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And we are living welcome others Episode of good morning trip only Only Ivano here we are definitely taking Live broadcast live Stockholm Sweden and we do each show And every day at 8 am People like me when centurion An atomic clock today and every day We have a lot to discuss about sleeping Oil and bitcoin are performing well Well today if you look at the last 24 Maybe hours because of the situation In Iran I do not know if many of you Heard button we see growth in Iran Because the Pentagon took everyone out Important is called normal and common Qassam Soleimani I'm sure you've heard This is probably the biggest story about it Around the world today and whenever You see instability in the world Whenever you see anxiety in the world You have bitcoin gold oil growing Especially oil because you Realize that now people are worried Iran will do something against America And go after oil plants for example And the oil and oil companies that are in it The middle east is definitely something Feel it and keep it We're going to be the first subject To discuss and it's going to be Main topic as well because you realize While it's too big Huge and this bitcoin is good Sprung since yesterday because we If you were really falling off a cliff Look at the charts that are The situation has actually changed bitcoin Around and we have something important Loss during the last days and now We are back but at the same time you Realize that it can be bad Long term if this is the case The case is that Iran actually transitions Bitcoin and its deviations from change In bitcoin or in other currencies But bitcoin can still be targeted America because clearly they do not want Iran bypasses sanctions via bitcoin And through crypto it definitely is Really important to discuss what is The future of all this but i think The future is clear on the phone That we are going into a future where Money is global money neutral and not Tied to someone Politics i'm not tied to any state Think it's really the future Money because you currently have Currencies are a tie for governments This means that they can be used in politics They can be used for restrictions Example as we are seeing now This is definitely something we need And keep in mind the fact that Times are changing but at the same time There will not be a smooth transition Obviously who wants to go Dominance in money markets and US dollar dominance It is not smooth to ensure that I Think but anyway we are going Discuss that then we are going to discuss In some earlier analog crypto bank Britain is very big news and then we are Going to discuss Polonia X because if You are using polonius i think you need Just be careful Case that we had them and a hack or Some kind of attack and I think it's a You have a good idea to reset the password But we're not all going People welcome everyone who is watching I'm already watching this live chat How are you healing this Friday? It's ok friday i want to welcome michael Michael Rupchand to sleep in shelter Welcome to the Patricia Dance Group Mike everyone very much welcome me Know where you are trying today We actually chat on white As well as it really shouldn't White should be honest with you Is black but for some reason it is White today i have to fix it later Tell me where you tuning in Let me know how you guys are doing Really we should have done today Interview with Nugget News but Unfortunately had to cancel the negative Last minute because they have something Situation with australia Fire you know it is What is the tragedy happening in Australia Let me know if the way you are Australia but Newgate was for news Cancel because it had to be emptied or There seemed to be something really like Serious thing so we couldn't record it Today we are looking at our markets Following status I'm beat 1

2 now Percentage is very good and important Boom since yesterday we were All are mostly heading towards 67 K Tomorrow now we're back to 72 if Overall up slightly at 007 Top 10 looking speed In the big gamers you have blocks But guys i mean look at this look Be careful with this block time Sure to dump maybe Especially when the market cap is like this Small and volume is only 500k 600k so you have the next one so i saw something Well next to the fans in the comments Before we live is above 71 All good 6

6 is good Gain in some coins and the largest The losers are educated like six silver Secure coin and Tasos and Isaac made Or RLC always gas as you please Please remember to sign up to our email The list was so nice to see so many People joined the chat because they were Email because people are if you're Not in Email You are actually a Slave to algorithm Will decide what content you see and If you don't do what content do you watch Good morning crypto and enjoying you Want to subscribe Unfortunately delete membership The button is not enough You will subscribe to the email list This is the first link in the description Please do it now and you can To surprise in your inbox even if If you sign up now please Do not underestimate it Need to take back control over time Communication is direct communication Not through platforms and hopefully YouTube Might Give You My Support Notification I'm tired I'm sick And instead we are tired Back control I need your email if you want to sign up If you definitely want to subscribe You're just enjoying it Click the subscribe button Unfortunately not much else