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Avenevv: Event Tech Show Asia Pacific 2019 | Virtual Live Tour


Hi everyone, I am Aaron I am one of the Directors of Event Tech Show We are very happy to be here We are very honoured to have so many supporters so far We have just finished our 2 panel discussions today So if in case you have missed any of the panel discussions You can just feel free to catch back on the Live Stream that is provided by our ESP xMedia partner Then you can catch up all of the interesting insights on the event industry and then you won't miss anything Okay so let's go ahead and get started So this is actually the registration area where it is powered by PouchNATION So what you basically do is you actually go to the individual booth And then, you will collect the a strip of wristband that actually enables you to be RFID-identified so in this process they just simply tap this and then help the attendee to wear it and then they can proceed with the registration So once this registration is done, we can proceed inwards Once you proceed inwards, and that is the check-in zone So, here we have the check in zone and And together here, we have Vien Vien is the other Director of the Event Tech Show so currently, let us know more about why did we come about this idea of Event Tech Show? Why did we do this? So ourselves, as Avenevv, came up with the idea of the Event Tech Show because we ourselves as an event technology company but basically finding a platform for us to reach out to event enthusiasts across APAC is really challenging so basically one day we just came up with this idea Why not we just create an event for event technology ourselves and definitely then came the idea of Event Tech Show So with this Event Tech Show, the concept that we hope to promote is more on The Living lab Concept So basically later when you come inside, you can see all of the event technology come to life and really experience into this immersive zone of how the different event technology comes into play Have fun So just now we had the example of PouchNATION Thanks Vien again So we are very honoured today to have around 25 exhibitors As well as more than 1000 signups for our event So let's get started Let's go in So this is the check-in zone Where we simply scan the wristband that we just got Then off you go and enter the event now So first, we start off with this zone This zone is called The Experiential Zone – Buffer Zone So what we have here is how we conceptualised the idea of Someone, being known as Mr Avenevv, came upon this idea of Event Tech Show through this adventure we get to be able to experience and discover these new things where collaboration through event tech industry can achieve greater things at greater heights So let's begin So this is actually the map directory Showing all the 25 different exhibitors that we have so ranging from Live Streaming photo booths, venues, software companies as well as all kinds of other technology related partners Later, we will go and visit them one-by-one Meanwhile, in the process here we have the stats So these are some very interesting event stats that are brought to you by Eventbrite as well as content And get to see some of the interesting spending as well as the amount of the investment that normally companies put in for corporate events Different genres of events take up a great proportion of the whole event industry Next up we have the Information Booth So at the Information Booth, basically, you get to introduce yourselves to the network and meet app engagement through an app which is called Actigage As well as the other one is the Menti where we can answer a simple question to understand What is the difficulty in Venue Searching So moving on here, once we enter this zone we have a few ways Either you go up to experience different venue spaces where you can link up with other attendees during the event Or we can go straight ahead to the Stage Area where you can see all the Live Demonstrations going on So what is Live Demo about is Basically it is just trying to provide a more inclusive platform where people get to showcase their new technology And in front, we have the Audience Seats that currently we can see that people are really listening attentively So to continue, we shall visit our first exhibitor – ESP xMedia So this is ESP xMedia You can see on the screen it is actually me talking live real-time And this is the proud owner of ESP xMedia – Dr

Tham Dr Tham, give us a quick introduction about what ESP xMedia is about ESP xMedia is actually a Global Cloud Video Platform We have architected it from ground-up linking all the way to input capture, and code, and stream to the cloud Content management, user management, access control and global delivery including client feedback on the web and mobile applications This is really really amazing because normally live streaming has to go through multiple platforms, multiple channels and multiple processes So how do you manage to do it, Dr Tham? Why is this possible? We have cumulatively over 60 man-years of deep technologies particularly looking to video codec, streaming and playback delivery I see I see so what are some exciting projects that you are currently working on? and we have deployed the global video platform and launching a