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BEST Tech of 2019 – YOUTUBER Edition ft @Marques Brownlee, @iJustine, @Austin Evans + More


– What's up, guys? Saf here on SuperSaf TV and this is the best of the best part two A lot of you guys will know that towards the end of each year, I do a huge SuperSaf style collaboration and invite all my friends to share with us what their favorite piece of tech of the year has been

This is actually the fifth year running we've been doing this series so a thumbs-up for that would be appreciated And there's already been a part one of this video, which is currently live That is the best smartphones of the year I'm going to be linking that video in the cards and in the description but hold up, hold up Don't go there just yet

You can watch this video first and then you can watch that one In this video, we're going to be looking at tech, not including smart phones And this should make things a lot more interesting and give us more of a variety of products So to kick things off, what's my favorite piece of tech of 2019? Well, it was a tough one, but I think it's got to be the Tesla Model 3 Now I know it came out last year officially but it came out here in the UK this year

And I was fortunate enough to actually drive it on the frozen sea in Finland And I absolutely fell in love with it All of the tech that's inside it and I've pre-ordered one and that's going to be my car going forward Up until the Cybertruck comes because as soon as that comes then goodbye Tesla Model 3

I'm going straight to the Cybertruck and that's me Let's see what the others have to say – My favorite non-smartphone piece of tech this year is actually smaller than an iPhone This is the DJI Mavic Mini So this is my favorite piece of tech for a few reasons

Number one, you can put prop guards on it and you can fly it incredibly fast indoors What's important about this drone is the weight It weighs 249 grams which means you don't have to register it with the FAA Because this thing is so small and compact, there is no reason that I will ever leave a drone at home – What's up, guys? This is Faisal Alsaif on SuperSaf TV

When it comes to my favorite tech of the year 2019, it's going to be a shocker for most of you I'm talking about something that I saw in CES, early 2019 I was really looking for that piece of tech and owning one Lucky enough, I bought one, I brought it, I tried it, I tested it, it's really nice I'm talking about the Acer Predator Thronos

It's just a piece of tech that you like and love and you can live with I know that I can spend hours and days on it I can binge game on it as much as I want I so far spent like 10 minutes on it Well, there's more in 2020 to catch up on that

Thronos, it's just a waste of money so far – Hey, my sexy people Colonel Singala here This time, I'm going to be talking about my favorite piece of technology this year Now, while all you people are talking about headphones, phones, AirPods, all that stuff

I'm going to talk about 8K, Samsung 8K TV He's the best, he makes me look like I'm 70 years younger I'm sorry my age is 25, but it makes me look like I had 25 on the screen It's very sharp, good pixels everywhere When you watch movie, it's like real life, yes

It's like real jungle warfare Anyway, I'm telling you that's the best TV and the best piece of tech this year, Samsung 8K Thank you Saf (energetic electronic music) I look sexy in 8K – My favorite piece of tech from 2019 and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that's going to say this

It debuted and then was dead not that far later, but the Bose sleepbuds I'm somebody who struggles with insomnia, I'm a light sleeper Bose announced these sleepbuds actually towards the end of 2018, I bought them in 2019 They go right inside of your ear, they sit flush and they pipe out white noise They've been amazing, they've helped me sleep

They've changed the way I travel I love them I adore them, but because they're so small, they don't charge that well The battery doesn't last that long, and Bose essentially just pulled the plug on the whole thing And offering refunds, I'm sad Trying to find a couple more pairs I can buy online, and just sort of squirrel them away

I don't think there will ever be gen two But if you are a bad sleeper, you're a light sleeper Go to eBay, go somewhere and find a pair of those Bose sleepbuds, you're not going to be disappointed – Hey what's up guys, Austin Evans for SuperSaf TV here And my favorite gadget of the year is the Nintendo Switch Lite

No yeah, I know you can look at it and say it's not as good as the standard Switch But what you're getting here something which is significantly cheaper It still plays pretty much all the Switch games You got the super vibrant colors, the smaller form factor I mean as far as I'm concerned, this is the best handheld pretty much pure that you can buy right now

Well I guess the normal Switch is pretty good but that's, it's not yellow, so – What's up guys this is Jenna Ezarik on SuperSaf TV And my favorite piece of tech from 2019 That's a really hard question because it's been such an incredible year But, I have to say it is a camera and that would be the Sony A7R IV