Always we cooperate with bi Bit can get you $ 90 if you sign Using the link below or go to purchase Bit dot i want you to trade techcom Bitcoin ethereum you can use xrp You can avail up to 100 X for a long time May go lower but please be careful For professionals only and with leverage Add them to the end of the stream Going to give academy and if you Want to be cheap tomorrow Write what you learned in it Comment goes on after the stream First topic of the day The fact that a Chase agate Was killed by us in iraq The person is very important here General in and by the Iranian army If you are watching then let me go yes I don't know if youtube from iran You can see also available in Iran YouTube or you have to use VPN and something Other setup it will be very important To communicate with you too Chat and how are you doing Everyone there knows that he was the chief Iranian Revolutionary Guard Leap Mal army and he was killed in Iraq Originally they were taking by car Airport and then you Now you are taking this person out Gotta realize this is enough Is important in the world as a whole It is not only important in crypto For example is important when it comes Gold because gold is four months old High after this happens Are you really worried right now When it will be for the stock market Opens and if you look at the off-market Trading when it comes to stocks The market is not looking too good Definitely check out now Stock market when it opens and becomes Careful and gold is already rising to a Four-month high after this collision And now you also realize that there is oil Also why people are jumping Feeling vengeance from Iran and They can attack oil companies and Oil extraction sites in the Middle East Just like we saw in Saudi Arabia A few months ago you realize that it could be As I mentioned, this incident is very important The way we went in the beginning On LinkedIn and on Facebook that it Can be historical and it can be historical Who really knows what i mean I do not want to be afraid of Moonger but you Feel you can never underestimate Events like this especially if you know little Look at history how world war 1 Start it was just a single prince Dude that was murdered in Bosnia While i mean it won't Such a big II certainly hopes but At the same time we should never Underrate When something like this happens and Small events seem like small events Can be really big Like the end of the day Worst case but Of course it can be historical Terms of Economic Economics Also storage in political form Not afraid of any more mongers, but this is Also quite funny because people are Take it with humor the most Important thing people taking With the humor that we have Three trends of world war on twitter and At first I was like people are afraid or Are they really discussing world war Three but then you go and i mean thanks God damn people take it for granted Because it is mostly meme and mostly Jokes are basically playing me after dead First step shots were fired and the battle was over Or three or when recruited Officer psychologist Three worth evaluating is I mean yes, at least there are people Take it with humor on twitter or How is it when i'm out It's fighting in world war three Mostly meme but I thought it was a The most funny is psychological me Evaluation seems twitter Take it a lot in communal Way and least which is good At least now it's good if you notice Dow Dow Jones futures fall I am the biggest bump in iran Mentioned that when you look off Market growth and when it comes to Stock market futures they are They are not performing so well Because people are what they are When is the stock market going to be Opens and it's definitely not small Event i wouldn't say small event In any fashion in any fashion and See some people can say that it is Especially this thing With world war 3 and i agree You mean i'm not going Be close to him I mean probably the most but only Look at history sometimes you have This crazy incidents like murders Eg Duke of Archie-hungry started it in Boston Once the whole world war Hope nothing happens And maybe nothing but Historically you better not joke around Better not joke around with these things Feeling bitter now with these things And as intelligent beacons also pumping because I mentioned that we had just survived one Major dump and we were really going Six-point-seven so while it's good At the same time is an important trend We see that time is changing Economic times are changing Economical patterns are always changing So what will be the major currency Who knows 50 years maybe it will be Bitcon beacon may have now Tenth biggest currency either 10th 11th Or anywhere around the 9th if you See market cap and usage And also how much it is worth Important trends we are seeing The world all the time Currency is changing I mean only 100 Years ago it was the British pound and What will it be now Next would be sugar Currency will be this Chinese digital Currency or will it be a crypto currency I mean one thing is for sure The world is becoming more united Global as a whole we are seeing more Travel we are looking more international Trade and restrictions while they are Is important for the United States And other countries that are in the game And for them I keep them going Think they will do it in the future To be honest that would be viable Because the future is with you Know that people are talking among themselves When people are doing business with each