of bitcoin Bitcoin and the rest is only 500 Portfolio really makes More sense because it is less volatile And basically the same returns and Obviously you want as an investor Reduce your instability so i think Times are changing and near In future it can't be crazy Let's say people actually have bitcoin As well as in their professional departments Yes and traditionally people used to There is more gold in their departments The allocation never diminished with the money Managers that is probably the next subject We can learn about other risks Market share at an all-time high What is the bond market in particular Maybe i worry more as interest The rates are zero or negative and Suddenly investors say Where can we get this produce from you? Know the dividends and these streams Money has all gone into bondage Not the market because they think they are In some cases to get a refund They are negative from returns Interest rates but because they Think more people are going to buy They closed them or the center Banks in which I am going to buy bonds, close it Capital appreciation they are expecting Expect prices to rise further It is very interesting that you mentioned Is that they are hoping The central bank will basically buy it How do you see the fed The balance sheet is expanding or The agreement is really very Correlated to the S&P 500 and New York Stock exchange was really Report where they have shown numbers That when the balance sheet shrinks Stock market goes down and when it Stock market increases stock market goes up We are looking at last year Bond market saw madness Negative yield we have seen very large Operations in the context of repo repurchase Overnight repurchase by the Fed and The Fed is really the lender of last resort So my conspiracy here could be my theory Maybe my conspiracy theory is something Bank is a liquid and i'm bankrupt Mean it's probably the largest one Players who know what you think It's probably like some one about it The biggest banks in us don't they Tell us what it doesn't tell us He is, but they're still giving so much Buy money in this repo yes Think if you really interest rates Went out a little or still if all Banks had to mark their assets Probably reasonable price and whatnot and get rid Of this benefit and you might Technically many of these banks are You know a liquid or solve it but for The housemates consider it like a dam And when interest rates go down More water flows through the dam They are all along the banks of the bank river And then all that money can make all that war Flow in the real economy which is Concept of using central bank but final The year he did batting where They were raising interest rates so they Raise pressure is less water and Less money is flowing and they said Everything is fine the economy is growing It's less money Incentive but now you know the stock The market is right there is a hole Repo market they More money and so they had to drop Interest rates are a bit much, but they Don't want to go back to zero and accept They are wrong so now they are Do you know no they say no It's not the same thing we're going to do now Print money or inject some water Downstream somewhere but when we're not Lowering that dam wall but the fact is That the economy depends on it anymore All the businesses you know Requires that money flow and There are many zombie companies as of now We call those who won't be alive Until they were able to borrow more and More money cheaply and they are Companies that are issuing these Corporate bonds these junk bonds and The only reason they can survive is because They can borrow more money now They are trying to tighten them Conditions and they cannot borrow more Money or they can't climb their debt This is where we see a huge difference Holes in places like China at this time And when they are to giant All Ballots Like Stuff Coming to America and unfortunately Central banks have disrupted Business cycle where there are many of these Businesses should have gone bust or gone GFC gets busted after People will get a new job You know the industry that needs it Labor more but central banks have got Everything weird and yet they are Stating that everything never happened Better And if there is a clear indication that we are not real There will be many people living in a free market Especially blame capitalism for this What people will see in europe In America when it really comes to a In the end because look it's not The natural economy cannot survive this Forever and everyone agrees on that Are you in crypto not encrypted Don't sleep in gold Traditional market everyone is now in Compromise that it doesn't look good It doesn't feel right nothing It's not right and as soon as something What happens when american System or European system when it comes to a The place where he is not performing By the way, people will also blame capitalism Always say and hey capitalism failed But as you said it is not free The market is not even capitalism when you There are companies that should have died Still alive a long time ago Government has increased subsidies Basically and the same is in everything Because you have some people Central bank controls the whole Economy and Center Planning Interest rates and how everyone wants Work in the economy because they So impressive what you think On that you think we live in one Capitalist society or this is the crisis Chronic What kind of situation are we in Well i think some people are Capitalism has benefited the most Now coming out and saying we should pay More tax you know i got too much Money they say so Some systems have been broken If you look does not work as intended I think the CEO pay-employer-like ratio It's gone from a very low level CEO 1 to 300 is making 300 times What else does an average worker That means they can buy 300 Times more shares or you know we see Australians brag about them Property portfolio consisting of 30 or a It has a hundred houses but it only means That I was talking about my grandfather This morning he is saying you know Back in the day people were less greedy People to stay only one at a house Maybe let you know we just didn't You know that people only want 300 House and CEO who were so rich people This is not allowed there is a The number of reasons why this has changed But when you see that you know that Ray Dalio has Doing some great interviews There's a lot with Stan Druckenmiller Good stuff to see there These people who are basically Describe the situation for very fast With gold and bitcoin and their problems There are central banks but none are yet Integrity will not be in the central bank's app In these public discussions honesty and Know the central bank conference and Ask them any tough question it's you Are fed up with what people know In it i guess the partition Central among political leaders Bankers are currently out of touch Reality in average people yes and What is important that you should be Closer to printers in today's society You'll be close to print Machine through negative interest rate We made less interest Loan to the environment but you will Good credit you will have good You have an entrance In space and the most common People see this and they wonder why Won't i get all the money Speaking about cheap money but i'm Struggling where that chip is you Ok because you'll never see it You are far away from the printer and People who will be close to the printer Get Freshly Printed via Less Interest loan and then they will buy Assets that will increase in value And yes, I see that some