BEST XIAOMI PHONES (so far) of 2021!

Here are my BEST XIAOMI PHONES (so far) of 2021! What are my top picks of all the Xiaomi phones released so far this year in every segment? And which is …

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  1. It was your videos about the Redmi Note 10Pro that made me decide to buy this… and I don't regret it at all. This has to be greatest all around phone for this year! 😁

  2. In my opinion, the Redmi Note 10 Pro deserves to be crowned The Best Phone of the Year 2021. It has E4 OLED with 120Hz refresh rate, HDR10 and close to 1000 nits brightness. It has great 108MP main camera, 5020mAh battery with 33W inside-the-box charger. Even the design is stunning and the build quality is nice too. The SoC could be better, but I believe that the Snapdragon 732G is still great for daily use and light gaming. As a bonus, it does not consume a lot of power; hence less heat output. Under $300, this is definitely worthy of the title the Best Phone of 2021.

  3. Had to give up on Xiaomi for my next phone. I really wanted an optical telephoto lens in the mid range phone but nothing, so I went with Samsung S20 Fe 5g for $430 renewed. Very happy with my decision been a great phone for the specs and amazing cameras also much better cell network support in the USA. If it wasn't for this phone I was leaning towards the Poco f3.

  4. I'm still waiting for Mi11 Ultra to be released here in Sweden. Xiaomi Sweden says they can't enough copys to Sweden so it might released as late as end of June.. 😡

  5. For me, i will not put the redmi note 10 pro in my radar because my focus is gaming and that itself is not the key feature for the note 10 pro.. maybe i will choose poco X3 pro in the same price range..

  6. My dream phone would definitely be Mi 11 Ultra. But, maybe I just gonna buy either Poco F3 or Redmi Note 10 Pro. Another great video Frankie!

  7. Hey Frankie Nice Video as always!!just wanted to say something so weird is happening here in India…Mi 11 Ultra was launched in India for atleast like 4 weeks…but there is no time for sale yet!!!And there is no official sale day yet!!I've been wanting to get my hands on it but now I don't even know when we will be able to get our hands on it??!!!

  8. Hope you see my comment,,,i really love to watch your videos and how you make reviews on new phones,all i can do is just to watch your videos because i cant afford to buy one,my phone is very poor regarding in specs,hope you can give away phone and i really hope you choose me,cause i really wanted to have a phone which is good in camera because my phone is only 8mp,,hope frankie you give me a phone please,and i will be very grateful for that,actually im from the philippines,,im okay even if its not new,please,,,

  9. Im still using Pocophone f1.. and i think it about time to upgrade for poco f3 but im waiting for poco f3 pro.. got any idea when will it releases…

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  11. The only competition for xioami is xioami itself🔥🔥
    Releasing smartphones in almost every price point😀😀
    Hope they improve ther ui 🙂
    My fav is Redmi note 10 pro because it is 100% value for money
    2nd fav poco f3 aka mi 11x budget flagship ⚡⚡ ultimate specs in 350 euros :)))

    Quality content 👍👍
    ❤️ From 🇮🇳

  12. i'm still holding out on an affordable 256/12GB phone until the end of the year, but the note 10 pro and the F3 are close on my radar.

  13. i wanna buy a new phone .
    i got the Xiami Redmi Note 7 (for 2 years) its not broken but i want a better one.
    budget is around 350 euro

    Wat is the best xiami phone i can buy for that?

    What is better ?

    Poco F3

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro

  14. if only redmi note 10 pro had mediatek 1200,then it would be no brainer to suggest it to anyone,savvy or regular user..i think mtk1200 is much cheaper than sd870,so it was possible to use that from xiaomi in rdmn10pro…that would've bring 5g to this phone as well

  15. Damn not gonna lie. I just saw this video on my youtube homepage today. And 2 days ago on 24th, I ordered Redmi Note 10 Pro and is currently being shipped.
    I didn't expect Frankie would award the same phone I just ordered as "best overall phone".

    Edit: The selling point for me was the 120hz amoled (for the brightness) and the camera. And the SD 732g is not even bad.

  16. My first really good phone was the Mi Max 3, bought it after watching your review.
    Now my most excellent phone is another Frankie Tech favorite.
    Posted my first YouTube video today.
    No editing on my Mate 20 X.
    Drunken garden video episode #1.
    It's your fault lol.

  17. Already been using Redmi Note 10 pro! Even the same color as shown here. So far it was on MIUI 12 but it got MIUI 12.5 update yesterday, so I will get to experience it as it was intended to be felt from now on. Android 12 update will also be available for this device as well, as far as I know.
    For a normal user, I don't know what you would need more to make it feel "a flagship" Android phone. Sure, it is not that in today's market, but where can you tell the difference unless you go out of your way to find it?
    Most users don't play games that push the limits of the phone (not that this one can't run intensive games) but I guess this is where a flagship would show it's stronger processor power. Also some stabilization when taking 4 k videos would be a noticeable difference but most people don't take those kind of videos, I'd imagine.

    It's not just for the value a great phone, for me, it is a great phone.

    I like to be able to replace a phone if I happen to lose it, it got stolen or if, by any chance, I damaged it beyond reasonable repair feasibility. In that case I'd like to be able to say "Ok, it's time to get a new phone!" and that be the end of it. It's a harder thing to do when you phone cost you 700$ or more. This is well beyond most people's walking around money, I'd say.

    The thing I like about the model is the fact it feels like a Note phone with it's sharper edges. So far I used Redmi 7 Note, but it's rounded edges and not that big of a screen in today's phone world didn't make it feel like a Note. This one feels like a Note but without a stylist. I am not someone who misses it as I didn't even use it with a tablet all that much, but if that is something someone really want to identify a Note device with, it would be a missing feature. Interested to see if Redmi series would ever come with a Note that has it in the future. They sure are ready to put stuff in the phone for an affordable price and do it sooner then their competition does. I'd still be the one who opts for a cheaper version if the only downgrade is the stylist, but for people who need it for specific type of work where they need a signature, that could prove to be useful.

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