Best Moto Budget Phones 2021: Moto G Play, G Power, G Stylus, Motorola One Ace 5G!

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43 thoughts on “Best Moto Budget Phones 2021: Moto G Play, G Power, G Stylus, Motorola One Ace 5G!

  1. Don't bother with Motorola – not because their phones are bad – I have Motorola G8 Plus – and its great, the problem with their phone as mentioned by one of the comment before me – is the fact that Motorola provides one major Android update followed by six months of updates! Also want to mention that before the Motorola G8 Plus, I had G5, followed by G6 Play! Guess what, same story!

  2. Great to put a face to your disembodied voice from the podcast!

    Also pleased to see some time given to cheaper devices like these Moto's, the most sold phones around the world are often lower end, so it's good to see how they perform for the cost, cheers 🙂

  3. It's nice that you can find content like this because there are consumers who are looking at budget over features for whatever reason. I am not one of those but I see a fair share of motorola phones throughout my day at the doctors office. For political correctness I won't elaborate on the type of demographic that carry those phones. It's a valuable tool to be able research these devices for those who are looking to save money.

  4. These would all be worthy upgrades from the 2019 G7 Play & G7 Power with Android OS 9, but not any of 2020's G Fast G Power G Stylus, because they don't come with Android OS 11 out of the box (make that happen Motorola and you will seal the deal!)

  5. If you're in the market in buying this years Moto G Play and G Power, DON'T! Get last years 2020 models (G Fast and G Power), they have better specs and are cheaper.

  6. You can get 108mp cameras , Snapdragon 750G , 120hz , 5000mah , etc under 300usd in India.
    Buy it , Flash Pixel experience or lineage os or havoc os rom adn install Gcam. Good to go. Don't need moto shits.

  7. Motorola makes telecommunication equipment it doesn't make smartphones anymore, Lenovo does using the brand name Motorola Mobility. Google should have never sold the Motorola Mobility brand to a Chinese company they should have kept it American.

  8. Was hoping to see more of the Moto One line on here, not just one of them… I have the Moto stylis. No battery doesn't last that long. It's slow. The stylis falls out all the time – I've now actually lost it. The camera is meh. Looking to upgrade pronto, this one just doesn't do it for me.

  9. I like my 2020 Moto G Power – HD resolution, 4 g ram, 64 g storage … and the big battery. One comment: most reviews I have watched don’t understand the need for the 2 MP camera. Let me give an example of how I find it useful: anytime I’m trying to read fine print on say, a power supply, to see what the specs are to know if it’s compatible or any place where there is fine print, the two megapixel camera brings it in nice and clear, where as the 48 megapixel camera can never accurately focus on something that close.

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