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BITCOIN $250K NEXT ATH!!! ? XRP $1.2 Billion Dumped, Ripple IPO – Programmer explains


And we are living welcome others Good morning crypto episode only here Not on i 1 we're definitely Live broadcast live Stockholm Sweden and we do this show Central every day and 8 am Night time guys i come like you Atomic clock each and every day but you Everybody knows when I say to everyone The day is usually without friday Friday and Saturday Loops but today it Saturday really means because it is Saturday and miracle happens Around christmas and the fact that we are Have a nice new encrypt on saturday Of course a big miracle and i want To welcome everyone who is watching Live because today is going to be juicy The reason i feel like i have Do it because we will Discuss the fact that number one Bitcoin is probably with a good Likely to be 250 K in next Bull run and it is very important Understand because time is changing And new decades sometimes mean The fact that we will see the pattern Big significant paradigm shift Economy and the biggest paradigm The change we are seeing now is Just the role and power of The 2010 years of the central bank have been Qi and the years of central banking Time is changing as you will see and It definitely looks great Bitcoin cryptocurrency and others Alternative asset and actually we are You and i are living through a renaissance Here we were early Adoptions and early movers of this time That you are like renaissance Know that during the Renaissance and A A lot has changed in the world economy and How does society work in particular The most important thing we need to keep in The mind is that renaissance gave birth For traders of a new economic class And we are like merchants We are five hundred years ago because Traders were from the beginning The very dirty word means if you Businessman you're making it dirty business You're great you don't own your land You don't have your castle People working by you Make a profit you're tracking Doing these things that are not really Really don't think it's respectable But as time goes by these traders Very powerful and in fact they become Be so powerful that nobility Becomes irrelevant and nobody cares anymore What else about your crazy castle Hell are you doing all this Cities it's all about global trade and Society has pushed us forward A big leap forward with Establishment of traders Became economic class and businessman Major economic class and that What is really happening right now Crypto Crypto is the new renaissance and These people are early adopters of crypt That has been seen for the longest time As you know a big dirty business You know what bitcoin is really used for Is it drugs it is money laundering but Really you see that it is The biggest development of finance every step Visualization and it is very important Development of finance and without it Development of finance we cannot move Forward as a society and organize us into one Better way because you understand how Improper banking system So for us to take a leap forward We need to move forward from the past Need to establish new patterns of Finance is so important and This is going to be the first topic The second topic of the day is day Wave and extra p is going to be about Because the wave is actually killing it And when i say i mean wave Company because they are raising a Ton money they are selling a ton x Or p and company only Perform extremely well Very well respected indeed Lesson on Twitter and I will also agree There's a good chance That wave will be listed nearby Future whether it is five years next year Who knows from now on, but it's not closed The table but what is interesting is Number one they recently raised two Hundred million dollars absolutely Killing it while They have sold 260 in the last four quarters Million of XRP tokens in the market And they are actually making more money XRP is actually selling tokens Any other business it is really very It is important to keep in mind that Their main source of revenue is Currently selling tokens Now they are running More money so we're going to discuss It is very important and very important Important but being told that people Welcome to the show i also have some Other topics eg a new bill Is clearly being proposed to Congress Define different types Cryptocurrency because word cryptocurrency is a bit confusing there There are many different cryptocurrencies And they mean so many different things There are commodities Securities there are currencies Fixed coins and so on but ahead Welcome guys i see rafael in chat Increasing that XRP performance is not great XRP performance is not really well Never mind because there is no smart money XRP hold they hold in equity Share in share company That's what i'm talking about The fact that they recently raised two One hundred million dollars in equity Round token no token i mean no When he is buying a token for Smart comes for money but what is It is happening that they are investing Equity so that Well performing company Of course i see michael doing well Sleeping for briefs i think he's sleeping Because it's a saturday i think What is it and also it was a bit I'm looking for our unexpected go Mukesh I see luiz i see vince billion chart Fuchs I see crypto gamer Bassam Alif screaming I see you you saw me is a league Ladies cup welcome people welcome Welcome make sure to rob the light I know where you are from Fabrice Sleep is very different plants Asked where Fabrice is sleeping Fabrice is sleeping this Saturday but it Ok to sleep on sorry i know what Tell me where you are drinking From I know if you are holding xrp Just for fun let's see how many People now take extra piss in chat Let's refresh it we have bitcoin Minus 0