new platform to go beyond a traditional incumbent live streaming solution So that people can actually create what we call a live multi-camera multi-location and actionable webcasting which means that the user becomes the camera director They can choose the way they want to view it they want to choose different layouts and the producer can engage, interact with the viewers through live host survey everything within the player itself That is really really cool That brings up next level interaction for live streaming Instead of purely watching now you get to interact as well as giving more ideas on how to better enhance your experience in the live stream Yes, beyond the interaction, engagement we also build in the monetisation part whereby people can actually watch then they can actually purchase right inside the video player That is so cool Thank you very much Dr Tham Once again, it is a very quick introduction about the setup They manage to pull it off this simple setup within today and then all the live streaming processes are already ongoing Thanks to their partner as well they are working closely with Spring Forest Studio Yes, next up we will go to the second booth Spring Forest Hi this is Michael Hello! Michael, give us a quick introduction about Spring Forest Studio Spring Forest Studio is actually a multi-cam live streaming specialist We do multi-cam streaming for activities like concerts, seminars townhalls, webinars, sports, e-sports These are all that we actually do Wow this is actually a lot a wide range of videography and activities So what are you doing so far, during this live event? We are actually doing the mixing retrieving from the different cameras updating the Powerpoint and we are working hand-in-hand with ESP xMedia so that on this end he is able to deliver the live streaming to the public to view Yes, so it is real-time and everyone gets to see and experience what is it like to be able to experience this whole exhibition without being here physically And that is the point of this Virtual Live Tour as well Thank you very much Michael and thank you very much Dr Tham Next up, we will go to the next booth We will learn something special about photo booth So this is Ubersnap founder, Boon Chin So give us a quick introduction of what is Ubersnap about What is so special about Ubersnap? Ubersnap is the world’s first GIF photo booth with holographic prints I think this is a little bit dark you may want to go a bit further So this is what a holographic print is So what we do Okay, go further behind Yes, now it is perfect What we do is we take a GIF of our guests and we printed it out into this It is instant and it is very interactive It is instant so we can print one of these in about 20 to 30 seconds so you can print 150 prints per hour super quick That is really really fast So how many photos did you manage to capture today so far I think we have done maybe close to 50 I am not really really sure That is great that is great Maybe that builds up the database for facial recognition next time Yes it might Anything cool that you are currently launching from Ubersnap? Yea actually we are launched this just this week It is very new This is the latest and greatest version of our photo booth So what we have here is the most advanced photo booth in the world It is the only photo booth with so many features that is packed into something that is so beautifully designed, so compact but because it is so small you can fit it into any event can even fit in Yes it is almost my height Yes it is almost your height Really really compact Super compact and we are in retail spaces as well Maybe in Zouk you can have a photobooth like this very easily Yes So yes we are excited to be introducing this at this Event Tech Show first time it is being revealed to the public That is great and I believe that the audience are very excited to use it as well Thanks Boon Chin! Thank you Next up, we have the venue sponsor of this very very event – Event Tech Show So we have Zouk So this is the Zouk's booth and this is Caryn Caryn, give us a very quick understanding about what Zouk is about So basically, Zouk – one of the best nightclubs in Asia in the night time Best nightclub! But in the day time, because the venue is not being utilised we do not want to leave it to waste so we rented out to events like we have tech shows here we have conferences like today, we have got an exhibition you can have Dinner and Dances, product launches so we got 3 rooms and this is just one of it So tell us more about the other 3 rooms as well so how are they being utilised So basically Zouk can fit up to about 1,700 people Today, this room that you see over here is Zouk and Phuture combined It can fit up to 2,400 pax while Phuture alone can fit up to about 500 And upstairs, you have Capital that can fit about 550 pax That is very good I heard that there is a new outlet being launched in KL Oh yes in Genting Highlands we just launched it actually Our official launch was last week It is Zouk Genting Highlands That one is really amazing So if you have any events or if you are going to Malaysia, just let me know and I will direct you to someone there That is amazing, thank you alot! Thank you so much Next up, we have Ignite VR Actually on Avenevv side We actually provided Zouk this