people are Who is alex Youtube channel in Australia for this Cryptocurrency really let me pull it Here you You can find the link in the description Subscribe to Alex News and also End of the stream i forgot We are going to mention Access to our academies is anyone Commented tomorrow one will get Month usage in academy and if you want To be cheap in yesterday's comment What you learned today is going now Let me go back to our discussion Really check if there are any comments I forgot to welcome the chat too Whenever we chat on people You know i always wanna welcome Chatting and contributing them more and more As amazing as possible because i want Good morning for michael rocket fuel Nabil was marked as an owl which I have seen so many people This sunday is very good Morning guys please if you have any Questions write them in the discussion Chat and we can pick them up Are you reading that either I just Touch them quickly i want you What are the things before Now cancel canceling Effect as you just described so you need Their money printers that reach people At the top, people say that if the Fed's Why there is no money theory Inflation and why you don't know Very few people are getting any of this Goes to the banks and then they It is used to buy back speculation and stocks Buy more bond share asset house What happens if all this is happening You know it's a double-edged sword People who already own those properties Getting more and more money The people below don't get it In the real economy and it's not Circulate and that's what they need Velocity of money to come in Real economy when to get increment They see things like inflation 2% you know real inflation is a lot High but it's a double-edged sword Where they are not getting any of your salary Eyes and they don't know any property Ichi they are falling further and further Back and then that difference Compound and so we are looking What else is the disparity at the record level Important when you measure Measure inflation, which does not include Real estate least they in sweden They are not included in real estate Really include the stock market Because they only see a few Standards and then he subjected Lee Add or remove parameters over time The way they measure inflation for 10 years It was not the same as before

Like you say it's a lot Subjective and within many people Financial locations are also a bit suspicious And this Not really trusting the central bank In terms of measuring inflation Because they are always changing Parameters so how exactly can you do this Over time and do it consistently If you don't measure the same thing Again and again i want Get a little deeper into his discussion Be honest with the salary because about You're not thinking too much But you might be thinking about that There is much about the fact that eg I mentioned CEO earned 300 times Look more than normal workers but It is the case that an average person has Eg more earning you are widow 30 years ago the situation was Around 70s when Unions really pushed for a higher salary So the unions were very strong and they High salaries and companies were pushed to The union therefore asked to pay more to the workers Ok that's great we did our job But what happened It was that more people get more money and High inflation because productivity Don't make up when you have more Without high productivity you just pay Get inflation and everyone is really Worse because you get more money Nominal number but you can not buy as What is yours as you had before Think about why you think that Where CEOs Earned 300 Times More 300 times more and how should we solve Because it's only through taxes Your solution is also not Problem you think is a problem Yes i uh i mean we can talk About this forever but basically i think There is a lot of these things Over the days we see a lot of lobbying and more I have now got these big industries Fence around them and they are safe Legislation and they ensure that They can have no such competition Hard to start a business and i know you And I started that you know quite well Small business and what not Just so much red tape you pay a lot Initially tax while you can rent More staff then it's all friction Is starting a new business and it Just prevents competition and as you say We need more free markets so that if we Have paid more money in Economy we don't just get inflation Innovation is needed and you know research And in australia i don't even get Started by how focused we are now You know the housing market and mining And if we start doing something like this Forced wages rise or Universal in basic Modern monetary theory yes i definitely Think this will increase inflation and I Australia seems to be doing QE and pushing out House prices and accessories specs but it It doesn't end well it just leads to Inequality unless you're As long as people say that other stuff Starting a business and we have If the competition is right you will rise Productivity at the end of the day but Looking at the housing market in Especially australia that you think Is performing home to be and When did you have the last accident Australia therefore home prices are basically Going for 50 without a big improvement Average house price last year Exceeded one million dollars in sydney We have not seen any increment so far and The economy is not really like that Well At such a low and low interest rate and Australia we have these protections Negative gearing is something Very unique if you buy a house and Rent it and the fare you get Does not cover payment Bank at your home that you get to use Tax deduction as if you've got it all These departments don't really matter If you are losing money then you can use it Just to reduce your taxable income Yes it's just that i know something Middle income people do Use that but i think so Many things that are askew for property In favor of the rich and the market again We have started dropping interest rates Recently was about 10 or 15 percent Housing market reform and When the regulator came out and said All banks are very tight His credit because we had a royal Commissioned and showed that there was Australian housing market fraud You know money laundering through china Was robbed of money through bus Housing market it was crazy how Was bad, but then things started What would be right back down Price and regulator just bewildered and They said I'm fine, we told you to stop Lending to investors but we want you Re-lend to investors and you're not We want to give you enough credit Lend some more people and now they are Saying that they want the landlord first 5% save only for deposit And you can get a house with 0% People working in the market are Telling me it's all stuff Happened in america before you Housing market reform and know Financial crisis is not just this A natural free market is it all More support in place to try Because the housing market and banks If it all goes down then it's happening If you say something is sugar Money is because australia is Closer to China than other In the countries of the western world or At least no Westerners in terms of culture Economy is because i was recently Singapore and Hong Kong and in real The estate market is also crazy there and Is due to the very fact that many sugar Politicians and businessmen are those They go and buy property there Asset protection i think this is just one Australia is a very attractive country Still live now it has been knocked down Ranking in terms of independence and Freedom because we are becoming this one Bit