06 percent on web pyramid – plus 016 XRP 327 Speaking of the Devil Doing really well today Top 10 we all have 017 litken Top 10 sideways movement Will you actually see x or p performing If you hold it well congratulations Bag today alex next time you say Please know me for talin man You should know i didn't know That she actually lived there If I had known, I would have told you that I was Watching recently in Tallinn Biggest Winner Web Magic Serum Classic Eternity Golems Solve in Silver Way Here it was strange cryptocurrency Called mini doll which was like top 10 Almost top 10 but it was on a pump and Dump exchanges like you know bad Exchange with not very reliable The data is this Mindel cryptocurrency You saw them guys it's too much Very important in terms of ranking but Now they have a remake of the ranking And put it again for 201 but it was like Top 10 or something close to Top 10 Listing not eligible for general The ranking was exactly Cohen's marking To do something about this coin and Let's check the biggest dumper today The biggest damper we have made it safe Go inside the atom centrality theorem Series This is the life of crypto friends You can lose 30% in one day but you can Also make 50% a day in time Right now maybe it's not Perfectly timed and as always we If you have calibration with bit Check the link below that i need A cool you can sign up and you can get Try by bit for $ 90 free and you can Business you can go long you can go short You can take advantage of 200X but maybe Very careful i mean especially with high In most cases it does not benefit Emotion and you can do it with bitcoin Serum and X RP but please be enough Be careful if you are interested In it and you think you're good That's more people we do Christmas Sale 30% Off at Academy And also you can give academy as a Gift to your loved ones because it The gift will really change their life And as Alex wrote in someone else Before starting chat stream This academy was his best investment 2019 so if we want a good present then this is Academy does not buy any used items Useless that people will forget the next Even at the end of the day and the stream Giving away someone to the academy Who commented yesterday To be learned and you Cheap tomorrow what is you comment Learned, but you have to see the whole Videos and comments are now moving forward Moving on to the first topic of The fact that we are Tim Draper Explain his prediction once again $ 250,000 He has been talking about it for so long And now and then you see him coming Online and understand it and I think The biggest explanation we are seeing right Now the fact that we are moving forward From decade to decade of quantitative Easing into a decade of new paradigms of New possibilities and new patterns and Whenever there are new patterns There are many opportunities many Ways to position yourself in the market And get them out of it Really we should all be happy Paradigms are changing because when You have a pattern that is Can perform very well in terms of you New investment Business in context of new ventures You have the status quo you don't have much Status quo You have already set up winners And the loser when new Patterns are large Change and the whole industry goes The opposite is so much Keeping in mind the vfu, it is important to say Sunday tomorrow i think we will Streaming tomorrow i don't want to Promise you but i think we will I think we are doing that i am Emotional and i'm feeling so Excited this christmas i am too Ready to do Saturday and Sunday and Sunday Just to give you some insight into that I think everyone should think It's the last week along those lines Year means i can do the last thing At least do what i can Try to end it and push a little harder Year on top because that's how i'm thinking Doing weekend streams and i Hope you are thinking this way Similarly when it comes to you Business and your projects Last chance to really make a mark in 2019 But anyway back to the topic We have seen a decade of quantitative easing Very strange events during Interest rates have increased in this decade Negative in eu is negative you Interest rate with ECB right now – 05% is completely insane Some central banks are mind blowing A little worried and they are trying now For example raise interest rates We now have central bank in sweden Interest rates not increased to 0% Like 0% is a big interest rate but it is bigger than Interest rate and then they are very Worried about the fact what we will see Very soon sweden is already recession Germany is slowing down Slowing us down Start in recession and recession The central bank needs you to have some Ammunition is some lever To be able to pull the lever and Rate of interest Of course one of their tools that they can Use when you see a slump They can lower the interest rate and they May encourage economic activity, but we have Amazing times There was a boom in stocks Economy for the last ten years and Interest already during that time Rates were zero and negative in many Parts of the world such as Europe What kind of equipment are they When we see what central banks do Bull market when the real recession Ends and we go to bad times Well no tools no tools at all and So just for example sweden Trying hard to at least lift Interest Rate Slightly Before Recession Really hit but they can reduce it again So they have something during the recession Like space to create and to make space In some recessionary effort to move forward Stimulate the economy is not the ECB In Sweden we do not have Euro then our central bank can do a Bit of their own interest