curation booklet This is something that we are trying to help our venues We try to provide an understanding of the floor plan introduce standard ideas that are really helpful for event planners as well as to plan roughly, how can this event be quickly executed So all these things can be our hard work from our curation team We are actually putting in the ideas as well as collaborating with our venues as well as any possible vendors to actually put these price items, these package ideas happening together So next up, we have Ignite VR Hi this is Roy So Roy is the founder of Ignite VR So give us a quick understanding of what Ignite VR is about Ignite VR, we are a Virtual Reality Events company So we do a lot of Virtual Reality events at events such as exhibitions, roadshows, carnivals, festivals whatever event if you want to have a virtual reality booth over there just look for us and we will create something for you something that is very memorable and people will go home with a smile

What is the one of coolest virtual realities that your team managed to pull off that actually made something unimaginable happened before? I think there is a content that we are showcasing today at the event It is called Food Fight It is a virtual reality food fight experience where family or maybe just friends of 4 can come together and they can play a game where they throw food at each other and it is a very short game that is very optimised for events that we do it Can we try it out here? Yea of course of course you can try it out So it is something like this so they are just throwing food at each other Because this game is done in-house something special about it is you can customise the food so that it can look like something maybe your clients want to change it into something So that instead fruits only you can include Yes so for example maybe a brand like Old Chang Kee or maybe another maybe also food brand we can scan their food and we can put it inside No wonder the sushi is inside Yes that is so cool So that is something special that we are offering in-house content This content is really optimised for like large crowds We have done like 100 people in an hour for this game So we believe that there is no other games that we had in our lives that can actually beat that record It becomes like a fruits fight that came true Wow that is really amazing Anything else new that you have recently launched We have another game that is a Golf Game upcoming So I think actually that is mostly more suitable for the corporate culture where the older crowds are at It is the rise in e-sports that I believe is really the trend that people are heading for Thanks alot for giving us this opportunity to come forward Thank you very much Thanks again Roy Next up, we will go to our very very own Avenevv booth So when we come to Avenevv booth Let's meet with Evey here to share with us what is Avenevv about Hello everyone Avenevv is a Software-as-a-Service platform that connects venues and event planners so venues can showcase their unique spaces on our platform and event planners can select these spaces for their events and then we want to go one step further by enabling both parties to be able to close the deal on the platform via a series of processes like quote generation, payment, feedback after delivery So maybe let me showcase to you of the features we have in order to deliver to our early venues That is great So what are the highlights that we have for event planners is the kind of visualisation that we provide for each of the spaces So our team at Avenevv has worked really hard with different venue partners to make sure that we have a set of media assets that presents the space in different contexts and showcase the best value the venue can present and this will help the event planners to have a more basic understanding of how the venue looks like and whether it is suitable for their needs The highlight of our platform is the process that we put in place to help the management of the booking over here So for event planners if they select a series of spaces they can actually do comparison then see for themselves which space stands out the most We have also put in a series of automation to enable event planners to act upon seeing Mass actions So for example, mass request for quote or mass request for physical visit So one request can be sent to multiple venues For the venue side, on the other hand Once they receive requests from different event planners they can also automate the quote issuance quote generation and quote issuance to event planners and the payment on the platform We accept a very wide range of payment methods of credit card payment, bank transfer And upon receiving the payment venue manager can also generate the invoice and receipt very easily So overall this is the value proposition that we have for both venues, as well as event planners on the platform Thank you Evey This really sums up the whole end-to-end process that we are trying to achieve throughout one single platform So far this unique platform is really really hard to build because it took us 1 year to fully understand many many kinds of venues with different kinds of policies coming together So this is a really very interesting platform that we are trying to get out This really helps event planners