Best Android Phones of 2021 (So Far)!

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In this roundup, Tshaka helps you decide which Android device you should consider upgrading to, if you need to upgrade RIGHT NOW. At the end, he gives you his list of phones you should hold out for if you’re not …

9 thoughts on “Best Android Phones of 2021 (So Far)!

  1. How is the nord n10 future proof when it comes with android 10 and it will only even get one software update… Keep in mind we are almost on Android 11 meaning this phone will never be up to date of you buy it.

  2. Hi. Thanks for your video.
    I wanted to upgrade my s10 5g 256gb that i had for 18 months now. But after watching this i just decided to keep it. All the "new" features on new phones are actually so reiterative comparing to almost 2 years ago.

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