rate though It should be related to the rest Of course they can't go Bananas but at the same time you At least we can understand a little ECB is different than European Central bank because there you still Is negative and you still have a lot Very strong action from the central bank To stimulate the economy and not to Collapsed and they tried artificially To promote it but this is the year anyway This is the decade of QE that we have done Living for the last ten years And it's all about the fact that it's Some strange events and one made Another strange phenomenon is the fact that We have 17 trillion dollars in bonds Trade at negative yields this year This is very big news News during We discussed and investors Basically basically we are willing to pay To pay creditors secured for privilege It's crazy to take your money The whole economy goes completely crazy Upside down you basically get to pay Can you borrow the money I want Borrow it and you will also get paid for it It's crazy to take my money Mad And even Bank of America says it is Bank report not common America said that we enter A

With interest rates over the next decade Five thousand year ups Five thousand years later, when people Says that bitcoin is an experiment It is unbelievable and without scrutiny Check Interest Rates Conventional How unstable and financial system Incredible incredible because last time we Saw something like this was five Thousand years ago and who really knows What happened five thousand Years ago no one knew that i do this The reality is you can say that it is Never happened because if you are Depend on some type of record from 5,000 years ago Maybe they are all wrong and maybe Those records have validity Very rarely can you say that This low interest has never happened Never existed and so until May look like Qi's decade Central bank final expression May have power and influence in the next decade Create the opposite Central bankers disclosed Of course and this is something that is most People don't think about why Most people have social media Attention span does not exceed 24 hours Social media attracted attention Provide up to 24 hours for people to zoom Look outside a little bit more time Changing quickly and although you can Thinking that everything will happen Continue as it has been Last five ten years and it's so easy For you to assume that it will That forever It's not like forever Ray Dalio says that patterns are always changing You often have a new one every decade Pattern is something new dramatic And of course when Tim Draper talks About the fact that we can go to 250 K It means that we are seeing some kind of Whether the pattern will shift 2020 whether it will happen later Not interesting but sooner or later It's very possible in the next decade And it is very important Understand things as art Things will not be forever today Changing and just some history Tim Draper actually bought a lot of bitcoins From silk road when sarkar Seized bitcoins from my silk road April april came and bought from them Government and he invested a lot They invested money in it 19 million or something he invested Let's see what they paid for it Premium and let's see what it says How much did he spend yes he spent 19 Million for They are worth now for 30,000 bitcoins 200 million and he says they are 5 million is very interesting However it is important to note what is When he bought bitcoin he was really lost A lot of money during the first few Months because the bitterness went on Down it was during the bear market Bull market wasn't doing this 2014 when we collapsed with just $ 1,000 And so he kept losing money First month but definitely bull The market came and everything went back and forth To remind you if you are afraid A bear market during a bull market and You think we're going to zero Realized that tim draper was the antonym Five years ago and similar situation You have a long term perspective On it but anyway yes it is The state of events and also Why I agree with Sims rapper is very important Chances are we're going to see 200 300 k In the next as all the next high time Bull run Twenty one twenty one twenty Twenty is the exact moment Difficult to predict but to see Given the stock flow model Power model which we also Discussed and other models that predict Bitcoin based on various properties Based on various basics such as We do mining like an electric model We discussed this earlier To flow like in the week or stock Bases the price Inflation is upon us Facing towards about 250 K So it is an important mark The mind is what we're going to do there is a bit Low high doesn't really matter But it is important to note Time is changing and everything Will not be the same and just a fun fact Increased during the last decade With 9 million% and best investment Nothing is ever closer in this decade From him So until 2010 there are historical Sal and who knows when we are going to see An innovation of this size and This magnitude again maybe it was Because the newness of our lifespan It is the oldest and most disrupted They all have important industries Due to disruption which is financial Industry and of course Bitcoin has seen Very high interest and 9 million percent If one of you has a good rise is a good Bought in 2010 of course, but none really None of us did what i think are here Bought it in 2000 and maybe some You guys are real workers are real There is a whale but you are quiet Generally cool if you bought That you quickly bought people anyway This was the first topic about bitcoin It was about the paradigm shift it was about The fact that we are renaissance Living through the Renaissance and While crypto is being portrayed a lot