to be able to save time and improve your productivity We cannot guarantee that we get all the venues but we are trying to get all, as many venues as we can So we have our Avenevv booth You can get to see the attendees trying out at the booth There are also people understanding what are the special features that we currently have inclusive of just now what we have shared just now Mass actions that we have We also have a comprehensive decision-making process As well as the overall design of the whole system is meant to be as B2B as possible Because after all there is a number of platforms there are in the market that are already B2C-oriented What we are trying to achieve is trying to create a niche of the market that is trying to target the B2B sector to help corporate and professional event planners with better processes in terms of getting quotes, getting schedules finalising their bookings So all in all, we are very pleased to have so many visitors and participants who are interested in our booth and then next, we will move out During this process, we are actually very honoured to have over 70 plus listings on our platform currently live So one of the venues that is currently with us is InterContinental Let's go and check out on them Hello, we have with us Skye Skye is from InterContinental Hotel Yes you were saying Tell us about InterContinental What does your client like about InterContinental Hotel the most? So InterContinental Robertson Quay being a new hotel in the scene It is only one and a half year and what they like about us is being an international, very young, contemporary luxury hotel So as you are being an international hotel We are very very honoured to have InterContinental being listed with us at Avenevv Thank you for having us So tell us something new that you are trying to launch as a package Well we have a lot of things in the pipeline But what we want to share today with you is our spaces on Level 1, Level 4 and Level 10 and 12 So Level 1 we actually have new restaurants Marcello as well as Publico Restaurante serving international and Italian delicacies Other than just serving the food in the restaurants We do have private events over there as well Level 4 we have 3 spaces the first one can fit up to 40 guests for a cluster seating the other one can fit up to I will say 60 guests for a small board room meeting in The Study Thank you a lot Skye Hope that you had a fun event today Thank you for having us here Thank you again Next up, we have Arcc Spaces So we have here Arcc Spaces, inclusive of the Co So we have here Sally So tell us about that does the client likes about your venue the most? I think beyond just offering a space We are also a co-working operator Apart from having an actual physical space what we bring to the clients is the community So for events right it is very important to have a community that is supporting the event as well So on our own end, as event partner, as venue partner We also put in our own marketing for the events that our clients are having It is kind of fun With the community, you build a bigger and bigger community and we bring in different multiple talents together Yes exactly And that is the unique thing about the Co right That is right And Arcc Spaces now Yes thank you Any new initiative that you are currently launching from your side? Collective Series Yes we are having our Collective Series It is a series of events that is specially created for our members We bring in speakers that will value-add to, not just the employees but also the company as a whole Because we host a lot of startups and SMEs They can benefit from a wide range of topics from marketing to technology, to financial services as well So if you are interested to join us, you can come and signup for our Collective Series We are always looking for speakers Thank you so much Sally for your time Thank you Next up we will move on to the next booth Here we have City Serviced Offices So may I know your name please? May May and Jean So May and Jean, currently you are hosting the booth for City Serviced Offices Tell us, what does your client like about City Serviced Offices the most? Okay we cater to our clients' needs So we can tailor-make cost-efficient packages for them We can set up meeting rooms based on their needs as well For example, if they need like a bigger board room style and such we can tailor-make it for them That is amazing Because aligned with Avenevv, we are very very trying to be B2B oriented And we are really privileged to have City Serviced Offices to be partner with us as a venue partner and therefore we really get to experience some great venues and spaces Very flexible meeting rooms Very flexible co-working spaces that is actually offered by City Serviced Offices Any new initiative that is currently reaching that is really exciting or something that we can look forward to? Well yea it is just promotion from time to time We cater to clients for event spaces so we tailor-make the different packages for them Amazing The flexibility and the customisation and the professionalism offered by CSO is really something that we are very privileged to work with Thank you very much May and Jean Next up we have is Ashley Ashley is from A Poke Theory Look at the interesting and very very delicious food that we managed