of a monitored state but if you Think of it as the population of China Arab people if 1% of people or A rich and they want to move on Australia you know this can happen A million people think of Now population is moving towards australia There are twenty five million people They are all coming and it happens often The rich who go there now Also where do you control capital A lot of money cannot come out of China Only in terms of going out of cash They got to do the same thing as send Students or their children in Australia And if they study they will Citizenship or they can buy a property So there are all these ways Buy a house or launderer There was a big money report Australia topped this list with 10 runs Out of 10 in every category This showing for money laundering Market is ok interesting how you think Do you think anyone will Ripple effect on other countries or Australia is still too young Affect the economy for example Europe or us when this situation is finally here It comes really well Don't think it's going to be a bad Crash because what they are doing is just Declining interest rates and building all These measures and they are talking In other words starting Qi in Australia You know that money printing so i really I think we can do what America has done Where stocks after the financial crisis When our housing increased, the bonds increased If they just pump this money and it expires Know you're going to the beach Pocket of banks and rich People can keep their property prices just Now that's going to end where you like See when people meet in europe disappoint Yellow thing Until Australia starts making itself More productive and more competitive Free market what do i worry about What's going to happen and what's interesting No politician really talks Negative interest rate because they Always we only talk about taxes We gotta do it rich gotta tax We are going to make this small adjustment We are going to do this with the employer tax Other small adjustments with corporate Tax but it doesn't matter Good for voters but voters are No clue about central either Banking and that is the biggest place Redistribution of funds is Really poor Rich because we mentioned you Be close to the printer and if you Low interest rate it's easy If you have close to the printer Some property and you already have a bit Rich and how is it right now Australia with interest rates because Europeans who are negatively interested Rates in homes of many countries Australia in the 1990s in Australia Interest rates rose by 17% As recently as a few years ago As high as 5% but recently they are 075 and our central bank has Said that they don't believe in the negative Interest rates they will start Qi Before they deposit money Negative but if in the rest of the world Must copy negative Australia The other thing i want to touch Them quickly as you mentioned earlier Development was one of the things I definitely think it's not The fact that enough is talked about Everybody's company will help in everybody's growth Companies want you to know what they do Their announcements every quarter And you hope to grow your company And benefits but we're getting to Now where are we a billion people point In China and India and we live on it Finite planets with finite resources and Nobody you know we have all seen Hockey Stick Curve at Exponential Growth Some points meet you at the point where You just can't take it If it's 10 percent or what or 2 Just a few percent a year Can't keep growing and what we've got Change is ahead of us Demographics where older people are Retiring the largest number ever People don't have so many children That curve is actually against You know everything that the economy Need it because those retirement Need support through people Health care and what not Just not going to work and that The government has to print either A pile of money and give it to those people Which leads to the inflation that we talked about About or i'm not sure what happened But i'll definitely think pop you An issue that something is talking about All about but does not really mention That development cannot continue Why is it always because some people Because we live on a finite planet Or something like that but you speak More about demographics please Define what you mean What are the reasons why development can continue Well to say that it belongs with Population and resources if we 2 percent more people visit us every year 2 percent more oil can not use 2 The percentage you know around trees world You know i think there are some assets Akshay and we can find trees again but Some Points About Our Minerals And our resources and all these things Once on our finite planet we use them You know there's a lot of wastage The way the economy works Not enough physical room for days Always grow in terms of Number of people you can't feed People because there are so many issues We are facing that not being resolved soon Enough yes based on interest Because things with people don't Actually i agree i agree to some extent But I don't really agree completely because I Does not seem to be important about development Using more resources I think development is about doing more If you look then I think less for example You can do this one camera on the iPhone It's a microphone it's a phone If you only had so many different things Like all things ai-phone Just 20-30 years ago and you just put Call them together like a camera one To send device with large video camera With telecommunications communication So many resources so many Resources than just an AI-phone maybe I Means that resources will probably be the same Big and then ai-phone now it's big and So this is a way of increasing my mind Because we are doing more with less We can increase productivity we can Can increase output at the end of Day and we can do it with less resources But yes i agree with you to some extent Even when you see a Development without innovation We do the same thing but now with more Resources and we do not innovate Do whatever we do Matter but now we are more people then we There will be only one more Resources so I agree that development Can not continue, but I have growth More that we do more with less yes Technology that you are talking about Actually one of the few things Fly Canaries that have become cheaper and you have got More productive and efficient but If you only think in terms of I number of humans on the planet Think you know a hundred years ago It was a couple of arab now we're up At what point is maybe eight billion You say our 20 billion is 30 billion There is not enough physical space We know all of you a happy and meaningful I think on something to feed us all Point is we planet is constrained Can physically in terms of growth Number of people and support Through retirement and healthcare And everything as well as using them Resources along the way we are living Right now i think is right If the only way forward is technology And innovation how we can Support but also I think it will be myself Regulated means when we cannot support Bulls probably more populated As people will stop growing Just realize they don't Resources to support them Families that they want if they A big family, maybe I mean by nature You have this balance where you know There are many wolves eating them all Rabbit and then they die Because there are no rabbits left and The rabbits grow and then the wolves return Because there are many more rabbits So the wolf can grow again so it's Yes i would mind Some sort of balance if we