Dark color in media is exactly like this How traders were painted back day 500 years ago when became a businessman New class which revolutionized our way Business they started traveling The world is doing business with everyone Being banned for a short stay Cultivate and serve their lords as well With crypto it is becoming Global we are having a global currency We are not restricted without borders We are not in our central bank Whatever policies they are restricted to Make and we just create so much value Really catapult like traders Mankind to a completely new Productivity levels and a new Money level similar to krypton What are people anyway Before going to chat we go to xrp And to be honest with you i'm impressed But not with talking with XAR p With the company they are killing it people They are killing it completely The amount of money they are raising At the same time the amount of additional P they are Their sales at the same time The community still supports them it is Honorable to be honest with you XRP army is strong I mean look too Disliked this video 6 dislikes and usually it's not much Common, but I know why it's because I've seen I said 12 billion extra dumped in p The title is with you guys Coordination but anyway what is important Now it's the price of the Ripple Company A 10 billion and it's based on their Brad has the latest race of 200 million Really working hard for him Investors and Adella day is all about Increase the value of equity in Wave then they have raised over 200 million 10 billion valuation exactly What's crazy at the same time Interesting that they have been Quietly dumping on their p Community and although not during Last year they dumped 200 more What is this 260 million 260 million and They are dumped in all three times 12 billion and is done through Automated liquidation is a process Called Automatic Liquidation We Have a Market The manufacturer that quietly sells all the ripples Time and it's a very common thing I mean all coins do what all coins do That some type of a founding company Coin They All Launches Automatically Liquidation you don't read about White paper nobody will tell you They are doing that no one will Really tell people their community We are quietly dumping you guys Notice but we are quietly dumping but Impressive to me what they are doing Able to do so and still number 3 It's the most impressive thing They are still able to be numbers 3 usually a project on coin markup To do this automated liquidation they They disappear from the chart Fully crypto map Completely but these people are Professional so they really have been This is a very smart way of dumping and doing in 1

2 billion completely and that's what Interesting that they are actually Transparent with number i mean Block published these numbers for sale XRP By the wave and so on how much they sold How to Crypto Currency Exchange Vs More they sold to institutions Institutional sales and as you can see Mostly it is on exchange of huge The majority of their sales are Exchanges and so in all he was asked A Brad Goering Garlin CEO of Ripple Luck had asked in the house why do you do it? Need more money they said we need For a more flexible balance sheet Balance sheet flexibility whatever they This means that Larry Ceramak says they Losing equity because they could not dump This year people have enough XRP on this one Massive job but at the same time we need Along with being a little practical, it's just That dumping is not dump at all A theorem look theorem 100 sold Million Look at Top in 2017 Bitcoin they also threw on top Look at everything it's really one Common thing we are looking for in ourselves Industry you have a coin if they don't Opportunity they would probably have to dump Why and why not especially if They can still remain in good coin Multi-cap ranking and one more thing Keep in mind that we are not working Secret currency with securities Markets are not regulated on the same As security markets Meaning that there is a lot of Too much insider trading Whenever you have a good news that pumps Whether a coin is too big Whether the partnership is large Announce that teams That buys right before the team Declaration maybe i mean i can't Say for sure but maybe Nothing will happen because of course Nothing will happen it's not regulated This is not a security this is not a stock Market In the future it probably will Has been regulated but it is not happening yet In the crypto market these are Different things you have to keep in Mind and obviously some people want Listen to it some people don't want to hear This is probably expert PR call me Hey Evan While you are talking about it Completely normal and if you think It's normal and you're fine That great for you but me Just imagine what most people don't know There is no clue that automatic There is no clue that liquidation exists About the magnitude of this automatic Liquidation but if you think XAR P needs 12 billion in sales To develop the product and you Think it will benefit you somehow Finally as a bag holder Amazing, but it's for transparency Show people that right now You should be in ripple equity Where wealth is born where is Real money is born and obviously I Meaning when they get 200 million How do investors think they explain Opportunity because if i am one Investors I need to hear opportunities I need to know what i'll do this Where are they what are your benefits coming from And of course what Brad would do He will pull it out and he will say hey! We sold millions and millions Millions of our tokens on exchanges We are still at number three Number three we are probably going to sell You will be in lakhs next year Is basically a guaranteed