to publish Ashley, tell us, do people like your space more or the food more? That is a challenging question The food So tell us, what is so interesting about the food Long story short, poke is from Hawaii and it is marinated with sashimi We are serving healthy bowls and we are championing the healthy food concept nowadays Come check us out we have 6 outlets in Singapore now Amazing and the new outlet is really really nice Yes and we do events at the new outlet as well So check us out We really look forward to it Any new menu that you are constantly pushing out and you think that we definitely need to give it a try? Yes yes we just added the Acai bowls to our menu It is very good It is a nice afternoon snack So now you have poke, healthy snack for a peace of mind and chillax Thank you very much Ashley Thank you Next up we will move on to Events Partner So Events Partner is a large company that offers a wide range of furniture So here we have Yes to this is Benny So tell us, what does your client like the most about Events Partner's furniture? We are professional in rental service We do conferences, events We do exhibitions Event like this setup Even we can sit down now and have a quick chat It is really convenient here So tell us what kinds of event that normally hosts actually engages Events Partner to actually provide these kinds of services How do they use these furniture to make it more interesting for their events? So a lot of fanciful furniture Fanciful Illuminated Illuminated furniture This is all our new model new model furniture Wow it is my privilege to get to sit on it and try it out without even paying anything Thank so much for sharing with us Thank you thank you Anything can look for us also Can yes So we can really see a wide variety of your furniture really offered by Events Partner And thanks to them, our event is really possible by them sponsoring some of the furniture for us as well So you can see there are different colour versions, there are different styles and that suits different corporate events as well We will proceed forward then Next up, we have Wildfire Entertainment So here we have Chelsea Chelsea, tell us about Wildfire Entertainment What kind of entertainment do you provide We provide tech-integrated performances for events Our specialty is taking new technologies and figuring out a way to integrate it with live action and put it up for an event opening performance for gala dinner or road show, conferences, product launches pretty much anytime you need entertainment we can provide a really cool performance that works to your objective That is really really cool Tell us about one of the recent performances that you managed to pull off that really wow-ed all of your audience Okay so a brand new performance that we just launched last month We call it "Many Voices One Team" It is really cool because it actually makes your event goers into the performers So they come and they record a little piece of a song a little segment and the recording will be just great You can put up branding, you can like They can hashtag away get them really involved in the creation of the performance and then we take their video and audio clips we make them sound amazing Definitely and we put together essentially a big viral video that we can show at the end of the event So it is team-building It is a performance Engaging It is engaging It is emerging It is interative Overall – all into one Really inclusive Not only the performers, but all of the audience will get to be part of the performance Exactly That is really really cool Thank you so much Wildfire Thank you We look forward to your performance later Oh yea absolutely bye Next up we have Flavorgator So Flavorgator, tell us what Flavorgator is about Henry Flavorgator was helping event organisers anyone in Food & Beverage understand consumer taste as well as get feedback as well as get feedback to help them increase sales and produce quiz So what is something new that you are currently introducing So we were currently working on a feedback platform so you can easily use our web application to collect feedback during and after your event Oh so this feedback that we get to derive is like whether people really like the food and how people really which kind of food they want to discard away So from there you get to decipher how to go about saving the ingredients and so on that is a very very cool data idea What kind of new initiative are you current pushing on to encourage this type of things or to really encourage people to really save and not just to reduce the food wastes Yea For us I mean the big thing for us is more about awareness from the operator, the even manager' s perspective that it really does matter to understand your consumers first and then listen to what they have to say afterwards Otherwise, you are always guessing and you can never really find ways to effectively kind of making guesses and continually putting out things that are not successful to consumers True that is ultimately the point of data to help you make really quantitative-based decision Thank you so much Henry Next up we have move on to the next booth So here we have GuestDay GuestDay is actually a Software-as-a-Service platform that actually offers registration processes They are very very popular in the