Best Cell Phones [March + April 2021]

David and David tell you about the best cell phones of …

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  1. I just got a samsung A21s to replace a dodgy huawei and it has no signal. I switch the new sim over to huaewi full bars. On Samsung 1 bar if I'm lucky. When I sent screencaps as proof they said the protective cover is blocking it. Wtf? If you're in a rural area dont go there. Woeful. Touch screen doesn't work either. Last update included better touch screen performance so they are well aware of the issues. Don't buy Samsung!

  2. Nope, hard pass on the S20 and S21… 5G phones are pretty much overpriced for what it is… You can absolutely swing like a champ on a 4G Samsung… dpi is life if you're a photographer but other than that I'd wait the price drop on the 5G phones… regardless how throttled the 4G phones are…

  3. Fellas, pleeeeeeze, what are the best phones for someone who just wants a PHONE, and could not care less about cameras, etc. Ok, I would like to run google maps, gps, etc. but that's just about all I care about, no games, no apps, no bs……

  4. Hi guys I’ve got a question.
    How can I fix the black pictures in my photos app? I tried everything on interntet but nothing worked out for me. Maybe you guys can help me?

  5. Hello u have great content for apple, but i love big samsung phones note 10 plus . Can u please show tip things to cut to protect my phone if not ill be bidding u good bye
    Thanks Snuupp here

  6. As an Apple products consumer since 1983, I'm pretty well baked in. Even so, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has been the largest disappointment in my entire 37-years with Apple. iOS has been horrible for the last 12 months. Screen freeze with the iPhone keypad, iMessages, and Contacts. Likewise, the battery life on the 12 max will not get me through a day without charging. Heck, at my age I don't use it like some younger folks, so that's another hit against Apple design. I'm not the only one, but when I asked others for their opinion, they say it's OK they can live with it. I'm shocked at the acceptance of mediocrity when it comes to Apple. I plan to order the pixel 5, so I can have something that works. I'll keep the iPhone to retain the ecosystem to see if the Pixel 5 can better suit my needs. All of the fancy sculptured aluminum and glass doesn't do much for me if the product doesn't work as I expect.

  7. I am addicted to your channel, great content. Also I got the iPhone 12 mini last week and its the best phone I ever used. For people worried about the battery life on the mini, put your worries aside, will easily last you a whole day on regular usage. But if you are a heavy user – get the 20W type C apple charging adapter and BOOM, charges pretty faaaaaaaast on the go! So don't obsess over the battery life, 12 mini is magic.

  8. Something I don’t get it is regarding on IPhone 12, also others you tubers are making bad reviews about the IPhone 12 according to you guys is the best of the list and I am still not sure if get it or not 😂

  9. Iphone 12 pro or whatever it's called the nice one I don't know what anyone could like about it feels like a super cheap plastic also the video quality compares to a 300 dollar samsung phone I don't get how anyone could say it's worth it unless your one of the anything apple makes is perfect peaple

  10. Good video but a small correction

    The S20 used a full gorilla glass 6 back which was a fingerprint magnet

    The S21 actually uses glastic , or Samsung's glass and plastic hybrid

  11. Guys, what's your recommendation?
    I wanna have a good price performance. Mainly it's the camera, design, and battery capacity / charging time.
    I am keen to invest some money, but as I said : price performance.

    I had an huawei p20 pro because of the camera. I was thinking about the Samsung s20..

    I am from Germany and gonna go back in the end of this year, so obviously has to work over there as well😅

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