revenue Stream here we will manage our situation Multi-cap sales will continue on the coin So hey give us money and give us Equity so that we can also develop So fast just keep everything in mind The situation is how it is and it is Not only does repo mean that if the theorem is also Dumping Vitalik 100 million dump and The light cone is the same, so just keep it inside Mind now on moving on to the next The topic is about a new bill in Congress And it's about the fact that what we're doing See defining proposal Cryptocurrency should be a bit more Definitions and Legal Definitions There are three definitions they are proposing So the first crypto commodity is Economic good or service means another The definition for this is cryptocurrency Example dive is synthetic derivative Resting on the blockchain or centrist Cryptographic ledgers and they can be Digital assets or reserved for it back A smart contract can be a digital asset Like they regulate the bar by a smart Contract and then finally creep Security which is a share in a company or Piece of real estate and all other Things Thanks for Education Evan Cook Told that i must be good while alive Amazing listening wonderful Are you at academy tommy i hope you Because you will learn a lot and you Probably already learned a lot and Before we join the Q&A please Remember that we have a podcast Future put it as a podcast and You can hear it all you can find The link below is on Spotify Apple on SoundCloud on Google Everywhere there is a podcast We are there and put febris Episode as soon as possible and Academy today goes to Vincent Z Commented with our video yesterday The way you guys have seen ben Video with ben tomorrow Absolutely amazing absolutely Wonderful we discussed AI for two hours And I think it's important to understand One if you are in blockchain number one Because blockchain and AI are Really important together you need Add them together and also because I Learned so much and i learned so much New about AI that I didn't know before So pull me this just for you This video is called Entry with Dr Ben GERD Sell Bitcoin AI Singularity Future Check it out for robots and songs See it it's amazing time At least one of the best interviews This quarter at least this quarter but We all have many interests So it's hard to see another one for the time being Simon is a great addiction Simon Dixon and he is a wonderful as well as otherwise also Wilson said that I learned that Ben is Build a forest of technology around AI blockchain opinion blockchain and what that Do not have more He didn't call me a doctor for nothing I see that my IQ is increasing Amazing email contact i won't take That Kombu must be asking you Gaza me and friends to all of you Not using in academy Opportunity Now we have 30% off and You can also give academy and To really increase my intelligence Recommend block number one in 1: 1 learning about teaching Bitcoins in the movie how they work They are important, but also a lot about Of technology in blocks even in a How does one check you mine mining Names really work What is the difficulty in the mind How do hashing work? Work and then programming here and then Be pro i mean it's crazy insanely large academy is now insanely large Chat and you can find the link below What is chat for academy of course Crypto addition is scripted Yoda Oh yeah here crypto yoda what's good Would love to see you cash Circulation recently increased in Sweden Sweets prepared for the global crisis Please tell me how it looks To be honest with you don't recognize it I don't think people are Worried and I don't think there's cash You can't really afford Cash is hard in sweden Most of them are coffee shops Stores are cashless for many For various reasons I mean as a store It's not easy for you master Lots of questions from tax If you deal in cash then the officer Small business owner will be you Tested more rigorously and you will If you still have a more rigorous audit All digital transactions and all in All businesses only like to take Digital payment it is very difficult Spend cash and i don't think people Really worried but they should be me I think they should be, but right now I Don't think to be honest with that at all You have me well into the new AGI in decades Future i hope i can teach you About artificial normalization Intelligence but unfortunately it is not Not yet and single isis yet, but we're This must be done at all times to add syllabus Being able to speed and learn Characteristic that we can add next year Who join today and learn programming From scratch and just to learn the basics But next year we'll be kind Number one and number two of Tejo, you When he is ready to get better The courses you are starting may include Oh instantly that's great Claudia Ivan – Suspended as an account Because it was withdrawing BCC – Wasabi The wallet with the coin is included in any idea I do With art i know yes i know i I don't know what to say To be honest with you because it is When it again banking system Exchanges and of course I comes Understand why they are doing this Because when you are near nance you have All the regulators are watching you Really you can't do what you want Constantly looking at you You are constantly being investigated Constantly being doubted for them There is too much to not follow the regulation Difficult and so they need Follow all these rules and laws and And one of the guidelines and guidance Do they know what you are doing Doing it unfortunately with your money We are watching it with violence Now they are turning into a crypto bank And if you're withdrawing in a wallet That coin has joined and they can see They will ask you why are you? He's