wedding scene as well So may I trouble one of the candidates from GuestDay Could I catch Shannon for a moment Yes sorry for that yes Hi I am Shannon So tell us about Guest day a bit more GuestDay is 9 years old We have been around We are always constantly innovating when it comes to check-in and registration onsite events So right now by default it is usually search by name or even scanning of QR code or NRIC But as I mention we are constantly evolving We are looking NFC and even RFID Tags where next time the folks can just arrive and walk through the gantry, the registration place and you know, they will just be checked in Without impractically big process rather than you know having the need to queue up No more hurdle in the process just move Yea so we take like 3 second style to check someone into an event We are hoping to go for 0

3 seconds Wow that is really exciting thing to look forward to Yes Any other new initiative that you are trying to push that we can look forward to? P&C at this point of time but definitely you will catch us There are competitors around so we are just gonna be Yes we will definitely be watching out Yes you will definitely see us around Can thank you very much Shannon from GuestDay Thank you so much Next up, we have from Rasel Catering Hi nice to meet you Nice to meet you I am Azrah This is Azrah So tell us, what is so special about today's setup What kind of food do we get to enjoy This setup, we are serving our chef's specialty Chilli Crab Donburi with onsen egg It is a marriage between the Japanese and oriental flavours Because we have Chilli Crab, we have Donburi And we also use this special technique called Sous-vide in French, it means under vacuum So you can see the eggs there It is actually slow-cooked for a few hours And it still remains half-boiled You can see from here Yes The egg is really still slightly watery but not entirely watery Yes correct That is the correct texture for and it has been there for like 4, 5 hours but under a very controlled temperature Wow So this is a technique that we also engage for even items like Beef tenderloin, lamb, fish It gives a very nice tenderness and it does not get overcooked That is really a very very amazing technique because sometimes you do not know whether this type of Live Station when do people come and visit when should you prepare and when people consume This is really the bright idea that I believe that Rasel Catering really provides the great value to their customers Thank you thank you Thank you so much Please come and visit our booth at R18 Thank you Too bad you are not here Otherwise you get to try these amazing Chilli Crab Donburi Okay next up, we will move behind We get to see another booth Thank you so much chefs So behind we will move on to go and find StandCraft Hi Galven So this is actually one of the structures they are having now It is quite a cool thing you can see the lighting is going on Maybe we can walk inside and get to feel this So Galven, tell us about what is StandCraft about and what is this structure about Hi welcome to the Bird Cage This is an award-winning pavilion that allows users to Rest, Reconnect and Recharge Recharge your body by sitting down and also Recharge your mobile phone by the wireless charging on every seat It is also a very pleasant time that allow you to have lights that will respond to your actions and music from the ceiling At StandCraft, we build quick modular reuseable structures that transform event spaces and also very good in terms of logistics as it is modular like IKEA we can setup very quickly So just this morning their team, the StandCraft team used less than 2 hours to manage to pull off this whole structure and it is usable for multiple events It is a really very sustainable solution So what kind of other structures that you would like to introduce to us throughout today We will come over here We also have, this thing, we call The Island Unfortunately I do not have the actual thing with us It is okay I can, let me just show you one visual This Island was actually used at the Food and Hotel Asia Tradeshow last year to illustrate our client's logistics process from the port warehouse to the client's premise We 3D-printed all of these items for them the lorries and the trucks I will show you something I will show you like a magic trick So the client has another business It is a fashion business Okay So she used the same product in Takashimaya Tada just magically transformed Yes It is all modular That is really very very sustainable and very very friendly and flexible the limit is just your creativity in how to use the structure You can even see this beautiful lady here they like to this photo this was like a wedding Wow that was really amazing So people get to connect, charge their phone as well as to relax within this space in a sustainable and environmentally friendly materials really a great solution that is offered by StandCraft Thank you for being with us for the Event Tech Show Thanks alot Any other structures that is exciting that we can look forward to? A few things We are doing some events things at Plaza Singapura look at the Sustainability Festival we have a product which is musical bench that responds to your movements when you sit on it and to play music and we will also have more products