other Someone has a problem with another Country and they ban there There are other countries that will still Trade with them just look at china China does a lot of business with Russia Maybe with Iran you Realize that time is changing And maybe we'll see a pose Is neutral in terms of politics and Bitcoin is one such currency and UK Perfect for such a candidate Paradigm because time where you can Really your pose in a weapon I think the political way is coming to a The end but they won't come Easily as we mentioned and there is A scenario even where America takes action Because it is used against b againstt-yakin Everyone else also means that Restrictions cannot actually be upheld and So it could be a reason One of the excuses for s We really have to go after cryptocurrency And go after bitcoin it's no longer fat It's not fat i know some people can be Fat while spreading Absolutely no fat just realistic Think if there are cryptocurrencies Be important they will take a lot We have the whole idea of โ€‹โ€‹power Changing the financial industry We are the oldest and most changed Important industry right in the world Which is now the financial industry Has not been interrupted in all these years And obviously it will be another power Balance when it happens and obviously No one will give power for free So when we are saying that we are Revolutionize where this rape scene is It also needs to be noted that Who will struggle Really knows what kind of things will happen See encryption in the world Finance as a whole and crackdown Crypto live in it just to keep it Thanks to Mani Haley See donation Thank you appreciate it Peace is the creep to bring blockchain How can we hold and as the quantity Transcendent someone needs to invent Property having adaptive supply Yes there is immunity against human greed Must only be specific and not Make sure what you mean is the supply Human greed should suit how you are That means when I mean supply Decide if you can actually make a Tool against human due to greed Actually comes when there is no supply Fixed there is always an attractive Temptation if you look at history Rule always tempts rulers To increase their supply Because obviously if you spend Control the pose that you can actually do Maybe practice your greed Bitcoin is the solution you are talking about What else is happening in chat I don't get why this is chat White on the left is usually in In the dark and they have this little css Code that ensures that it is a It's dark but now it's really white See if i can change it quickly Because on saying that I like it more Remove it first when it's dark Like this and then I'll put it Let's see again what it will become It's dark now I might have changed something that I don't I think so i don't think i will Have to fix it later Now it's gonna be white for now This is an important tweet I saw Tomorrow is about the way How can new people actually get in touch How can cryptocurrency and newcomers Actually exposed to both static Property is a bit more risky Assets that are basically altcoins Bitcoin macro rights you see Bitcoins are most important in serum Things and it's the right combination For your average crypto investor 2dc in bitcoin and ethereum bitcoin Is motherhood and if acts like a serum It is an index fund for all coins Important because you feel that Number one new people into new people Space they can't really decide Where is yourself a good project Bad project they will probably be the most Burnt at the same time as we It was discussed yesterday that I think people are Missing many occasions Being in bitcoin only and if If you look at the last bull market You are just another beaker and yes it Would still be amazing, but at the same time Time you were supposed to be in As well if you really would really to gain A lot of benefits over that period Of time and maybe even if you are Should have been more risky Only with small coins because they Rose more than the theorem but then Of course collapse even more if You do but if you look at the coins Perform jazz in a market It's bitcoin it's not optimal it's not Optimal it looks good it's not bad Good but it's not the optimal you want There is some risk for other things Because we have seen historically They perform better in the middle Bulls but then they also usually Buried there in a bear Market but issuing point is that if Have you actually bought Theorem ICO You Will Still Have Earned There is a lot of money in bitcoin so it is like I don't know what this parity account is You have seen but there is a paris Someone created a fan account Paris account of her and they Originally posted yesterday that hate The best way to stack sets during the past Five years was originally to buy serum You will have so much pork If you get at the same time Apparently this led to ICO Mania obviously led to this many People get burnt and lead the same In this risky environment with all the coins Many noticed that they are now a theorem Wanted to be in the next one more The entire ICO ICO craze started and actually Fearless to be honest with you So the best solution is actually Anything because all beacons Innovation in defiance of very old coins Many things are building on a theorem So by just assuming a theorem, you Too much risk for the rest Ecosystem without taking so much risk Be honest with you without taking That mash risk then definitely keep it If you have a family member or not They want friends Cryptocurrency explains