doing and what's really yours Let the business pull me real – Shell tweet because i know i tweeted I retweeted someone about this yesterday And they basically shared the experience They needed what they had to do This oh this one yes see this It is a concern of zero team as I wish To withdraw your BTC to your address and Message withdrawn Suspended due to risk management Obviously the transaction was very risky Not too sure what's going to happen Get clarification so they asked a lot We got this as a response please Reviewed from time to time Account and have some questions Regarding your account, we have seen You are coming back – Wasabi Wallet And basically explain to us why you are Clarify the purpose of doing so Withdraw money above – Wasabi Please advise us on the following And provide any supporting documents Why the hell does your current business You need your annual income limit And understand that it is not like sense Who wants to do, i don't think – who Nobody wants to do this But for them to work in Singapore and Do not shut down Means centralized exchanges Are very important and central Change is probably the only way to move forward For us this is the reason Not that Bitcoin is getting Subpoena and it's not like bitcoin Being checked by protocol Officers because you can't Check it there is no way Check anything it's just one Protocol and obviously if they could They had already investigated bitcoin Sent and closed a lot of products The whole thing is as follows Changes keep happening as long as there are exchanges Can be centralized and checked Will follow exchange regulation As much as possible and so are decks Important the way i just saw it We have already taken this greens anyway The stream kept flowing for about an hour So it doesn't matter if you have anything Yes we have it on the private blockchain If you go to the blockchain that's fine Where do i think for business You will have a blockchain business Masterclass here let's see if I can Pull over what we should have Hyper laser yes hi joy and we Explain how it works and we also Apply it so that you know how we show you We have to build our network Is a hyper lecture and induction for it Business is the reason Because it is mostly preferred Corporate settings and this is important To know if you are to work in Blocked business location you don't get one Because Your Customers Will Promotional Relationships You should ask for hyper elizer Here you will know everything about it And what will be the necessary changes Eventually it becomes illegal well Saying that bitcoin will eventually Become illegal So maybe I mean the regulator can Ban biscone but i'm just saying how Do you ban a protocol protocol Language is just a rule set between Computer yes, but can you say that Everyone who uses bitcoin is a criminal Yes you can say that everyone who uses one Dex is a criminal yes but then some Other countries will come together and say Come to us get all your bitcoins Us and we will gladly accept you more Here you can see whatever you want As some countries have a business Business model to take money from other Countries that have no money Feeling comfortable where the money is Being chased by that money Moved to a different The reason is probably a higher tax Environment maybe something else Whatever is really so global And I think the most successful nations are There will be many in the world Welcoming younger people as number one People with a lot of education And a lot of knowledge and money too To allow free money flow whatever Currency you want you want fiat oh Ok you want dollars euro you fine Ok bitcoin you want to use Extra fine they are big Winners of the world who can welcome Talent is the capital of innovation The world and who can be friendly and Welcome and if you see countries As the world that provides Business model so unfortunately my There is speculation that you will not have In the same kind of wealth distribution Terms of countries like us in future There are many in today's time Countries with very generous welfare

Meaning Sweden is one such example but There is still a lot of capital in sweden And the reason is Working so long during the past 100 years because the capital is always Essential workforce you don't have yet Factory without workers then you will There will be people working for you If you have people and are helping you Business that requires you to hire people Maybe they will administer or Sales or marketing is capital then a Workforce needs so that Why you can have money Because it requires capital Particular country they need to be Able to employ people in it Countries in particular but time are Changing because the world is building Global we are faced with more automation We are faced with more digitization Meaning we discussed AI in the last Livestream with Bangart then everyone These things make it so Capital doesn't really need workers As before if you look older Corporation you see big business People who are not really The country where they were born And where their business can start They do because they don't have to In that country and if there are employees Some other countries that have less Employer Tax Less Social Security Burden means they won't go there But it may take another 20-30 years That's why the way you look you do See Andrew Yang so much happening Note because Andrew Yang in America The only person who really talks This is a big problem about this but I don't like his solution Like this ubi solution because that's what Really makes that he really isn't Solution in my mind Will be to attract even more money No more business to draw Redistribution through freebies only Money freedom like freedom