that come about with design and technology interactions that is amazing that is an advanced version of the musical chair Thank you again Galven Thanks Next up, we will move on to the next booth So here, we have Kombynation So Kombynation basically is a supplier of kombucha So do you what is kombucha? If you are not sure, let the founder, Ethan, give you a quick run through What is kombucha Hello So kombucha is actually a kind of fermented tea We basically add a tea blend of green tea or black tea and we add sugar and a combination of bacteria and yeast and then we let it ferment for a few of 1 or 2 weeks and then what we get is our original flavour here so here at Kombynation Co our concept is to combine kombucha and superfruits so superfruits are fruits that have higher than usual level of antioxidant So for the superfruit flavours we have Tangerine Passion Berries Peaches Chiananas Yes so 3 different flavours That is really amazing So you included all antioxidant healthy factors into kombucha Yes It is already healthy so we turned it into something super healthy so it is something so Yes that is really amazing So that is why you see they both look healthy and nice yea So any interesting technology that you want to bring out for the kombucha? Brewing technique? Okay so for kombucha we use a fermentation technique that is currently different from what others are using but we cannot actually disclose that Oh it is okay So maybe I will talk about another technology which is our so we have a kegerator here So what is it is it is something we can bring to events So we sell kombucha in kegs as well not just bottle box so you can bring it to any event easily I mean it is small, portable That is really cool So currently not many people in the market offer this type of kombucha keg onsite So this is something that is something you want to look forward to in your next event happy to reach out to Kombynation, Ethan and Mareen and then they can link you up with the fresh and healthy bottles of kombucha Thank you very much again So these are the amazing drinks Look at the colours and healthiness They are not colouring They are legit fruits to be able to have these colours Thank you so much again Here we have Actigage So Actigage is a software platform Let us have Gautam to introduce more about what Actigage is about Hi so Actigage is a SaaS-based platform to allow you to make mobile apps for events so we essentially trying to solve three main problems for event organinsers We help them with their digital transformation So we help them to go digital and go completely paperless We also help them to exercise engagement because we are really passionate about helping people to come for events to really network and use technology as an ice-breaker so that we can make meaningful relationships which could, you know, turn up into business outcomes for them and we also we also help event organisers to leverage on the platform to generate more revenue for their events and all of these can be done using our SaaS platform So one of the unique selling points for our events is for our platform is that our ticket management system is very very easy to use I am sure Aaron would vouch for that Yes We definitely have a very strong support for Actigage team When we currently push our platform to Live and when we are doing this event, we are very very happy to have Actigage help us connect all the exhibitors together and they are very responsible and professional because they allow to connect functions people can really message the other person This kind of connection is reliable as well as trustable So it is something that we really appreciate Thank you again Gautam So check out Actigage app and then you can see our event details and see what are the things that you can watch out at our event Thank you very much Here we have Elgonet So Elgonet, we have Mr Effendy here Mr Effendy, let us introduce a bit What is Elgonet about At Elgonet we provide connectivity solution for events be it for a conference or exhibition or for trade shows indoor and outdoor Both indoor and outdoor connection That is right That is right So we can customise the solution That is on what the customer requires number of participants and activities we can easily scale it as well Oh I see I see So far what kind of capacity that it could hold up to for your wifi connection We can a few hundreds to one thousand in action Wow that is really for large scale event as well So really quality wifi regardless of capacity very portable option Yes that is right Yes and that is what Elgonet really can offer If you need connectivity solutions for your next event feel free to check them out Thank you again Mr Effendy Next up, we can check out Grain so Grain is something that has a very very nicely built catering booth So maybe we can have someone to come and introduce a little bit This is I am Andy Assistant Sales Manager for Grain So here you can have a look at our setup So we have both the meal boxes and also our catering setup Yea so what is really different about Grain is we actually are an online restaurant and we kind of cater healthy and tasty food to our guests So we started off 5 years ago and we leverage on technology We are originally build a B2C company and after that we became we expanded into CBD area