to them that Hey there is bitcoin Should start with bitcoin but if then You want to find out more than a theorem And explain to them why it is an index Fund Why you can see it as an index fund for altcoins Now another important thing to mention This is important news from us In the UK you will have an X Barclays Executive starting a crypto bank What does crypto bank mean? That means he is starting a bank Will have crypto accounts and maybe Will also get it in the near future Interest on your crypto bank account Mainly through fines through GFI Because it's important and why Do we mean crypto banks The whole idea is to bring revolution in this Space perfectly well because if you See most of the people of the world right Now especially in the western world they Trust a bank that is insured and It is registered and it is a For example more than license – or When it arrives, coincidence or self Target's crypto storage is That they should learn well As they should learn about how Store yourself everything Goal but to be exposed and begin Part of the crypto industry I think it This is a very good thing Of course it's definitely good That we now see it basically Thing will be said DS igloo let me go I know you heard about ziggler Is the latest banking venture This is the person who was one Technical leader at barclays Basically you will be able to keep coins In his new banking venture, you will be Would be able to enable a Fiat A crypto and here's the whole idea He will have banking license He will have debit card credit card All things are people In general accustomed Banking but will also be with crypto Saw many people say we won't We need bitcoin we don't need it I don't need anything like this but i Think all adoptions are good and just Because this is a bank that is doing this That doesn't mean it's necessary Bad thing we need at the end of the day As many people as possible Bitcoin to see how it works and Experience it and obviously i If you look at the 40 most mentioned 30 most Most people in the 50s and 60s will trust Balance with their money they will believe Coincidence or they will trust a UK bank It is ensured that they are comfortable I don't know if i think they will Trust uk bank it's not me Saying it's really better Crypto startups and crypto companies We have now i'm not saying zigu is really better and more Safe but for your average person Is it important in my opinion and Let me know if you agree or disagree They reject a brief mention about Polonius

That they had data leaks but they Still had some password reset Users who really know what happened But they had to come out and say O for safety O for safety We've reset some for our customers Password and reason It was rumored that Polonius Was a data that was hacked Leaked or hacked and these rumors were going on Twitter as a precaution They just reset the password so just keep If you have Polonius, keep this in mind Be sure to reset your password better Safe from forgiveness It's better to be safe than sorry Especially when it comes to krypton And especially when it comes Exchanges mean your fans are there and If you have money there or withdraw it Which would be the best solution and by The way you know today is january 3 and you know what January 3rd is Generally you need proof of keys Withdraw all assets from all exchanges Today because today is the proof of the keys Pull me up actually website and i Think this is a good reason Proof of withdrawing and actually kissing starting with tres mayor to show me this The mayor started it for you and The idea is not to exchange Comfortable They shouldn't be comfortable with Realize that you just have your funds There and you should never take them back Not everyone is comfortable There is all their money and never Just because anyone makes a withdrawal They don't need you most people Just they have money and they see Prices go up or down and they never Really dropped her own purse When you have such a situation, you The people who run the exchanges are Willing to take more risk because now They know that eighty percent of us Customers will never withdraw their funds Now within two years or three years We can start taking risks we can start Betting with the funds we can try to Get some interest on the funds we can Maybe lend the file out So it can happen in future Be like banks and the reason is Because nobody will join Exercise is really important Key and this proof of celebration Every year is january 3 And today is 3 January at least if Are you in europe and asia or If you are in australia or africa America you can still be in january 2 definitely do, especially when When we are seeing that we are seeing Hey Polonius you have some issues Other changes may also have some Issues you don't even know about Because you think that many of them Do not even reveal when Abel revealed Done and they try to get to know you keep quite Nobody wants to be in the middle I think a security scam scam Many changes happened Events we are not even aware of That we haven't even heard Because they want to keep it quiet Then we'll take Jenny the Third into consideration Have withdrawn my money from one today Change and then you can put it back Tomorrow if you need but it's just to Show the change Most people will leave on 3 January Most people know about january Gave 3 groups of children's celebration 10 thank you very much People don't trust exchanges yes It is very important is very important Really