truly Get to a level where we are not for example I have drinking water for many people This world can be true in only a few Absolutely yes i think in a few decades That's a great point but what are people Don't realize they're not ready For a balance or they're not Our population is ready to reduce People and consumerism they always want Bigger house you know better food And once you enter the middle class I want to come to the top class so I Just imagine that people are our age Especially who never saw the rain Day recession alone is a depression Can you think what our grandparents are Where it was hard to go Food and now people are disappointed if They don't like enough Instagram i think mental Favor things and people just aren't Ready for a bad 10 years or so Is that what you think it will come Comment 2020 global depression I saw Some people are talking about it on YouTube Already announced that the 2020s will Times where we answer in some bad times Global economy yes i mean i think It is perfectly normal to have a Recession and what kind of people do And are afraid about the Fed and the central Banks have never predicted or a This is my concern Yes, it's probably normal Recession but the cost we kicked off Down the road we are looking at Yellow robes in Europe oppose all These different countries Relations between governments banks And their people are getting it Number of breaking points Countries we are seeing every month Some of them are still trying to print This leads to their way Hyperinflation others are leaving without Water and food and we are getting Ban and now we're living to achieve Words of war so you know i hate sound Alarm and I'm not the type of person Really think stocks are about to crash Because i think with everything Money printing stocks are Going to be honest but all This is probably good for bitcoin Gold and i just want people maybe Do you know you will be Happy with going through a hard time For ten years and what exactly Important in life and all of them Like things as well yes and i think Bitcoin is one such important asset These times because if this is the case We are going to see uncertain times Continue and I think many accelerate You will see a populous country There may be some movements in some countries Now because super socialists have become People have no job In this world where they only live For example when Chase likes Instagram You don't like much it's a bad The day is never a bad time with them Food and now if bad times come they Want to solve the problem quickly That you can see people soon Solutions and examples in Europe Think you know the way Socialism or communism also i know it Realizes that it's not Blue is not because it looks strange You already see these good times Many people lean to the left and Wants and wants to reduce tribute It's not that far For example if you are real then why is this Property and you and we go to these Because it can be a little scary If you enter your time with us then hey Plenty of populist movements and leftists Populist movements will enable you Keep your real estate i don't know i Would be worried that i meant some real estate Some gold I think this is a good portfolio Do you have at least some acid Really faint scalable which is Which is crypto and if you have anything Real estate right now And you think you are safe

Will think twice but obviously Some real estate is good for some gold Some discos to diversify if you are Not encrypted like full time as we are And you only keep an eye on crypto So what do you think about it Australia Do you think we can spare some Yes if we go in bad times Mean how bad people say The mainstream media is in America and fights News or whatnot but in australia Especially at the moment yes i do I feel we are not getting enough Honest conversation in the media and we see What frustrates me most is that Media divides people into First turn left to right or do You believe this or that and then this Everyone goes online and ends with There are big arguments on social media Kinda i worry most It is difficult to communicate openly People don't respect each other Any more i'm probably thinking of If something bad happened in america And that's another very timely thing And they are worried about gun control Because the bad guys have too many guns But then everyone has guns What happens than you know With you in Australia or you know Europe when there is unrest yes you Hope this stuff doesn't happen but What is happening right now It looks like the temperature is rising Around the world and i don't mean Maybe I just as probably in reference to People mean more in terms of people Just upset with the government and Any of those allegations asked Julius Ivan do you have a large audience in India? I don't know you have but we have Hindi subtitles in a few hours After this dream they are going to be hindi Subtitles so you can share them with you If you are from there then friends in india Now i want to talk more about 2020 Predictions in the context of Crypto so what kind of coins are you Watching and you're still Bitcoin and bitcoin or you have something Foreign property you got For me in the last months Personally i used to be a bitcoin Maximalist and Coming in 2012 and Then wrote about a theorem around 2015 And I did not go into it and many People were hating on him because A Too many alkaloids were too much Coins back then but again in 2016 Finally sat down to do some proper homework And I loved a theorem now Those two are the majority of my portfolio I think they are in this kind of situation As blue chips when you see Microsoft is building on Bitcoin or Ethereum and all these interesting Youth are the world's biggest companies They don't bump around i've done them Research and now they are recognized The value in both of them is now stated I've got a lot of exposure for others Platform coins because at this time It is not clear who is the winner To be personal then i look for Projects and individual industries that Doing interesting things and there Because only very small investments How risky is this place and you know You pass like venture capital By investing, you can plant those seeds well People have increased 10 20 hundred times Some issues and you are going to do something Lost on the way but things in 2020 I think i think people are excited Realize that all you need is Blockchain provides ease for the things it needs Decentralized, so it wasn't just those Fancy ideas what it was supposed to be Things like decentralized computing Golem or I now execute file coin Decentralized Computing and Processing I Going to be really interesting Fixed coins in progress Many people forget to make one Dior has come so far and that's it Down and now it's going Underlined by multiple collateral Dies if they have other assets I think that's great for them Also I think the security token was Maybe that was a little A little disappointing maybe we see something They come back again Is very abrasive with Regulators that nobody has found License to provide freely In all different countries Everyone wants to yield in a negative Or zero interest rate environment Staging and award making Attractive but once a theorem if they Successfully get back on board Another attractive reason for myself Ethereum are those other platforms Enough to make progress and We already see people jumping ship We have seen projects jump from EOS Wax for example and so you know what You are not progress you know me Looks like your people are going to leave And you will leave it