Best Android Smartphone So Far in 2021? (Pros and Cons)

In today’s video I’ll share with you the best Android smartphone …

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  1. I've been using my S21 Ultra since it came out. I love the display, sound quality, camera and of course battery life. The only thing I don't like is the length. Mahirap minsan ibulsa lalo na nag momotor ka kailangan ilagay sa bag.

  2. Gusto ko yung lick it and taste it hahaha… bigla akong napa sad nung narining ko na nagiinit kapag matagal na gamit ang camera.. but all in all.. this is a good phone.. thanks for sharing sir carlo!

  3. Maganda din talaga samsung ngayon aside from iPhone. Best high end android to. Lalo ko nagustuhan tong S21 ultra nung napanuod ko yung isang tech review na mas maganda ang stabilization ng cam ng S21 ultra kesa iphone 12 pro max sa pag take ng videos pero lamang parin iphone sa photography hahaha. Kung may pera lang ako bibili din ako nyan HAHAHAHAHA

  4. haysttt….nakuntento na lang ako sa panonood ng mga review sa mga cellphone,hinde ko talaga mabilibili..huhuhu..pero thank you atleast may mga idea at natutunan ako..hehe

  5. Bulok talaga systema na PLDT, masmatagal pa ako nangungulit ng fibr ugrade kesa sa tagal na pag subscribe ko sa channel ni carlo ople…… Sunod sunod na yung pagkakabit ng fibr d2 sa lugar namin, yung converge nag kabit pa sa tapat namnin ng fibr cable, nakaraang araw lang sunod sunod yung pldt technician na dumadaan lugar namin, ni isa walang kumakatok sa bahay namin……. Yung last ko na request, nung feb. 1, na recieve yung bill namin na biglang tumaas, kahit wala pang inaayos at di pa dumadating yung kasama sa package ng upgrade umasa naman kami kasi na makakabitan na kami ng fibr kasi nadagdagan na yung bill namin….. , pinag hintay hanggang last week ng feb, para sabihing di raw kami makakabitan kasi raw hindi available ang facility. MASMABILIS PA ANG SINGILAN KESA SA KABITAN, ALMOST 4 YEARS NA NANGUNGULIT NG UPGRADE PERO HANGGANG NGAYUN WALA PARING PAGBABAGO,

  6. Also a bummer was the removal of the micro sd card. But overall, great great experience with this phone, comming from S20+. Exynos is getting better. But snapdragon is still superior tho.

  7. I think the most important thing to look out for when buying a samsung phone is if you're a heavy gamer. The exynos chips throttles a lot in heavy runtime of applications and will lag on continuous gaming. Check the test of mrwhosetheboss. If you want to fully enjoy this phone, you have to find one in the greymarket to get the SD version. If you're not gaming on the phone or will be running heavy applications then by all means go for the local version. Personally I hated the exynos chip and will not be buying that again. What a huge waste of money and Samsung personnel on their stores will even lie to you that it's better for gaming.

  8. If it's not powered by Snapdragon, then we don't want it. If you bought the phone simply because it has "amazing" specs, then clearly you don't know anything about specs. One thing is for sure, Exynos is garbage.

  9. Im torn when it comes to performance sir Carlo. Because here sa Pinas, we get the Exynos variant of the S21 lineup and every Samsung flagship in general. Sa North America, Korea and maybe Europe(not sure), they get the Snapdragon version. And most reviews only cover the Snapdragon version by top YouTube tech reviewers. So there is some misconception when it comes to that to be honest.

    And regards to the charger: blame Apple and their "environmental" reasoning.
    Samsung followed suit, and now Xiaomi as well.
    Btw, the charger came as a freebie on the pre-order as well.

  10. if you compare the s20 ultra and s21 ultra, they are more or less the same. Furthermore, the s21 series removed the external SD card, which is a hassle for heavy users. Lastly, the s20 series has a more premium feel compared to the s21 at a lower price. Therefore, the s20 is still a better buy.

  11. I live in Canada, pansin ko lang tuwing may bagong labas ang Samsung yung mga TelCos dito naglalabas ng update ( Mandatory btw, auto install ) para pabagalin yung mga predecessor flagships, I change my phone every 2 years, this is No coincidence, napansin ko yan 6 straight years na, at least with Rogers, the biggest telco here. Ewan ko kung kakuntsaba rin nila Samsung but it's ridiculous, parang gusto ko n bumalik sa Rooting para walang sakit ng ulo 🙄

  12. OMG 😱 80k for a temporary smartphone?? 😳 Mobile phone models change almost every year so it is very impractical to dive into this 5G super smartphone trend. I'd rather buy a very fast super smart tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ with 5G, large screen and also with almost all of the features of the S21 Ultra for only 65k price. For me, it would be impractical to spend 15k more to compensate for a better camera, what 15k??!! Consumers must be well aware of this money draining scheme of hot gadget trends.

  13. Yes I want to upgrade my phone but not sure. Yet cause of the prices. But the storage space.? Would it need additional purchase of space like iphone.?

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