ok i said we leave the guy Today for me it goes to france Galaraja wrote that I learned that Bitcoin will earn well but We have to be patient and wait Public to understand the real benefits Yes of cryptocurrency is completely true Contact me at Evan Tang Cool And I recommend you a new abortion If the developer can do a little programming If you are you are brand new Completely new to this place of fun Development above the blockchain but if Completely new to your place Cryptocurrency and you don't even know How does bitcoin actually work or how The theorem then works under the hood Boxing 101 and I encourage everyone Go to the academy i wouldn't think so Calm down and watch it because people watch You won't invest in yourself Invest in crypto invest first First yourself because it's the best You can invest anytime Myself too i have a me Announce as well I need people who know a little bit Programming they know how to program A theorem they know they are kinda Technically you'll have a little Technical and you want to write like this Writers Need Technical Writers Email Me Please contact Ivan on Telecom if you Know you want to work together a You know a little bit of solidity Do you know the following See if you took that chase Basically you are given an opportunity here Already i need a tech For Writer Academy and we will tell What you will write but you need to do Blossom and know wisdom And you should also know knowledge Here and beacon programming if so You took these tracks then email me I want to contact Cool and another important thing Now we have our own affiliate program So if you have enjoyed the academy then settle down Academy dot io non tech com and then You can sign up as an affiliate and you Can receive 30% of all revenue you receive Look and it's very important that you Actually this is the reason why If you like that case then i mean if That man may have helped you personally And you think you have more More likely then Is basically a moral obligation Spread that chase how i see it At least because if people don't know it chasm II they cannot get the price and Benefits from it and they never Equal opportunity and equal Those who have taken chances We need to get if that guy saw me Words and definitely more people Educated is better off as crypto Whole michael gul yeah yeah yeah yeah Michael goes to an outpost in the Tigers' time Come and you can just sign up Investment in crypto is an investment True to myself but look at you Crypto investment can be taken Away from you because your psychology Will we see lots of red lights So while you're encrypting you're watching Too many threats go down the market Boom boom boom boom boom so many people Shake out and cause Because they have not gone to the markets Lots and crypto markets are crazy So is wild crypto a good investment And you are investing yourself as you It can be taken away from you Market and your psychology but your Knowledge can never be taken away You and if you are able to manufacture Business or you are able to build Join something or just one Project in crypto you can earn on crypto A monthly basis which means you have Originally sold his DCI issue for himself You don't need dc-8 forever because You are still earning in crypto Keep in mind that your knowledge can be You will never be referred Your crypto can actually be taken away Yes by yourself what is it Most people buy what they buy high And they sell my five year old for less The daughter asked that the diary is my bitcoin The wallet is for making a pocket and zip Right right right ivan i say Boom boom boom good good music thanks Thank you so much thank you so much Do you know i'm not second I don't know metronomal halo Hungary wise to big blows Hungary Adam good what you liked It was nice Bitcoin is a bit confused in the hierarchy Collateral for a theorem and affiliate Alcorn's So bitcoin is not collateral right now For anything you're not actually using Bitcoin as collateral you can use it If you use bitcoin and you can Use this principle as collateral Blockchain but then you have a reliable The parts between the wrapped bitcoins are A theorem token because it is not a Theorem token it can be plugged into D Phi but the real bit to get from country rap Bitcoin you must deposit to In custody custody and So you get your token Basically you can That's why we should You can use wrapped bitcoin as Collateral This is not actually real Bitcoin But it is used all the time Collateral I mean if there is just look It's completely off in De Phi Crazy and so if now really A whole new whole got a new use case I mean the total closing price is about 1 Billion 1 billion dollars zero point six Billion but I think it's close to 1 Billion I think next year it will be 1 billion for sure and for the next Year I means that this year 2020 tomorrow Saw i said that gonna happen next Year but definitely it is this year Sometimes you know when the year changes Your mind is still in the final year It's like you write your name in school And then you write the date on the test And you write the final year because Year Just Good-Even Crypto Shifted Cryptogenic big shout i'm in you Asia or australia because i think it is In the evening when the Fed stopped Qi Banks will be searched anywhere Liquidity and they will be able to use it The wave is fine Be here too i don't think they will Wave XRP will be used, but it will Looks great if it would be great Really used it i think there is a