behind All things very interesting to watch Promised maybe from here Now like a hash graph for the world Launch is going to be at 90% so i guess It shows how competitive you are Platform environment now i guess During the previous year It really has set it Status i means after the ico boom Still not very clear if tor would Dumped or aos or something but now I'm more sure this will happen The least prominent position is because within d5 build this d5 Infrastructure and speed are not the same Easy thing and even if you have better Technology apps blockchain you faster If you don't have better things Is similar ecosystem in terms of Define now and this is just one more reason Why is pulling down but also Interesting that justin is buying son Recently left and right everything The way we were buying was life Streaming on July is now moving to What is tron ​​because what do you think of that Is the marketing machine for that man Sure yeah some people are gonna like Look at the rods if you really got a chance These are all other projects Issues for projects for Tron moving forward But i didn't really like it Plagiarism and what else People who don't have good technology Do they buy things they have too much Money and not enough technology and they What I mean by buying things is that BitTorrent A Not a huge success and a great acquisition Maybe not if you change your ways Tyrant Ivan and not the audience It looks like it, but yes I like some projects I have a cool little music project I spoke to him who is on Australia EOS Wei Chen the other day they are making To some extent in asia Cardona may have had a lot of success in this Africa where they are doing their work I just think with that step if Everything was the eighth killer and it Eighth of china and what am i Just think he's got a lead and he's Probably going to lose some market share And other projects are going to be developed but Yes until you get those ten thousand one Several thousand but many developers Ethereum has all these Competitors who are market leaders For the moment but what a sin When i mentioned bitTorrent People like it very much End of those not in crypto Oh wow bit script changed to there now This is amazing so yes my idea is It is a marketing machine that I agree with with you It's true but that's it Money can make you technology work You might also want to innovate Won't head on you Pack to speak but only to take Second you are with the man Can definitely hire some developers Do that it's not a problem but From the perspective of crisis Your bath, they have definitely been Is very successful and that's why they are What is the top 10 still in the top or Top 11 let me really check what is China It's really top 10 look it's this Sorry to interrupt you But it is quite interesting to see They are still there and they tried to Example they are fine with tether They are using tether oh sorry They are using trunk for tether So that's it you're watching it What is ron infection What is it now Yes i agree it doesn't have to be The best technique that weeds and if I When everyone got a deep pocket Gets and maybe breaks but i guess People forget that this year justin son You got a big slap on the wrist Know the chinese authorities so i don't think He can promote as much as he wants It's a little more like now Do not hesitate to do it so that it is not great Yes warren buffett plan for them Looking at the chair did not go right We have about 800 people See how are you guys You are having a web question with a doctor What man abby is saying if miners for down Can choose which coins they want Then the theorem is built on that paid Does anyone think this is the right price The thing is when it comes to mining Doctor yer ab is also possible in this Bitterness means I can pay my minor Whatever currency i really want if i Really want and then the miners will Pick up my transaction but then i have to Is some kind of communication channel It's outside the blockchain So as long as it's possible it's not really That there is a big chance that it will Maybe but it is possible what is yours Watch over you follow Projects and growth of space Very closely before the word defy in existence therefore producers are working Difficult since 2015 believe it or not Project Synthetics was one of the best Presentation i've seen it ed Sal and I was very lucky to buy One When i mentioned it when you arrived Last time in livestream and synthetics Jumped to the second biggest project Behind the making and now I feel that disregard I keep moving forward Some conversations this week too With projects that are working on things As if you know the bond in defiance Environment and yield just decreases Like we know the bond market in you We have all these interest rates All these interesting mechanisms all Underestimating that money If i die different types of we die Now i have and i think everything should be Easy and if it goes to one The trillion dollar market cap that allows We have all kinds of foreign finances Means in property but i think you I can not do this with a small market cap Think we really need the earth to grow Market cap to reduce all as well And to highlight what he said Synthetics absolutely crazy from development Start of year 19 in 2000 Their number in March was more than two million About three million in total value Not locked into smart contract today Even after a year this valentine is 60 This development is absolutely huge and They are now after number two Producer and then you have the compound that I That sounds very interesting We must solve Andrew as well Abolished their debts because Nowadays you need to invest more money When you come back and until it makes In some cases it makes sense in some For example if I have a lot of cases For this i need to cash out in fiat Some reason i don't want to sell it Because then i will be taxed so he said I can keep dying and then sell Die for the dollar and then there's no Capital gain is there because it alone And Wanda is $ 1 so I had none and You come to tax so i can use the case Understanding but unjust bail Loans where you can get for example Mortgage and you just put in 15% and Then you get the rest that is true Revolution i think i'm coming Read some articles on this already People are working hard to make it Yes we'll start seeing people If build things like digital reputation You probably want to get ivan loan They know you're under Clara 80 percent and then if you pay off that debt Will it fall back to 70 percent or if I You know and you too will trust us all Lend ivan Only if you are the people Ready to land at 90% i will lend it Half of it you actually get down 45% say we are going to see reputation We are being trusted See projects that may be growing Ok ok they're going to be able To pay their debt we can see My Contract and Eating Money There is so much happening and This seems to be possible Whoever takes donations from humans, gets angry Encrypt is money for the future May all of you prosper in 2020 And yes people who are not educated Yes if bad time Definitely what is true about you This kind of change you are making for yourself Investment and your portfolio in 2022 Compared to 2019, you see no reason To change anything I've probably added some projects Another day five this year A real exchange projects that I Really like if i am happy if you delivery Sure if a range of f tx is brought out Projects where they are indexed then a Alt coin index and now coin as coin index What they are going to do is better and Let's say better products i believe They bring the hash rate index and now Miners can hedge in terms of hash rate All goes up and it becomes very difficult And they won't be profitable for us See a bitcoin fee index if you send You can initiate many transactions Speculative bitcoin fees High or low in the future and if they go Up or you really make money Do not pay much to send this fee Not only that they can start making Option market they can make synthetic Property like you probably know synthetic Apple stock so i guess what We are going to see from exchanges and i Think why Nance invested FTX because they are quantities Traders have worked on Wall Street I They think they have got the ability to manufacture Something special and yes i did This year i'm watching oh invest Interesting then ft x ft t is a toy yes i Have to see that has performed extremely well Well i heard about it i wasn't in it Ic o —- but i've heard so It's at 1