People having asking us to be if we do on a large more large format and then we expanded into catering Ah I see After all, healthy trend is on the rise That is why everyone is looking for healthier options during events as well So what kind of new menu that you are currently looking at something that all your customers really love it and it is really healthy Alright that is a very good one Here we have this thing called Impossible Quarter Pound Not sure if you guys have heard about it So it is basically a plant-based protein That taste and look and bleed exactly like beef Wow Yea so this is something that is really in-trend right now and these are the things that we are always constantly tapping on based on technology So we are using data to really try this kind of consumer trend and we are always incorporating their needs into our menus So whatever you see over here This is a complete wholesome meal and they can eat on plane and you will not get tired of it That is really amazing Thank you for the new menu introduction And I believe that Grain offers more than just healthy options also catering services as well And for your next event, feel free to check out Grain as well Thank you very much Alright Thank you thank you so much Thank you Next, behind we have DataVLT So here we have Justin So Justin, tell us what DataVLT is about So primarily DataVLT is a data science AI analytics company We are specialised in advanced analytics such as predictive analytics and it is easy to use so people like me without a background in data science I can get guided to run this kind of prescriptive model But what is really interesting here and why we get to Event Tech Show is is because we just developed a separate product for We attend tech shows a lot So at the end of each tech show we get 200 to 300 over name cards and then at the end of the day right or the next day we have 3 or 4 people typing away, you know Typing all these and what we get is an excel sheet that is not very accurate or not very consistent I see so what we developed is this leads retrieval app It can detect name cards or at events we can even scan the QR code that extract all of the information that is required and then at a click of a button we can actually export it in excel file Super easy and it is really helpful because a lot of people we speak to we realised that this can help me in the coming days and can take note of why this person is important I can rank and prioritise them This is really helpful for business development job especially for event companies So this new product is called How do I pronounce it? K'nectary So feel free to check out K'nectary and for the next event maybe can use them to really import into the new system and extract your list of attendees that you can network with easily Thanks so much Justin Thanks Aaron Thank you Next up here we have PouchNATION PouchNATION here we have Stephen Hello Stephen, tell us what PouchNATION is about Just now we saw you at the front So what do you really actually do? We provide RFID solutions for event organisers including all these wristbands that you wear They are all RFID providing in the event it is very important to track your users all the way from the all the journey from the door to all the food and drinks and the engagement at some of the sponsored booth as you can see we have all kind of different kinds of cool wristbands for fabric one, paper one where silicon Fitbit-looking one name badges this card actually has the RFID chip in there we also have RFID stickers where you that you can stick on anything if you want to stick on a phone case We also have RFID cards you know you can use it for a like a membership card or cash card so apart from festivals, we also do carnivals, exhibitions, trade shows, conferences Basically I think like data can be collected in every point of entry from the consumer journey and I think that is very useful for organisers to plan for the next event Agree I think the strategy for the planning strategies can focus on marketing and tech itself Yes we are really really thankful for PouchNATION this time round, sponsorship of the event and then from there we can gather insights of whether what is interesting and what is exciting for our for our consumer for our event attendee and from here you get to know what to tailor for and should we have the next Event Tech Show tailored in a different manner Thank you again Stefan You are welcome and the amazing services that you provided Thank you So rounding off the whole event we will move on to the drinks counter that is offered by Zouk as well as finally, when you proceed on at the end of the whole Virtual Tour You get to see You can see meeting spaces as well as share about what do you think about this event Let us know what you think and maybe we can better the event in the next Event Tech Show maybe we can bring out something more interesting that you really want to look out for and we definitely look forward to your feedback After all, this is the place for people to come together innovate collaborate and really come up with new ideas and work together Thank you very much again That is all for today's show Hope that you enjoy today's tour even though you are not physically here Thanks again!

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