Misunderstanding that when people say You know that using wave is not wave This is the wave and that somehow Army is receiving additional pay There is an attack, but at the same time we will understand Realize that if this is the case banks Really start using XRP when it is not You really see a cryptocurrency Can't compare it to bitcoin Still be amazing for the whole crypto What else is interesting When I talk the extra P has this brand People who are not encrypted love xrp They are most excited about the extra P And so look it will bring a lot Krypton will focus if it is Is really the case that they do as you it is said Now I think it's far away To be honest with you but it's good XRP is opium for the military and all of us Hope you see bitcoin That is our hope and it is one Very dangerous hope it's a lot Dangerous hope i'm discussing For the past few weeks I think Lukewarm is really a dangerous thing At least be honest with you In the short term when hobbing Do you have to be ready for anything Recession action let me actually share it To understand that I saw yesterday and I Retweeted it because i thought so So amazing and really have ideas What i'm trying to communicate This channel shared me – this is Leaked and he said i agree with the effect The pump will not be instant Won't happen immediately May be a few months and it is the same It also says the flow model but So many people are now just hoping Half to pump around the price Don't realize i mean the biggest Capacity is nothing one won't have A few months because it's always something Months fall behind and he says that maybe Those who will on this count Bitcoin to date After a few months the price will be Will bounce back and be non-holders Wreck then I agree after that Some months maybe six eight months we See this bump it is a stock Is predicting the flow and actually The whole community is being built Almost like before is also If you do it at the same time Look at the previous humming we didn't We do not have SMEs so we have come back See what you will see But i think that's all we have Publicity and so many people I'm sure I'm sure we can be too See a pumpkin in the days before Hum as before People can have lukewarm lives because people Hoping it's going to pump around And then maybe see one Dump when it actually happens Rumors sell the news as usual So we will see that we will see you guys See you guys but hope you mean a The good thing is that we are all sure Maybe some of it as I see it As you mentioned yesterday There are two things in your head Time yes i think there is a future for bitcoin Amazing but at the same time when you There is so much publicity in an event He does not go well normally Because the bears are realizing that this one Perfect time to dump because there will be Having so much liquidity around the hobby So this is just the right time to dump so much Feel it and be mentally prepared for it This and that's why this help is best The solution to not taking risks for everyone Ok kryptonite or you made Video i think i commented on it Do you think that was your big noise I say the same thing for kryptonite Oh in my video about the block Well yes yes yes it's true It takes a little to identify the existence Time is faith You are working out man i am working out All the time but with a really new You recent program with a new program I know i always have Work i always do a little tricep You can also do this pumping Such shoulder but i'm gonna show I'm gonna show you something i'm not showing you I know you'll be able to see it, but I Using this application it is called strong Lifts it's really quite good Really good enough So i got you done yesterday No you won't But basically it's great because you Squad bend press bench bench press and Barbell Row which is your first workout Then you relax today and next workout Squat is overhead Dad lift means it's amazing Amazing because i basically squat Two days and now i have squat and you do Five times five then five times five Everything five five Benchmark five times five times row Five times five and you'll be heavy That's the whole idea Next time you squat I have to do whatever is on monday Do five times five at 125 kg Does he let me show 125 then i really I really like it like kilo 2 pounds so much for all Americans That's how many pounds and then Benchpress then i have to do the next 5 5 times Time 95 and basically when you have Done your 5 times 5 and you're really Successful then you grow then you Grow every time you succeed You have successfully completed 5 times 5 squat benches left on each exercise Time it's all about lifting me heavy Just like rosa right Absolutely old school super set Don't know if you say it Super set is super set for me when you Like an exercise if you do it quickly Another exercise without rest is that one To me it's not really super Set that way you do five things Five times and then you go to the next One five five and then one next Five nine five ivan i heavy and My spine has slipped four Careful you have to be careful back squatted 315 oops good good so how There's a lot that let's see bounce Let's see how much oh It's good so i'll be good 142 in a few months if I continue Progress with my five times five I'll be at that point as soon as you did Biscone Annual Candle Watch Really really creepy man is lost I think it's important to see Long-term downs Long term trend and lows are many Very squat if squat is preferred Try Cory Gregory Squat