Best Phones Under £300 (Early 2021) | Top 10 Budget Choices

Reviewing the best budget Android smartphones that cost under £300 in early 2021, offering the most competitive camera tech, greatest gaming performance, longest battery life and beyond. We’ve got 5G handsets, photo pros, the lot. I’ve tested all of these ‘cheap’ phones personally, and you can check out my in-depth reviews …

100 thoughts on “Best Phones Under £300 (Early 2021) | Top 10 Budget Choices

  1. Hi, I always watch your videos before I buy a phone I trust you know all about phones. I'm a granny so my criteria is a great camera to take photos of the kiddies, which one of these would be best for me do you think? Many thanks. X

  2. Great video!
    If you're watching mid-March the OnePlus Nord N10 is down from £330 to £250 (plus a pair of wireless earbuds), incase you want a sub £300 phone

  3. I really want a new phone that DOESN'T have a stupid glass back. Has an AMOLED screen. Big screen. Good camera that shoots 4K video with image stabalization. My budget is £250 to £350. What should i get?

  4. My redmi note 9 normal (not pro)let's me listen to music using the charging port using the type c to 3.5 jack I have for another phone but I suppose they used the same hardware as the pro but it won't play at the same time but as soon as I unplug the 3.5 earphone jack it instantly plays through the charging port a bonus just in case the earphone socket broke I suppose

  5. Thanks for these great videos. It's so hard to pick a phone with there being so many available and for those of us that don't have time to spend hours researching, your videos are great!

  6. Im living in a dam hotel at 18 being payed $7.25 an hour barely enough to survive. Its fucked up phones are ovepriced as fuck when they shouldnt cost more then $300 including taxes. Most flagships are manufactured for $199.

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  8. Thank you for the suggestions, I went for the Realme X50 5G, I'm using the nova launcher and so fast it's fast and lasts. Step up from Xiaomi 5s and even Galaxy S9.

  9. the poco x3 is an amazing phone you cant or will struggle to find a phone better then it at its price rang how ever the reason why it is so cheap is because it actually shows ads on things like the play store i think its called where if you download something it might add a step that doesnt need to be there just to show you an ad how ever take all this with a grain of salt this is just from a couple other videos i have seen on it

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  11. I bought the Redmi note 8t and after 6 months and the MIUI 12 update it's laggy and the battery barely lasts 2/3rds of a day 😞😞
    I'll give you another chance and buy another of your recommendations and spend more money this time 🧐 but if it doesn't do the job and history repeats itself I'm blocking you 🧐

  12. Out of the first three; which one do you think is best in general and then best for someone who wants to use their phone for taking photos and videos? I'd really appreciate your advice! Also, great video 😁

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