61 megapixels, the buttons feel incredible It's just been one of my favorite things that came out of this year So I'm going to have to say it's a camera Although I'm really enjoying my Apple Watch as well But I'm going to say the camera

– What's up guys David TheUnlockr for SuperSaf TV And my favorite tech of 2019, is the Tesla Cybertruck Despite it's unconventional look, it's a super capable all-electric pickup truck that has an unprecedented range, power, and features for the same price as the boring old F-150 And it uses no gas, whatsoever Even if you don't like it, you have to admit it'll shake up the automotive industry, forever

– Hey guys it's MrQ from Raqami TV on SuperSaf TV Thank you so much Saf for having me on your special edition program You asked me to choose my favorite tech for 2019 And it was a hard one

So after thinking and thinking and thinking, I almost chose the Switch Lite I love that little device, it's super portable But, I wanted to choose something that was more closer to my heart So I almost chose the Lumix G9 But, I didn't choose that because it wasn't a 2019 device

I ended up choosing the Sony RX100 VII, let me tell you why So it only took them seven tries to give us a microphone input But, I went on the record by saying that if they did give us one, it would be the ultimate compact camera And they went ahead and gave us one, so now I have to say it it's the ultimate compact camera So go ahead and add that little Sony grip that you go ahead and record

And also use it as a stand, add a SmallRig as well Plus an external microphone and you're good to go All right guys, so that was my selection for the 2019 favorite tech, thank you so much Saf – What is up guys this is Ashwin from C4ETech on SuperSafTV My favorite non-smartphone piece of tech for this year

Okay, I'm going to stretch it a little bit It's got to be my Harley Davidson Street 750 I've enjoyed riding this one, I love it coming from my seven-year-old Ninja 250R I wanted something with a riding position that's a little less aggressive And the Street 750 fit the bill

It's been great, that said I've clocked in very few kilometers as of now Sadly, got (mumbles) and an hour later I was at the hospital I had to get admitted for an emergency appendectomy So I can't really wait to take it out for longer rides So anyway, that's my pick for the year And thanks as always for having me Saf

– What's up YouTube this is Jaime Rivera from Pocketnow here on SuperSaf TV Favorite non-smartphone product of 2019 is a hard pick There were so many great ones so I'm going to narrow it down to two I can't believe that I'm awarding AirPods Pro as one of my favorites I mean I have so many over-the-ear headphones for travel

I'm on a plane every week, and the noise cancellation here is actually as epic as Apple says it is And yet the convenience of AirPods I hated the first generation so much and these are such a dramatic improvement The second would be the Microsoft Surface Pro X I don't know, I wanted to love iPadOS 13 with the whole improvements that you now have

Full-blown Safari desktop browsing But it's actually not as good as Apple says it is It turns out that, well for a very similar price you can get the Surface Pro X Full-blown Windows, always connected LTE, I love this thing This has become my new favorite PC right now

That's just me, thanks so much for having me Saf – Hey what's up guys MKBHD on SuperSaf TV My favorite piece of tech during the year for 2019 I'm going to sort of stretch this one a little bit Cause I don't even have it yet, but I kind of know already

It's the Mac Pro And, see I have a very strange workflow where I'm constantly using 8K RED raw footage It's an unusual amount of work that pretty much no computer handles correctly So I'm just happy that Apple is refreshing the Mac Pro Fingers crossed I don't regret saying this and it turns out to be bad

Mac Pro – So there we have it guys that is the best of the best part two What has been your favorite piece of tech of 2019? Definitely drop that in the comments below I want to say huge thank you to all of my friends for getting involved once again I'm going to be linking to all of their channels in the description below, do go ahead and check them out

It's been such an awesome, awesome year for tech and it's going to be an even better year for tech next year in 2020 If you want to see lots of coverage as well as collaborations in the coming year Then be sure to subscribe to this channel and hit that bell icon so you don't miss any of it I hope you enjoy this video and found it useful If you did, then do hit that thumbs-up for me

As I mentioned, there has been a part one of this video The best smartphones of the year Do go ahead and check that out I'll leave that link in the description below Thanks for watching, Saf on SuperSaf TV

And i'll see you next time (energetic electronic music)

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