Everyday Good good good i see what Everyday would be too much for me Because like I exercised yesterday And i think i need to fix my need To be fine on this day and so i Can't do it every day i won't Know i will be the same development Either tips were crypto mining Using a laptop for starting mine Something that is GPU or CPU By heavy i mean cpu ideally Heavy mining algorithms and you can go What do i think it's cool You can check it by keeping those mangoes in mind Basically different men But please don't see spam i don't appreciate it Please don't spam please no yes don't spam If a breeze remove it yes but anyway You will get a coin which is CPU heavy Mining and you can do it What is mine and it always changes Profitability of various Assets and Mining Always Shift This is why you must go for a calm mind Because then you can see yourself Cost of electricity and then you can see How much return do you actually get Dollar terms and it's impossible In your mind because it's the price There is change all the time So yeah don't forget you walk Get Old and Fat Sources Absolutely It's true it's true but it's true Look good with live in Stockholm is that you can walk Everywhere i don't even have a car I walk everywhere it's so amazing Walking is mandatory here Of course you can take this electricity Scooter Sometimes i do But mainly just and only water is the best Is recovery a mild workout problem yes This is probably true please report Delegation Major Awards Canada no incentive test pure amazing Interest i like it and speaking about it Cardinal in our academy we will be Academic syllabus and also a TASOS in 2020 Of course you will learn about Programming on those two platforms Cryptogenic yes, it is likely but two Don't remember what he said for years Massive financial weapon How interesting is distraction Economic theory is based around Like fiat modern monetary theory and This was not the case all the time and Maybe it won't Future as well it's always always To change Patterns always change when i do I think you are working hard Who mentioned it but it was and Important was the glacier That they had to put ice back Age but nothing really happened They have updated all the networks Smoothly but the date for the update was It was terrible 31st or 31st day The time of December depends on where you were You live so date was terrible Because people are celebrating Many do not run their own operations Still it was not successful And you know we had another Worked hard a few weeks ago and if it was In terms of this was the actual code upgrade Performance and optimization on one Theorem and then now you had Glacier update on 1 January See we all shelley has tested you Don't i have i don't Do i want a pool maybe it's a good Idea let me write it this might be the one Good a good idea but i know people are So excited and they like it Like what they look at Cara Donna So maybe i need to poll yes Yes I will check it i will check it But this is when a theorem is launched And not easy money Everyone was big I wanted to be a block maker so I mean It's definitely something to keep in Keep in mind whenever a new network is launched There are a lot of possibilities Cardno now has many possibilities Participating unanimously It's not the same thing over you Still attractive basically China took the whole thing in its hand But Canada is not Tejo's eye When you are sure ivan to ivan What to do to talk more about monroe You say about Monaro, look there are people As always when you are going to talk More about this coin or that coin Whenever something interesting happens I think important thing to say Manero was recently Europol Announcement that they basically said They can't track it and what doesn't Really see it monaro What's up manero network Safe yeah but that's mine Mother is an asset that is not Like it's digital gold it's a property It is used for privacy and it is but I know what is interesting you know I remember I interviewed drunk pony Last year and they discussed something Interesting things you can release Property on Manero which is actually Looks interesting i haven't heard a Although a lot about that project The fact that you can issue assets and You can issue tokens i mean it is would be cool Especially for security things where you Securities are not all you want Transaction to go public then you can Manero acid that actually seemed Yes like a good interesting Interesting aspect and yes he left I won't eat what i heard Oh yeah i'm on a tick-talk Tik-tok i did some videos i need To do more but i'm too busy With this whole situation being decentralized With YouTube so that the way people are in order Please join this decentralization Join the email list at the top of Pardon Actually it's okay as monir yes Actually it's for the property, but please People come at the top of the email list Description because if you join i will Be able to send you notifications and You do not need to depend on YouTube Telling you What to see and what not to see, I mean I think the biggest shift we will see is It's time to take back control in 2020 We cannot be our communication Depend on a third party that maybe Tells you when this dream is going live Maybe if they have a good day Will send you a notification so that Subscribe when you click on it Channel however you should You are not really subscribing If you are asking to pay you If you think it feels like youtube If you have a good day if you like it You are