Best Budget 5G Smartphones (Summer 2021) | Top 13 Reviewed!

Reviews of the best budget smartphones with 5G connectivity in summer 2021, including the greatest camera phones, impressive gaming devices, and serious specs for a low price. From the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite and 10T Lite, to the Oppo A74, Realme 8 5G and Moto G50. These are my favourite budget-friendly …

87 thoughts on “Best Budget 5G Smartphones (Summer 2021) | Top 13 Reviewed!

  1. Great vid. We're looking at getting my daughter her "first phone" as she's off to big school this year and we don't want anything too extravagant. I'm leaning towards the Samsung A52 more than anything. Would you recommend?

  2. Six months with the Mi10t lite and I'm starting to feel comfy with it. Regularly running the battery down after an alleged 10-11 hours use. The screen still leaves me frustrated. It has to be turned right up to match the brightness of older phones I've owned.. It also develops a yellow glare unless looking at it directly when you're watching YouTube etc in artificial light.

  3. Hey guys. Did anyone used DotOS on their phone? I'm interested in it but it is not yet availabe for Poco F3. I'm using Pixel Experience ROM downloaded from xda developers site and it's full of bugs.

  4. Would love a Xiaomi but they don't seem to have any repair centers in Australia which has probably got something to do with them getting banned selling phones In retail stores .

  5. As a Oppo A54 5G owner, I highly recommend it! It's snappy and has all the future proof features you would want for normal usage.
    Also Chris, please keep using the anime wallpapers and anime videos to test the screens! I love seeing if I can name all the shows you show lol!

  6. Speaking coach: You can some mildly offensive words to show assertiveness at work.

    Chris of Techspurt: I got it. I will generously sprinkle (80%) cuss words in my talk. 😜

  7. No one knows a blower on a budget like you Chrisco, you the 5G king there in pommy land. Mate will Sammy be releasing the galaxy A72 with a 5G version?

  8. It's not 5G but I think the Nova 5T is probably one of the most under rated budget phones costing less than £300.

    I got it for £250 after my S10 smashed (damn those curved screens!) and it's a great phone.

  9. ANY TIPS? I am looking for a smartphone that is around 6 inches, has a good camera, nfc, costs no more then £200 and 3 years of updates. I do not care much about the battery life, 5G or gaming specs. Much appriciated

  10. And what is 5G smarts? Dont know why anyone would want a 5G phone & why anyone would play games on a phone when you should use phones only when needed.

  11. Great videos man, thanks for the info, just wondering, where could you pick up a pixel 4a 5g for 399 pounds, did they drop the price in america as well? Have a great week, thanks

  12. Those nice people at Xiaomi have the Poco F3 6Gb / 128Gb version on their website Tuesday 8th of June 2021 (some videos stay live for a long time so need to be very specific re dates) for £279. Given the specs does that raise any interest or is it just me?

  13. Thx for this. Own a 4a5g since a few days. The 3a has a good camera as well but the 4a5g is extraordinary. I'm very pleased with this device.

  14. Got no 5g singal in cambridge cheers bought a n10 for 200 anyway but I don't like it compared to smaller a41 now thinking probly get 4a 5g but less is more maybe fuck china

  15. HMD NOKIA is in big trouble! They have released 6 new budget models this year, but they are all so bad and over priced that they can't make it to any Best Of Budget smartphones list. Their most expensive model Nokia X20 is like a bad joke: SD480 means no 4K video recording, mediocre lcd screen 60hz, 5mp ultrawide lens, 220g heavy yet plastic, huge bezels, no charger included, and it will cost you 400+€ with charger and it will loose the game to many Motorola models and even more almost 10 much better yet cheaper Xiaomi phones. I'm sad for Nokia their comeback started quite well but no it's like a free fall and goodbye we lost because they stopped trying, lazy thinking that the name will sell. Well it don't anymore. No cheers then from me here in Nokia🇫🇮Finland.

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