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Big tech companies under fire for potential bias against Conservatives


President Trump hosted a social media summit at the White House today to discuss the potential of bias against conservative voices on platforms like Twitter, Youtube and Facebook Nikole Killion reports from the White House

[TAKE PKG OUTCUE: DURATION:0'00"] (PKG) -nats- President Trump invited Republican leaders and some conservative media organizations to the White House

to hear concerns about so-called 'social media bias' (SOT Trump) Free speech is a bedrock of American life Our constitutional rights must be fiercely protected and I want you to know that we will always have your back

Tech giants, including the heads of Facebook, Twitter, and Google were NOT invitedbut Christian Ziegler, who runs a digital marketing firm was: (SOT Christian Ziegler/ Founder, Microtargeted Media) I've seen a lot of users on the conservative side that's not really outrageous, that's not over the top, but then boom – their entire account gets wiped out Michael Beckerman is President of the Internet Association

a trade group representing big tech companies (SOT Michael Beckerman/President & CEO, Internet Association) There's no bias against conservatives on social media (STANDUP: Nikole Killion CBS News The White House) President Trump has more than 60-million followers on Twitter but he has accused the site of making it hard for supporters to follow him

(GFX) In a tweet Thursdaythe President hinted at possible action against certain social media companies for dishonesty, bias, discrimination and suppressionsaying in part"We will not let them get away with it much longer

" (SOT Michael Beckerman/President & CEO, Internet Association) We're definitely open to working with policy makers on both sides of the aisle to make sure that our platforms are working and growing and serving people in the best way possible Just this weekPresident Trump suffered his own legal loss against Twitter A federal appeals court ruled the President can no longer block people on his twitter feedover statements he does not like Nikole Killion CBS News The White House LOGAN Ironically, Twitter went down 45 minutes before the President's summit was set to begin Big tech companies are already under intense scrutiny from members of Congress over privacy and antitrust concerns

[TAKE VO] According to the New York Times,

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