8 and now i see Ida was saying where do I drown Seen 10 or 20 cents so they're right It did very well in the indies The recession What do i think Interesting they are going to mention For example, there are many options Is really important in all markets People – for businesses able to hedge Their cost and I heard for example Dalio speaks of how he got organized but how he McDonald's launch nugget held because He helped them with the option so that they Can hedge the hen's price so that They will reduce the risk of the main bill And the cost of production is no more Worrying about how the price fluctuates This is very important for many businesses So you mean with all these now FDX Incoming Financial Products You will have more smooth sailing For businesses that are encrypted There is a lot of transaction for example And pay a lot of transaction fees or Why would you like to bet at hash rate This is because oh, your reminder and Then the competition increases so much Would you like to defend against that or What is the use case you think well If the hash rate continues to go up For example, you can say that the organization has facilities Those prices are not going to make money So you are not competitive May be able to purchase an option Quite cheap, but if the hash rate increases That option will give you a lot of money That you would not otherwise Made these things so these are What do you think about insurance Basically the way people should be Think about the options you can buy Insurance against things or going up Interesting in the future if i love The world of choices is perfect but Everything they buy is also like Bits are right so they have their own platform With tracing leverage but then now they There are more products that they bring Yes that's right and it's right How is it going to talk This option is therefore very similar So they got step by step discounts Discount for brokers who do Massive Over-the-Counter Trading Amount to purchase Loves going to buyback buy FTT To do but i think it goes Interesting if you can get big Players involved in the miners and they What are they starting to hedge Is going to need to keep a lot of ftt My thesis is around that way Crypto Yoda Soon Decides to Manufacturer Compound can make a video how to use Yes to them please, that's a great idea Because many people hear about deep But they don't know how to use it So i think it's a wonderful idea What's more interesting i think If I have shown during the last year While scalability is important Not as important as people thought You can still make so many Cool things on the ground without it We don't have much scalability either Reached full potential on the theorem 10 and now we're coming out of Theorem 20 Sorry what are your thoughts Applications and usability vs scalability You can have useful dabs without daps More scalability yes of course and Finance is probably one of them Applications where people are issuing Payment of certain bonds and certain interest Don't lend rates and some money Must be per million transactions The second and some of these projects are Already solved their scaling originally The problem this year is that we have seen the gods Another project we covered was not completed Quickly because they are OG people and This project is doing a huge business Volume but the way they have done This is a distant contract and we are looking We are doing things like state channels Looking at the plasma loop makes many of these rings These people have basically solved enough Issues for either process on them Process on a chain or second layer and Ethereum is working well for them But clearly zk you think Maybe read about all that stuff How can it actually increase throughput Right and we're going to see Charge too soon as well as not in 2020 Maybe think of 2021 for at least 2020 Hope they can get the beacon series And conversion from bottom to e 20 so that we can get this parallel system Going at least what i expected They are always doing this late with everything I'm not so hopeful but definitely A road map will it be in may or June that we really have to serum Chains 12

0 and then normal one more Then you can put the normal ether in 20 Chain and Start Test-Taking Stutter Theorem if we have 32 Are you ready to register yes I was definitely interested in the video 20 about H and I think that makes one Interesting dynamic i think so People want to lock it and If you do not have 32 you can join Pool and there is something decentralized Pools that are coming out this is a lot Cool stuff and I think this Tejo has got 80% Supplies that are closed and stay The key is to know if you think of all There's a lock on the theorem that's gonna If there is a big increase in price A business that left very little theorem And if you're locking up it's darker Di Fi I think insurance is a big topic All these things i'm using any fuck Talked about earlier and i think Very exciting market cap is required Stuff so alex we have discussed a lot What kind of topics do you find interesting We haven't touched yet Yet in the crypto economy Everything yes i think in general Overlapping between the two Very interesting and more and more people are Talking about which ECB is great Were talking outside You know interest rates are going to be Negative but just glad you've got one Job and then someone can say that is a good catch But the apps are really friendly You can have your friends so i can do it myself 10% more people walk you well on this app Know that you are using blockchain Background and you're lending eighth On D file and they oh no my friend Just told me about this app and now it is Only one or two clicks away I hope 2020 happens for now Retail average person who is Great that they can earn interest But it is good for business Finance the world if they can't Get any produce anywhere and this is the place Growing up so quickly i think it is To bring a lot of people into it That maybe other than privacy The biggest thing you know Bitcoin is Ethereum as they face Regulators I think it's going to be Very controversial subject privacy too I wonder when mediation between disregard Interest rates and fiat interest rates Will stop if it will be in Near time because you can get 10% Encrypted using defi and not you New you get as much as you originally get Zero in your bank and you get zero Everywhere else So there's really only one way To get interest and where you just A stable car in which you can earn interest On steady coin when i want you You will have it and i think that's it A great business idea that you get from Fiat People and then you avoid it Platforms