Best Upcoming Smartphones (2021) | Sony, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei & More

The best new upcoming smartphones of 2021, including flagship mobile phones …

100 thoughts on “Best Upcoming Smartphones (2021) | Sony, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei & More

  1. Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.

  2. Having been using the Sony Xperia 1II for a few days now, I can assure you that the mark 3 will be an awesome phone….. unless they decide to remove the headphone jack, the sd card support, the charger and add a freaking notch or pin hole in the display 🙄

  3. Not gonna lie, I like your videos before I even watch them. That is how much I like your channel. I know I won't be let down! Cheers!

  4. I don't think Realme X9 Pro will come to Europe because last years MediaTek flagship SoCs never made it to Europe. Xiaomi K30 Ultra and Realme X7 Pro remained China only even though Realme said X7 Pro will come to Europe in Q4 2020. Fucking liars.

  5. Personally, I would only go for a google phone. Imagine SD 888 with bigger battery( more optimized like M1 laptop) with 120 Hz refresh screen( 60, 90, 120 and option of adaptive refresh rate). My pixel 4a 5G is so damn good. Also, no phone is worth more than $900( I'm like what all all do you use your phone for lol). I will switch to other brands when google has the power to update other OEMs phones just like microsoft updates laptops. Imagine paying $800+ and get an update 3-4 months later. OEMs can update their personalized features but the whole software control should be google else Android will improve on an arithmetic rate. That's my opinion though.

  6. I have the find X 2pro . Which is a beast love to see the find x3pro against the realme race pro and OnePlus 9 pro cos they have same parent company the BBK so they all using same material and so on

  7. I'm looking forward to the Samsung A52/A72 series, been looking to upgrade and I am looking for a midrange phone with an OLED display and above average cameras, and with the 12MP ultrawide and macro cam that is actually usable, it seems like a great option. Still, gotta wait for the reviews and maybe another company can satisfy my needs! If the Xperia 10 MkIII improves its camera quality, it also could be a great option!

  8. 6:27 – according to GSM arena the Mi 11 has same Nits as S21 ultra! It goes toe to toe in terms of specs and performance with the S21. Sammy does have better USB C 3.1 and better Hz speaker set up but besides that pretty much even steven on paper 🤔! Fuck Samshit!😂🤣

  9. I hate the no headphone jack idea, but I have to admit the xiaomi mi11 is making me think about compromising on that. Let's see what the realme race has!

  10. Am a huge fan of big and bulky phones…but there is no more 16:9 and am still using Moto X4, this year am gonna jump on 21:9. Sony 1 mark 3 would be a best pick…but price will force me to Motorola Edge S.

  11. I'm surprised you didn't cover Vivo's iQOO 7 Pro that's already out (in China) and a few YTubers have already done speed tests against the Mi 11 and S21 (SD888 version), iPhone 12 Pro Max and it is currently the fastest phone (benchmark wise) of all current SD888 Android phones. I know benchmarks aren't everything but it's a very nice phone across the board and available now for under $800USD (12GB RAM+256GB Storage variant). If the Realme Race Pro doesn't prove to be better than the iQOO 7 Pro then that's easily my phone for 2021. Also iQOO 7 Pro's UI is slick as hell, a bit of a rip off of iOS 14 but just looks really polished.

  12. Now that a certain orange skinned EX president has been removed from power, and a new one put in. I have been wondering if the ban on Huawei will be removed. If so I think they will once again become popular…

  13. I know upcoming smartphones iare all the rage at any given time. I have noticed though, that every phone older than 6 months seems to stay at its release price (if not higher) with shops seemingly not taking new stock. How come no-one talks about it? A few years back if a series released a new phone, the older one was severely discounted. now its seems that the old phone has not been in any stock except 5 stores all over the world, and by the time the new one comes out its still expensive as hell. This past year I noticed that the cheapest you can find a phone is a couple of months after its release.

  14. Im more on the cheap side, and theres talks of samsungs a52 coming out this year, i think you should include it in another video if u decide to do a part 2 or something

  15. Devices I'm so excited for the
    – Google pixel 6 ( I wish they use sd888) and they go full beast mode without compromises like how they did with the pixel 5

    -Xperia 5 mark 3
    -OPPO find x3 pro

  16. How did u feel about the oppo X2 pro just brought this after reviewing and reviewing hours about the phone well I love it if the X3 launches may swap if any better .

  17. Every time a new OnePlus phone comes out the company says they know their cameras haven't been the best but this time it's going to be different. Change the broken record, OnePlus! Speaking as a three-time OP owner.

  18. I can renew my contract April 2nd. What is the best choice out of these phones?

    – Oppo Find X3 Pro
    – Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (Exynos, I live in Europe)
    – OnePlus 9 Pro
    – iPhone 12 Pro Max

    I want to choose 1 out of these.

  19. i dont want stupid specs like 160hz refresh rate or 12 gigs of ram, just give me good dual front facing speakers! a nice 3x telephoto zoom with good hybrid zoom from 10-20x for better portrait than a 5x periscope zoom, a wide angle that doubles as a macro and if depth sensors do anything for low light performance, better autofocus. how long will it take to get something so basic instead of always avoiding those basic things and trying to find silly things to upcharge us like reverse wireless charging, how stupid

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