in a good mood But if they are not in a good Mood they won't send you anything and Even if they decide especially if they Decide that there is some content You shouldn't see them You should decide what you should and should not do Must not see it at all Crazy that we ended up in All social status in all social media Media now means that the algorithm What you see is not like that Historical is not just based on time No post when someone posted It is being organized according to the time Who are organized about the algorithm Telling you what you should see You should read what you should not People for taking such a crazy time Control time back to being our own Sovereign community and way of doing To join that email list please See it at the top of the description So it's very important and i'm watching Want to be able to communicate with Anything happens to you Channel because you know that when we Seen in secret massacre during For the last two weeks you realized that I could not Even post I can't even post to YouTube See timeline it's absolutely crazy So you will join that email Subscribe if you want Like you want to be subscribed Is the only way for you Membership is by going to email list There is no other way not YouTube is good YouTube or Kryptonite instigation button has done a lot Damages a lot of channels Subscription button Yes it sucks it sucks and You can't trust it, i mean it works fine Sometimes they send Rusev out If they think it's a Video That most people would like it But who are they to decide Honest with you to decide what they are doing If anyone wants to subscribe If any, they should be given membership Really wants to get notifications and They wonder what the bell button will do This and then it doesn't Absolutely crazy So join the email list which is important I joined Tik Tok under your condition And then I went viral oh really really really amazing I mean if it's true it's amazing if you Got t plug in because i told you And then you actually achieve something It is amazing why i am I think this is my goal Always give you something that you Didn't know before you left Saw the video that you're smart It is better to be more aware of yourself More opportunities in life so i really Hope what you are saying is true that you Got some virginity and see if you are If you like sketching and artistic You are a funny man – ticking right Makes more planning videos now I don't underestimate this because It's too big isn't really big Figured it out for educational Stuff I Have Not Actually Found Tick โ€‹โ€‹out for the same thing as me Because i'm not kidding Sketch i'm not what i want to do I don't really have educational material Found out how to go viral with it But if you find a material man you Must be on the tick The algorithm can boost you like crazy You have no follower without you Can actually go from zero to viral Without followers but please stay in Once you have a community tik-tok tries to convert them into emails Because what happens if Tik-Tok bans you Or if they ban us, talk or You know who knows you once And they want to follow you please Please make sure you can communicate Like with my community i'm trying To do with my brush now Anyway people make amends anyway Thanks so much for a schedule Can you comment on whether bsv is or not Cheer look yeah i mean Funny, because you think something People think that is based on extreme Complete and many of them are bsv camp and it's really amazing that you Is still It is true that this is going on and Complete i will make a video where we What do we really talk about Perfection, but truth is perfection About the fact that you can be one Software that can be many different States of infant states Not constrained by Programming functionality Language usually you can say that Without in most programming languages Loops you really don't have chin Perfection and when you can Repetitive work on bitcoin and bsv Can still work without repeating Using loops that will perform repetitive tasks You don't have an endless amount of states Do i mean you can try it if you Want to do something ten times You can do it but you can't Should be done for some time The variable is different there Depends on something external or something Internal variable which is not possible This is possible on possible theorems On another blockchain But the fact that you see people Claiming that bitcoin or bsv is correct Is incomplete isn't it Thanks a lot for being people anyway Here once again and actually this one This is a discussion for a longer video Really be honest with you description Maintaining perfection and they had it Debate in comments six months ago whether a section with a man from bsv Whether the beacon is correct or not At the end of the day he said i have me At the end of the day he gave up But his point was that hey you can Things actually end and Again on bitcoin and bsv But it's not about the fact that you can They happen again and again If you can be flexible with code How often do you have this in the code Can actually be some variable How often does it describe Not something you set out to do Certain amount my people we will Thanks a lot to the whole video Smash smash like bail but you Nothing can happen So go and subscribe to the email and I see you all tomorrow Item again saturday, but i'm so we'll pump Maybe do a stream on Saturday Have a nice day and bye friends bye bye bye

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