you give them some interest You are a little interested I wonder when their capital is going to be Close you think The gap will close we will see mediation Actually being used because there is a Big mediation right now we well yes Covered a project in which we do some premiums As well as research and a project He is now offering insurance Reasons people won't get Because they say i am Can get 10% but what happens if something happens If wrong then you can get insurance now More people to come I think for that if you mean The compound or producer breaks down so I think The biggest challenge is technical Now I can challenge the technical risk Make sure my cdp on manufacturer with some other Third party with decentralized default Is offering small contracts Insurance yeah yeah interesting i didn't Know that i am for sure Think it can bring interest rates A little down in battle because now People are more comfortable so we will see In more capital flow and when you There is more capital and there should be demand That capital is not growing that much Then maybe we will see interest rates Is very interesting To make sure i'm going to do something Keep an eye and be insured Undercapitalized Collateralized Loans are the two big topics you mentioned Privacy is still there and i think though exes are also going to be important Because at the end of the day we are seeing a Increase regulation more and more eyes Are in place and regulators Understanding this place more and more So texas i think would be a natural Because there is a market situation There will be demand for them but i think There will be heavy and many regulated If it is in the gray area then no Like in a prohibited area Privacy coins you think we will See more of Privacy Kwan More in exchanges by 2020 Possibly and i can go to either one There are two ways people can say oh Geez static points are going to be tough Can go down to invest in value or It can charge a premium at a price like When you know that crypto gets banned Some countries and we hear about it Being more expensive you can't Buy it easy you can only buy it Someone else who already has This year again we have seen people talking Where Khyber about D-File Legos Plugging into the compound provides fluidity And synthetics can use it and create one Gonna do it all, so those who buy it leave it Plugging into your laser is so easy Keep it and do it just Basic business or other financial goods You all know it's regulated Space and in future it will be very I think it's easy to get alone In between you'll have landing protocols Who are still impure but There will only be more accepted Like you enter HTTP to go and get You will get information from internet Probably being entered as a clone hash tag Or step back a note but colon slash Slash and then you can connect to a disregard A contract that will give you that flew If you have a good reputation for What else is the example Interesting that we are right now Enter a place where there is maximum People are starting to learn And they are excited about being disobeyed And they want to learn so much Something we didn't see in 2009 Saw that if i grew up i mean But it's only the last few months People are really excited about it so i Just understand this interest Being said to accelerate the situation Thanks so much for being here alex Let me check if we chat quickly There are some more comments The things you think about the most Interesting 2020 well defines number one Violence percentage we definitely have It is a matter of completion Bitcoin i find a bit dangerous We have discussed this channel because So many people are excited Happen and price will bump into may I do not feel that the stock is flowing too The model does not predict that and So i think many people have them Date in mind and many Space must have left them long Ahead of time but now they have They are hoping that will bring Back to their portfolio and so I We think we can see some changes Being around it's like always From news and then from rumor and Sell ​​the news so i think we can see Similar situation and beer will Maybe use it to their advantage and They will decrease drastically during bitcoin Time to be but if you're long Term doesn't matter because i still Think it will be very important For a bitcoin but not just immediately Because many people are excited about it Being and being hypocritical and everyone's Talking about it It can actually happen He won't play well in a hurry Early days after being So I'm a little worried that so many people They have that you know They have lost almost all faith but There is only here for being So they can make big sales Pressure around those times if they are Disappointed but it is most people who Not thinking long term and sole Short term investors and actually they Shouldn't even be here because they If it was not it would have been solved It is important to be Think overall in the world economy Bitcoin will take Im to a big position Next year just this year it's already Makes sense between you Portfolio mathematically from a Portfolio Theoretical Approach as We Discussed at the beginning of the stream Because you reduce your volatility and You have the same return It is important in the context of others Top Ten Coins I Think – Will Perform well because it is a coin Basically you can think of it Like a stock and – and they have a good Track record they have proved that they Will use all the opportunities in the market Right now they are dominating leverage So they actually enter quite a lot Very late but still they are still Dominant they dominate in all kinds In this different small niche markets No one really like IAO market Now care about IAO but hey balance Actually used the whole situation – 110 percent and they are burning their Tokens based on their profits So i think if they continue As they are token holders Clearly won't be a good time Financial advice and / or i think The biggest danger for Bubb is that it Safety in many means you look There are probably many obvious signs on this The biggest sign is that they are Actually burning based on supply Based on their profits, I am not Know how gonna play but Based on their performance and actually What they are offering I think B&B has Stronger then other things like Chain link is very exciting i see Tejo and Cardinal even further Growing due to a functional Programming and their functional Approach for building smart contracts and Building protocol and we had just arrived Very serious incident Happening on a movie where lots of Nodes froze it was during the new year Eve and the reason they were one Piracy implementation well Thing is with formal verification Which you can do if you are using one Functional programming language If you are not, but it is also possible This should be easy to do when you are using A functional programming language Haskell such as on the cardinal of Pluto Or as if all camels are on the Tejo It is easy for you to do formal rif occasions And this basically means that you have Mathematical proof that it says System will never end in a state Where transactions cannot take place You can actually get a mathematical The evidence based on this code is based on Software if it will never freeze if You have mathematical proof that Can show it and this method is used A lot when it comes to important missions Software when you look at how to air Control systems are built or trained Routing system you have mathematical Proof that hey this system will never Route for trains that will go against Hitting each