Best Motorola Smartphones (2021) | Plus, Power, Play, Edge & More

Reviewing the best Motorola Moto smartphones as we hit 2021, comparing …

48 thoughts on “Best Motorola Smartphones (2021) | Plus, Power, Play, Edge & More

  1. Personal experience here, have been using moto z play since 2017 and it works just fine even untill now. I've dropped it countless times and it only got a small crack on the top edge. Battery is a bit drained easily but other than that is in near perfect condition. Definitely gonna buy another Motorola. Very recommended.

  2. great stuff bud. tell us what we need to do to run our phone as our home pc with tv as monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse… I feel like I can optimize and run all that I need threw my phone with the basic web browsing, bill paying, video editing, social media running applications all via my mobile phone.

  3. I really don't recommend motorola edge unless you're committed to possibly having to change it after a few days, they have serious display problem, I got one and the display started dying after only 10 days, it started turning green…

  4. Have changed from iPhone to Motorola g 8 power and and now g5 g plus…well impressed.Got the Motorola bug…Jog on iPhone u fur coat no knickers brand,Ive seen the light and not in a fairy dust and dream catchers way!!..keep up the reviews and in the words of master P, Keep, keeping it real……..

  5. I had enough of all factory customized android from know & on looking for stock Android (AndroidOne). &the straw that breaks the camel's back is the EMUI suppressing apps notification that doesn't used regularly!. Stock Android means first & regular updates, the most practical, stable version you can get. fast & sleek looking!

  6. I just bought this phone, a Moto 5G Power, and so far it is fast and easy to use. I looked for some videos on it and found you. I collapsed on the starfish comment 😂 Thank you!!

  7. I won't buy Motorola anymore. Bought all the phones between Moto G to Moto G5, they were all good. After that Moto started to fall. Moto is directionless now. They have no idea how to run business like redmi.

  8. Just ordered the G9 Plus for under €200, so t has to be under £200 now as well. Seemed like the best option to me in the price range with stock Android.

  9. Who in the hell wants suround sound on a phone? Very annoying. Now smart sound would be a good idea so I don't have to keep turning my volume up and down

  10. Am I the only one disappointed in my moto g7 power Android 10 update messing up my signal and VoLTE? Net won't connect when on a call. Signal don't work in half the areas it did. Battery drains bad as it constantly searches for signal.

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