dividend The dividend sounds amazing but it is kind But like a socialist perspective Status but instead you will Will try to attract more money but Anyway i really don't want to Deep in that but a good question i Don't really know how we ended up Oh here we start talking about bi'ness And then we had this big pavement Whatever happens it happens but look I too am ready to change my mind It's just that you know me lately Was traveling to Singapore in Hong Kong In Korea you see how global the world is And then come back to Sweden to be careful Sad because it's not Great things happening here It's not like that – stay in it Sweden it – can you be in Singapore Or in Malta or anywhere else you Realize that the world really is Competition between global and Countries are bigger than ever Because each country is actually one Is a platform for trading platform Education Is a platform for business and platforms Like competing with each other That theorem is all those of Tejo Developers are competing for countries Even those platforms that provide benefits but Also you need to pay it Membership must be on that forum Transaction fee in Sweden is the way Transaction fees in Malta exceed If you compare blockchain space Then the transaction fee in Sweden Doing business you will have too much Pay minors too high fees If you want aka do aka Want that crypto analogy then we see Need high throughput low fee low fee Platform for business and there are The whole country is working in that direction Ivan did you really great tank out We no he wasn't he really he wasn't I didn't know that yes, it's a little sad that I Want to be metallic if any Watching it with a serum Foundation i know i almost i almost Ahmed caught in Korea Actually show you this video He got to ask a question, but it was Very brief and yes and let me see To show me that i don't know if You will be able to hear it Yeah ok so sorry to see oops Sound you see this is me this is me This is where Vitalik lets me go If you hear the voice because i'm not Sure you can hear it you should be able to To listen but i'm just asking him one Question Zero velocity anyway he talks about a To indicate the main theorem it added that And then I tried from here to see you Position yourself very strategically Have yourself here and there Getting out so i thought ok ok vitalik Get out i can stop him maybe we can Get an interview but then you have me I think this woman is here He actually intercepted me earlier Could stop italics and it was Like his PR manager or something It was like no one no you can't ask Questions like we would go Email PR @ @ E Theorem Foundation So I Email PR at Athenian Foundation Nothing happened i don't know what i am More people should do so i'd love She has but i'll love her I have done my best I won't even travel to Korea, but yes It's all evan and evan Life will be amazing Yes yes all clothes in dead clothes Who were not there did not know Livestream on mister yes we are Closing the year on an all-time high In terms of productivity and Performance and this tip sorry This is a tip for everyone Some extra passion last week Everything else starts of course What do you think about high performance Blockchain and high pH BPM to be honest I haven't used it with you so i can't Give you any qualified IP feedback Consider that short contracts lensing Insurance this future i will mean It will be a completely future that we Lensing will be all the way In smart contracts and the like Smart contract lensing insurance It means that you are like an insured The lender now you don't have any risk Because it's all collateral You don't even need Insurance but for smart contracts and Lending to be interesting for real Collateral is needed under SMART Contract so I can take a mortgage and I Pay only 15% for my house Are you in europe now or america Just pay a share There will come that i've really got one Article i haven't read it but i will This path is like a path How like path under call t Do you think it calls at rallies Looks let's see under yes This is what i got Read because we are all over now Collateral for taking loans on a diet You need to look like 170 percent The amount you get back But if we need under collateral That is where I will be the big innovation Will pay five hundred dollars to pay Ivan Vitalik on magic mushrooms too Search youtube yet they are funny They are fun ivan do you know how Service i don't, i'm not i'm not really This game is good for me to like Good body control you see i'm a great friend I'm too big a friend to like me Control my body like i am good at lifting Weight i'm good at rowing I was really crying a lot in high School is not like you two are one Great motor skills set in skill Conditions to control your arms and legs And everything like you know your rowing It's easy so i can roll well Good at lifting weights in rowing I'm good swimming too Swimming is amazing but i think Like you don't really need to like Stuff like balancing and surfing I don't know i'll be five It's not that i don't think it's mine It's my body type surfing but everything possible Learning everything is possible Of course, but there II knew you needed Balance and you should know it We don't have to be a little acrobat Like me but maybe i need To try it and to try it is Brie Simon New yes yes yes febris is jamie but He is sleeping i don't see fabris Chat but it's ok because it's saturday So he can make Alex sleep at all Yes yes it is 700 yes it is crazy SMX is performing really well Although it's funny Collateral Collateral Still need people Millions of dollars in Those contracts performed well Thank you jamie big shout you Would be a good gymnast if i Meaning if you