Behold The $2000 Samsung Galaxy Fold

Is the Samsung Galaxy Fold the …

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  1. Apple will make one because Samsung just opened a door that says "here's a product and it starts at $2k". No way they're gonna miss that

  2. 2nd gen won’t even be worth it. The technology is just not there yet. I don’t see this taking off for at least another 3 to 5 years. Plus the Huawei Mate X is much nicer and looks way better built.

  3. I'm my opinion the concept phone galaxy X has a way better design and without the crease marks in the center of the phone. Not only that but it has 3 full usable screens, unlike the fold's tiny front screen. I'll wait for the 3rd Gen and a better consumer price of $800-900 max. I refuse to pay $1k for any phone unless it offers a full functional tablet/2-1 pc power of a i7-7700HQ, 32GB Ram, 1TB SSD, NVidia GeForce GTX 1050, windows, 4k HD.
    Think about it everyone and their kids has a phone now a days with an average cost per line of $45, why should we pay that much for a phone line and pay about an average of $900 for a mobile phone. I say enough is enough. All carriers should not charge more than $25 per line for unlimited everything and no more than $500 per phone device. Unless that phone is 24k gold solid gold. Just an opinion.

  4. It's more in Canada, and I'm still gonna get it. I've been waiting for something like this forever. I hated having to set up 2 separate devices, 1 tablet and 1 phone. I am REALLY intrigued at the Huawei Mate X though. But Samsung is starting to have its own ecosystem now too. I love the tall skinny design. I think Samsung dropped the ball with the notch on the inside. You could almost feel the audiences disappointment when they saw the notch. The only thing holding Huawei back compared to Samsung is the controversy surrounding Huawei as a brand. It's the reason I would go for the Fold over the Mate X. What do you have on you all the time…. your phone. Making it more versatile… hell yeah.

  5. Tbh, I'd use it just to make it into a damn Kindle. I'd use it for reading. Although, it doesn't matter what you use it for, but the thickness of the phone when its folded is the biggest draw-back. Doesn't matter who you are, or what you like, no one enjoys having a phone that is extremely thick on one side, while being the polar opposite on the other.

  6. Thanks to this video nobody will buy it as they will wait for the next but there won’t be a next one because people listened to your video and thought I’m not buying that il wait

  7. It has been a LONG time since a Cell Phone was just a phone !! Now they are REALLY trying to expand it to a portable Laptop that makes phone calls !! Damn…you can buy a Laptop and a Cell cheaper than buying that thing !!

  8. I like us, it's the first foldable table the doubles and it is fitted in a wallet or in a backpack for that was thought, Apple's tables do not fit anywhere 👎

  9. I think the worst thing about the foldable device that Samsung has developed is that you loose the s pen, the note was designed to be a bigger screen to have the pen, loosing the pen on a foldable larger surface makes little to no sense to me especially when the artists and all the people that would want that extra space most likely if they have a samsung product own a note for on the go productivity. I still feel like it is a great idea but has been poorly executed in a tasteful way. If I was going to buy any foldable phone the render of the razer4 that makes it go back to something small is where it is at for me, as far as a foldable device goes. If it is full size and I loose the pen I would not purchase the Samsung's foldable model, but if I could save all that pocket space but still have a full display I would be willing to ditch the pen.

  10. I would rather that Apple goes in the direction of using foldable technology to make our existing phone form factor fold. Like a "flip smart phone". Can you imagine? Just getting all of you notifications on a small screen on the front and then just flip your phone like the old days but now it's a smartphone.

  11. I would be willing to bet that Apple is spending a ton of cash on R&D to try and come up with a new display technology. Sourcing components from your main competitors is not a long term business strategy. If one day Samsung decides that their shareholders would be better served by cutting out a revenue source that directly benefits Apple, they will stop signing new contracts.

  12. Samsung is trying to come off as “futuristic” and “unique” when in reality this is honestly just trash. I don’t see the point tbh. It’s also over $2,000 when you can get both a phone and a tablet for a cheaper price. 🤦‍♂️

  13. I think I prefer Huawei Mate X…Why have two screens when u can have just one…and use whole screen…
    If there is another fold we will have 10 inch tablet and 6.5 inch phone..
    Unfolding should not be a necessity to watch video…samsung makes the phone unusable for normal screen watching while folded…
    Certainly not worth…

  14. I could see myself getting this type of product in 5 years. Maybe 4. I say this as that's how far me, and my friends generally are behind the bleeding edge, and we are pretty damn with the new as far as techh goes, but I am not even looking at getting a vr until now, years after the tech first hit the market in a big form with the oculus and I didn't have a smartphone until I got a used samsung s4

  15. $1980? ?? USD damn bro ….its means HKD $ 15543 ?? But that was for USA not in asia here is asia expensive then us…like iphone…we r buying expensive then us like xr 64,128,256…HKD $ 6499,6899,7799 ..better i will buy 2 iphone…..

  16. Hey LOO~ You got it all wrong~ Does any pro youtubers notice where Samsung is going with this folding phone? The folding phone is not the ultimate goal for samsung competition with Huawei. The ultimate goal for developement of folding phone is to create folding tablets and laptops combination with 5g. And also, main goal to competition against LG with ROLLABLE phone coming next year. LG already have rollable tv which will come in small phone factor in 2020.

  17. 5G service is already out in korea. folding laptops and tablets interacting with all appliances at home is ultimate goal here we have to focused on

  18. some problems that we have with screen last few days among tech youtubers are already expected when we develop something new in the market. However, knowing that the screen is made out of plastic which is very fragile against change in weather is the most concerning part. Take this phone to cold places like siberia russia will crack the screen. Also, dramatic changes in weather(hot & cold) will create moisture under the screen which will effect hinges and screen.

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