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    so, friends which lens you are seeing now Is this lens can make your smartphone into a DSLR? Is Your Smartphone Can Take DSLR Like Photos After Using These Lenses? Or It Can not take DSLR Like Photos? And Today I Will Give You A Full Review Of Theses Lenses How is the Quality of these Lenses? And I will also tell you its price Everything about these Lenses and Its Detailed Review And I will also show you the Quality of these Lenses I will show you Video Samples and Photo Samples after using these lenses Here you can see 3 lenses one is wide-angle, second is Macro, and third is Fish Eye Lens Here Fish Eye Lens Can Take Pictures and Videos in 180 Degree And These Lenses are Manufactured by Victsing Company And this is the first video where I am going to Unbox and review of these three lenses of Victaging Company There is no video on youtube of these Lenses of Victsing Company, it is the first video of a Product of Victaging Company After seeing the Quality of these lenses I Wondered! Because I had bought and used so many Smartphone Camera lenses in this Price Range but I did not get the quality like this One If you Watch the Full Video then you can Understand why I Wondered after watching the Quality of these Lenses And Friends this is the Macro Lens Okey this is the 10X Macro Lens Okey And now I will show you the Wide-Angle lens And friends this is the Wide Angle Lens 0

    65X You have you attach this Wide Angle Lens with the Macro Lens then It Works You have to attach like this And then The Wide Angle Lens Works Properly And If you Detach these two lenses then you can use this Macro Lens And You Can Not Use this lens like a Wide Angle Lens Without Attaching With Macro Lens This One Becomes Useless Without The Macro Lens And If you want to click Photos or Videos with the Wide Angle lens then you have attached Macro Lens with This And So, Friends, Welcome once again to my Chanel I am Beddyuti SarKar and You are Watching "Beddyuti SrKr" And In this video, I am going to give you the detailed review of these three lenses with Quality test and the Price You see these lenses, I have told you before about these three lenses Fish Eye, Macro Lens, and the Wide Angle Lens And its Price is 300 INR Here0 in the Market, So many Lenses are available in this Price Range But after some research, I Choose this one to Buy I Purchased it I wished to buy under 200 INR But Under 200 INR, I Used a lens Before But I did not get the quality So, I Purchased Under 300 INR and I try this one I Wondered

    I am not lying You watch this video till end, then you can understand why I wonder after seeing the quality of this lens And in this video, I will also tell you that this lens is good or bad for Vlogging, Photography, Videography, YouTube Videos, How Quality You will get after using these Lenses How Quality you will get if you do Mobile Photography or Videography and Vlogging You can make a youtube video with the wide-angle or fisheye lens where you have to capture a big area or you can take group selfies you can cover a big area If you are visiting A hill station or hilly areas you can capture 180-degree area so let start the video So, now this video is recording from Smartphone camera Without any lens and this is recording from the back camera of the phone And Now you can see the area everything is covered this is from the fish Eye Lens Now you can see the background and me

    this is recording from the Mobile camera without the lens and now 3 3 1 start so, friends, this is recording from the smartphone camera after using the Wide-Angle lens But, Fish Eye Lens Captures more area than the Wide-angle Lens Fish Eye Lens Is Soo God for Photography you can see at the end of this video and you can use this wide-angle lens for vlogging I will show you the photo samples in this video Now, you can see this video after using Macro Lens see the Quality of the Macro Lens if you bought these lenses then you will not lose your money it worth I tell you before that I am surprised after seeing the quality of videos now see the video without the lens now see the Quality without the lens after using lens now friends this video I am recording after using Fish Eye Lens okay Its Covering total 180 Degree see that if you use this for vlogging then the quality is like this and now this is the Wide Angle Lens it can not cover 180 degrees but it will capture more area than a normal phone or lens it is your choice that which Lens is better for Vlogging Wide-Angle or Fish Eye Lens for Vlogging and this is without any Lens see the Lens is in my hand and now it just the phone Camera Now you can see that the frame is So Small than these Lenses its not covering more area But when I attach these lenses with the Phone Camera then it captures a Huge Area see the video for more Detail so, friends here you will get 2 Lens guard in the box to protect the Lenses from Scratches one for Fish Eye Lens and one is for Wide-angle and Macro Lens Because you attach Macro and the Wide-angle Lens

    and, also you will get two Clip one clip is extra you will get all these things in a box and if you want to buy then, yes from my side you can buy these Lenses without any tension because i love the quality of these Lenses you can see that it captures a big area

    and now this video is getting dark because we are shooting this video in the evening and I love the Macro Lens especially and now I will show you the Pictures Sample in the last of this video

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