Best Android Phones – Early 2021

Buy Galaxy S21 Ultra: Galaxy S20 FE:

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  1. Tbh, I take issue with the way some of these tech review site talk about the price of phone. Nobody ever talks about Samsung excellent trade in value. I could probably trade in my note 10+ and get about 600 off a new Samsung phone. Tat kind of defeats the purpose of buying a fan edition phone.

  2. Galaxy S21 Ultra cameras are absolutely rubbish for the price. Camera quality on all lenses turns out a mushy mess,I returned mine. Horrible mushy quality,poor details,some over exposure,over sharpened main and 3x zoom and soft 10x zoom. Plus horrid purple lens flare. Really not worth the price at all

  3. The galaxy s21 ultra is a lot better than galaxy S20 Ultra because it has upgraded and improved hardware which is the difference, the difference is big, the galaxy s21 ultra has another hour of battery life than galaxy S20 Ultra with its same 5000mAh battery capacity, if you want better battery life, get the galaxy s21 ultra and avoid galaxy S20 Ultra, now!

  4. Why is s21plus not talked a lot? I really don't get it why it's not recommended a lot and not a good buy. Its bigger but not as expensive as the ultra and also has a bigger battery. It should be talked a lot and should be recommended too

  5. Blah, I'll put LG's flagship against any of these (LG V60 ThinQ 5G). Also, it's about the only one left that has a proper headphone jack, and micro SD. Screen, Camera, battery, etc. is on par with the top phones out there as well. Heck, you can even get it with a case that has a second, identical screen as well (which is very useful for many applications, joystick screen for gaming, second screen shopping, video meeting while taking notes, etc.). And, it is not even worthy of a mention here? Well, that is just not a credible review in my book.

  6. I got the Pixel 4A 5G for only a fraction more than 4A.

    I tested it against Samsung S21+ and it beats it hands down for regular scenarios and lacks terribly in zooming capabilities! (But who is zooming eh?)

    Best bang for the buck!

  7. All phones are the same these days. Only different phones are the z fold 2, z flip, Motorola razor and LG wing. If you don't buy one of these then doesn't matter what phone you buy.

  8. I wish some of the specs, or pros/cons mentioned were shared for each phone, not just one or the other. You mentioned android updates through 2023 for the pixel 4a but not for the others. You mentioned SD card slot for the Galaxy FE but not others. Great low light camera performance for the S21 Ultra but not others.

  9. Pixel 5 sucks. I'm watching this video right now to find a new phone to replace my daily driver Google Pixel 5.
    I have every Google phone since they started making them. I currently own every Google pixel XL device one through four so naturally I got the five but no XL was a big no no. Can't stand this small laggy piece of crap pixel 5. It's junk. Save ur money. Maybe the Pixel 6 XL will be worth it. I'm hoping anyway.
    Pixel 5 does have good battery life I will say that. But then again maybe mine lasts so long because I never use it. I have to carry two phones around because I use my Pixel 3 XL for media everyday at work since I hate my Pixel 5 which is my actual phone.

  10. A warning to those considering onePlus: the camera is VERY unreliable. Look up how many have issues with camera failures. You get page after page. My 5t camera failed almost month after the warranty expired. Makes me wonder if this was deliberate. Again, this seems to happen more with onePlus than any android OS phones out there.

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