spend time you can be good You can be good at anything You look like an interesting surfer Why do we teach that I want to serve oh yes I might in bali Of course i'm going to do this in bali Earring is missing clothes in action It's going to be a great time but it's Have a better time a long time ago Ivan yes it's true i like it Moto upgrade 20 is a must have Upgrade you of course we do You have certification martis gomez Certificates for all courses you take Make a good certificate that you can keep On your wall or you can go and go and Show this to employers of your employees Yes there will need to be one Not without morse renaissance Moors hey man maybe I'm uneducated What do i check about history There is even Moors but see Muslim residents of my group The Iberian Peninsula means that they Traveled a lot and they did a lot Business is what you probably mean Maybe more ok see you guys I won't even have to teach me anything Here if i don't learn you anything now Taught me more about you oh Like a whole channel about moors Your name is Radames ada Mostra adam was more good that you are really good Look like a sunny boy maybe i don't Know that i don't know maybe you You don't get me real perspective Many people think i'm small Amazing that i meet people Conferences they are like hey man i Thought you were 30% of your height and Now you can have 300% of your height I look small here but man i'm not small Ok and maybe you get this notion but Maybe I'm a surfer I don't know That's a good career to chase Ivan do you believe in numerology? Even this word i hate to change check Numerology believe in what i think What is your number and reason Numerology and how all the laws of attraction I know i know love is attraction You always see the same number All your life Special myself No ok none of me It's not good and maybe it works For you and see if it works for you and You will be and you will be able to improve Your life because you think you have Some kind of special number Whatever works for you i have another The only thing is that you know if I Think of something and i keep Thinking and i'm working on it If found, I think II will be You know that god of success is helping me If i just focus on something and i work Every day towards it and myself It is inevitable to think and it is a Obviously due to superstition Anything can happen isn't it Inevitable but i'm just thinking of you Know that the God of this success will make it Indispensable and it really helps me some People have their own religious word But you know the religion of my success Think good all the time Stuff i need and then working Like the law of attraction but like the law Little mess due to charm They only focus on the thinking I remember Watch this film called Gupt and In that movie they were only talking You know what you think about Want and you will find it they forgot Asks you to work every day The thing they forgot, I came the most Are removed as they are removed You distance yourself or moderate Remove, I did not see what you wrote Let's see christine unfortunately Legarda is probably into numerology but Ivan Illuminati might be a well maybe I Mean there are many triangles here If you see you have a triangle for sure Ivan has four letters and one here The van has four wheels and the van has three Letters and triangles are yes Lots of things are really good questions Before we leave It is a matter of numerology that we see Something about bad weather band girls So impress me yes he influenced me Yesterday he impressed me because why Was and you know I like people who are They have an independent perspective An independent view and so I For example he did not agree With Elon Musk or Nick Baustrom Many topics I asked him I liked When he spoke It comes for a lot of things I love what i'm thinking about You know simulation theory that it Didn't agree and only his Experience and insights Different yes in different subjects it was very nice Please refer to singularity pure gas Don't take it as a sign of buying, I mean who Knows how to talk but i You all know you want to tell me Singularity Trap is a great project Buy tokens but no no it's not What am i saying We are talking about oh yeah yeah Yes so i must be zero Tolerance zero tolerance then yes good Band in that sense Man that's obviously so what were we doing saying I don't remember what the man was about Ben yeah i like ben but it's not It's not like that should be Influence your buying decision The charm was written by an attractive Women tend to get what they want I don't know man i don't know man it's me Looks like it's a bit of a bad mindset but Hey whatever works nothing is free now Ok nothing is free and even if you are There are many good looks People who go nowhere so nothing Free is nothing easy in this world Whatever you are and whoever you are His hat is a protected species Know that this token is a protected species Doing well once they come out of the eye Oh oh yeah, let's see, let's see ah Look i'll be careful what you say Someone said that Go can crop videos I know i know this guy Life of an influential person YouTube Life This is Ivan's life otech I'm joking guys thank you very much Thanks for the advice to be here Be sure to be like leo vigna Sure break the bell break right now Says but today is saturday there should Don't be on ivan now i'm late If you're in it won't be late Wire therefore in details and If you join Telegram then check Telegram Will be really cautious when we have Live Stream and I wrote yesterday We are gonna be the one we are Stream but yeah thanks anyway Have a great day and good bye people bye bye bye bye bye

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