other and it Mathematically impossible that this code Will do something like that Important mission is with other Now we have software in crypto Mission Critical Software is Millions of dollars of course We are watching now Override but still not up for revision I think it is widely used Important and then definitely a Additional disregard noted as privacy A lot of things are happening and this The industry is growing faster than anyone In particular would be predicted Bear market so amazing to see Progress and people are still not Excited about crypto in general Public that's why they're missing so much Of course opportunities for yes Yeah i can't agree more i guess Anthony sas put a fifty tweet thread Everything about that day Happening in space and on Ethereum and a lot of people just think The spice is dead from outside and It just presents the opportunity and you Know i will give you a lot of these Market cycle and you want to buy You are not in the consensus that you know When everyone agrees Everything is great when Everyone has already bought and he is When you want to sell it looks like Hard it sounds hard but yeah good time ahead And you're right and you're done Against the consensus we actually discussed If you are it's a few days ago Perfect but you are right There is no opportunity because it becomes Class leads the way and everyone gets an A Little bit of game but you should be How can there be right and non-consensus People find that i have your youtube Channel in details then check friends Finds out how people should find you And how should people connect with you Nuggetsnews

com that I use our website With everything we provide and we do Like I said with a premium group Additional research and not otherwise Only Alex Saunders and Good on Twitter Thank you very much for the news on Youtube Let me be alan yeah so come on I'm really curious about it Let's really talk about ourselves Program because i know you have But i don't know what exactly it is I should listen to nineteen news stories and Let's see yes please So basically we started a group and People wanted additional research and we do Many daily updates and you get Email and Premium Research Report About the best crypto projects Gold and silver as well now and we There is a community there is more than a thousand People have it now and we all have You know traders from the beginning and You know that investors for people Interested in the technical side of things We have something really interesting Talk about conversation news and Best projects and yes just become Really cool community Going on for a few years now So definitely join people in the 90s nuggetsnewscom is that you see that we are one Donation A man with two dollars Can't buy coffee but thank you still Still i run a lot Crypto video and funny and realistic then Yes, check out that guy too We are providing access to our academy So today we are giving it to Krypton Because that person comes today What they learned yesterday Dangers of platforms and yes people Please subscribe to talk as I always Email list does not depend on Youtube Allow us to talk if you want to be Did you like this stuff Kissed the membership button and Bell but look it doesn't matter Because you are not really subscribed You are subscribed to youtube Algorithm and maybe if they want Feel that you should see something They will show it to you so that you are not in it Are you some machine or The corporation decides what you wash and what Wash is not back control and go and Join the email list now and it The only way we don't have to stop For us to trust these platforms Community and speaking too to survive You can find this about our chas Details and we're all going into 2020 See i said i'm insurance Tells us and is doing well How about them next year Build applications on how to actually use them if so You have not checked our track and Really go all by yourself 2020 don't invest in yourself Crypto first invest yourself in the press Because your knowledge will always be there Always be with you and know you Travel for developers earn the most money In this place it's better to be one Developer than a merchant That being said thank you so much alex No final message for our viewers No i really appreciate chatting All i love with the oven and yes Tech stuff either so we have you On the nuggets for a while Amazing amazing amazing thank you By the way alex guesses one more thing II forgot what we would do in that chase Now if you are affiliated then you can Partner up and earn with us You get 30% of all the revenue you get To give us you just go academic Material click here to go for nuggets that nagas newscom that you join alice Community to go to YouTube community to go Find your twitter oh another way What should we discuss What do I think about YouTube Perch You were most impressed because you One warning and then two strikes and You will leave with the third strike From planet to planet Originally as a content creator who was Christmas is not a good way to spend Up and found that the first strike Strike and 50 videos go in and Second strike after Christmas lunch and I wondered what was going on and then I had 250 or 50 videos that night Has been removed and you know what it's like Looks like no one can talk to you And we all started a group together and Like all the people we retweeted We got it on twitter and we got that sword But I've always posted all my stuff Library and all decentralized The platform hopes so many people that I Estimate interest in them and know that They exist now The way i just saw your site You have facebook integration so i can Go on messenger and i have A little experience in it because we There was also a Facebook bot, but then we Noticed that they are not sending out Notifications like we're giving a push We are sending some information but Then it flattens like people Spam folder or something like that Now i am very sick and tired of this Like people want to subscribe and why Are they not getting my luggage Why i started the email list only The way people have to subscribe for real Join email list in details Join code now Alex I think you should switch Facebook really because you don't You don't have a direct communication With my people We have found a new platform Launching any day now and we've got Yes we know, among other ways Problems and we all know a lot Decentralized system that expects We are all using in the future because it is We do not trust HB Text and I think you No need to complicate it Email is the best system required Now because the issue is Delivery while I'm not hosting it Think like a library and other platforms Interesting that they mostly provide Hosting that I can put my stuff on them I can also place my item on the website My own server with no backup Take my stuff and it will always be If available i don't know i think Email is because it is very important because This is actually discovery and Word is coming out so yes Can't bother enough to join Currently everyone has an email list Too long has passed Say goodbye for about 20 minutes But it's always good if you're Alex i wish you the best and yes Hope you don't experience it Because youtube madness ever again Close and thought was prayer with all Australians affected by this Jungle yes then check out Twitter can donate to Alex and you Australian Bush fire fighters many thanks Everyone breaks so much to be here Like breaking an email Check out alex and alex thanks a lot and bye bye bye

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