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Beat Your Smartphone Addiction With Easy Tips From The Author Of How To Break Up With Your Phone


We are welcoming, of course, the author of How to Break Up With Your Phone, Catherine Price and the lovely Mally Roncal And I should say, breaking up with your phone; don't freak out everybody

It's not about dumping your phone, it's about a healthy relationship So, Mally did an extreme thing of 48 hours, total break I don't normally recommend you start with that The first thing I recommend, is that you actually start just by catching yourself when you are reaching for your phone because you can't change a habit if you don't even recognize that you having or engaging the habit to begin with Correct, Yeah

So this is not a mistake I brought this hot pink little band as a way for you to begin to pay more attention when you go home Because today's; cliche, the first day of your new relationship That's true So what I want you to do is take your phone and put the band around it

You could do this with a rubber band too And the idea here is that when you go to automatically reach for your phone and you don't even know how it got in your hand, it's a zombie check You're like, why is there a hair band? And then you think oh, I reached for my phone, do I want to be doing that right now? And if you say yeah, I actually really want to post this to Instagram whatever you're doing [Rachel] It's a sensory thing Yeah

Yeah, It like jolts you off autopilot So that's number one, just do something to jolt yourself off autopilot I'm gonna take this off just so that we can see what we're doing here But the other thing that you can do is change your lock screen image to something that will actually remind you Wow! Yeah and this There ya go

You can get these There free at phonebreakupcom I made these and a lot of people have been using them, which is pretty cool That's really effective

Yeah (applause) What for? Why Now? What else? And that's like But you know in the second question though, the why now is important because it can be emotional Like you can That's right A lot of us check our phones for emotional reasons Right

Definitely Do you feel liked by all of your friends? Yes The world itself at that moment Exactly Do you need affirmation Yeah Are you upset and your looking; it's like your candy or whatever Yes More like a slot machine That's so true

Yeah Yeah It is,it's like a roulette machine Yeah Every time you look at it, you got one more chance to be at the cool kid table

Well to win, Right To win a prize, which is like 'likes' on social media So Wow! They really are like slot machines, but It's very addictive behavior Isn't that weird you think of it like that? Yes and that's why I don't like hearing any of it Ohhhh (laughs) I know its

But we love you I love you and I am at the cool kid table right now So everything's okay (applause) Just one more for the road Yeah

These are all great Give one more biggie for the road So, one more, is that notifications Notifications are on your phone for the app maker, not for you, they're there to steal your attention from you So, what I always recommend to people is that you go into your settings

Sorry for Android users, this is a iPhone And you go into the settings and you have an option for notifications Turn as many as you can, off I actually recommend starting with basically nothing Nothing but text messages and phone calls

What you decide and then working back up And through this all, remember, you're not trying to punish yourself You're trying to give yourself a gift It's not about less time on your phone It's about more time in your life

More time in your life More! (applause) You're still real Yeah You're real people Yaay! Great segment Thank you for that

Do we have enough for the whole class of this? I believe we do? We do, actually Everybody gets to go home with a book of there own (applause) Thank you (applause)

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