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the Internet is big really really big and if you want to use it effectively you have to be familiar with search engines googlecom has become the search engine of choice for millions of Internet users there are others and if the past is any guide there will be a better than Google search engine someday but for now Google seems to be the best in this video there are a couple of additional features that Google offers that you might want to check out for those who are new to my channel please subscribe and click to bill icon so you will not miss any of my video updates you are watching TECH SINGH URS

THIS TIPS AND TRICK number one newsgooglecom newsgooglecom comprehensive up-to-date news coverage aggregated from sources all over the world by Google News need a current event forget about the newspaper use the Internet like teenagers do to find stories that are only minutes old number 2 images

googlecom Google Images the most comprehensive image search on the web the best image search engine in the world try finding a picture of something today number 3 googlecom web link those looking to make a purchase which allows users to search for products on online shopping websites and compare prices between different vendors best for shop alcoholic people number 4 googlecom web link Google Finance was a website launched on March 21st 2006 by Google the service featured business and enterprise headlines for many corporations including their finance what to check the stock market try this website for a quick overview best for those interested in share market number 5 mapsgoogle

com looking for an up-to-date map or satellite photo check out these amazingly easy to manipulate maps and photos number six video googlecom google has their own video search engine find an educational video on the internet that you can play for your class number seven youtubecom several years ago Google bought YouTube and now which has become the premier video sharing website on the Internet number eight scholargooglecom another project that Google is working on is to create a more efficient way to search scholarly papers dot get the most out of Google Scholar with some helpful tips on searches email alerts citation export and more number nine books

googlecom this is a great way to jump into some literature check out a book online read some passages and find out where you can buy a copy just try out any of the webpages above to find something find directions for a vacation destination look for educational videos shop for new classroom gadgets check out the news I hope you like this video if yes comment which one helpful to you

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