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Bioniska ben som styrs av din smartphone – så fungerar det!


Hey! My name is Simon Risberg In my spare time I work as editor for Teknikveckan

com Today we are going to talk about something a bit out of the ordinary When I was born, I was not born like other children I was born with something called dysmelia Which means in broad terms lack of skeleton parts or muscles

In my case, I missed skeleton parts and muscles from the knees down Which resulted that when I was one year old The doctors and my parents decided to amputate my legs Since then I have lived a very, very active life I have never seen any difference between me and people who are "healthy" From 2009 to 2017 I represented Sweden in Alpine Skiing

I have switched between using stubbies and a wheelchair But a few years ago I really decided to start walking In order to make my everyday life, even easier than it already is So I chose to switch over to mechanical legs But now I have finally ended up with bionic legs

What these microprocessors really do for me is That they give like a little push in every footstep I take Which is essential to me who lacks muscles in my lower limbs They have also have an active support function And they interlock in a certain position so I do not have to worry that my knees will bend when I stand still

Another feature they have is That they enable me to walk down the stairs They can also help me walk up and down slopes They have a seating function When I choose to sit down, my knees know where I am

In the air So I slowly but surely can sit down I will not have to use as much energy to walk I do not have to worry when I’m socializing with friends I don't need to worry that I will trip and fall

Or that I will be so overly sweaty Before I got these legs The thing I probably most looked forward to was To in a new way be part of the social conversation Considering the height difference

I'm not very tall but still much taller than I used to be before Which makes it much easier to hear what people say When I was talking before Sometimes people needed to sit down with me to actually hear what I said First of all, when it comes to my everyday life The ones closest to me

Were very happy to see me finally have a chance to do this They are very positive Some even get very huge hopes And think that I can save the world with these legs But the truth is that, like everything else, there is so much training behind this

The reason why more people do not walk with bionic legs Is partly because you really have to prove that you can actually handle them Which requires a very strong perseverance of one as a person And a lot of workouts to train the muscles When it comes to driving

And other activities such as golf, table tennis or whatever it can be There is an app that comes with your legs Which lets me interlock my knees with the help of different modes What is required to walk as natural as possible is to practice every single day Expose yourself to situations which you may feel uncomfortable in

Like walking downhill Walk in stairs Do not be afraid to be soaked by sweat It will be very tough in the beginning Just try to integrate them as natural in everyday life as possible

Somebody might have the question when it comes to shoes "Simon, what size do you have?" The truth is that I have no idea about sizes when it comes to shoes I barely knew how to knit the shoes until last year The truth is that I chose the same size as my parents So I can use their shoes! I think the future of this technology is very bright

It is only now that you actually start to get lower prices, which is of course a good thing Which makes them accessible to more people than before Fortunately, in Sweden, we have public healthcare But with that said, these legs have a juicy price tag Which does, as I said before, mean that you have to prove

That you really want to walk with these legs to get the chance Finally, I want to thank you for listening You can follow me at Teknikveckancom My name is Simon Risberg

Thanks for watching!

Source: Youtube

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