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Are You A Sucker For Marketing Hype? | GCN Show Ep. 335


– From the Slumgullion Summit in Colorado, welcome to the GCN Show – Welcome to the GCN Show, brought to you by Wiggle

– This week, are you a sucker for marketing hype? Find out with our quick and easy test – We also put the gravel debate to bed once and for all We've got some new tech from Whoop – Whoop! – Yeah, that's it And we're going to show you the ultimate anti-bike theft hack

(cheering) (energetic music) This week in the world of cycling, we learned that Chris Froome is not the only rider turned runner Here's Eamon Lucas running to a top 10 place in the Gullegem Kermesse in Belgium, having crashed at 60 K's round and broken his bike – Fair play Eamon, there Now initially, Dan, I confess When you first showed me that, I thought you were forcing me to watch a triathlon

But no, then I realized he's wearing socks, so he must be a cyclist – That was a bit of a giveaway Strictly speaking, he should've been disqualified by the race organizers, 'cause you have to finish with a bike But thankfully, they took a more lenient approach and let it slide – Yes, I'm very glad to hear that

Now, if you would like to see what Eamon looks like riding his bike, here he is winning a race the very next day We also learned this week that the two hottest properties in men's cycling, Mathieu van der Poel and Wout van Aert, are both taking more steps to becoming full-time roadies – That's right, Van der Poel announced last week that he will be doing the Road World Championships later this year, and not the mountain bike ones, and Van Aert, well I'll let him speak for himself – Good morning, everyone – Morning, Wout! – I have some exciting news today

– Really? What is it? – I will be at the start line at the Tour de France next month in Belgium – Oh em gee, you must be barely able to contain your excitement! – It's super, a super nice thing for me I want to thank the team for this opportunity, my family for all their support, and I really look forward to line up with a strong team – Ha, what a legend! I love Wout He actually reminds me, weirdly, of someone else in that video

– Who's that? The world of cycling is just about to get a hell of a lot less complicated Welcome to the Global Cycling Network, or GCN – That is of course, Dan, from the first ever GCN show – Pretty hot there, I thought – And Wout

– Exactly, yeah He was nowhere near as bad as I was in that first-ever episode – No, I'll tell you what Can I just say I'm so excited that he is riding the Tour de France – Me too! And Van der Poel at the World Championships

– Yeah, yeah, yeah – Right, moving on, you will remember that last week we dived into that hot topic that is gravel racing – Absolutely Some great comments that we will go into later on, actually, from you all at home But there were also one or two quite negative ones, weren't there? Effectively, to the tune of, "Gravel isn't really a thing, it's just marketing hype

" Or the fact that you don't need a gravel bike anyway, you can do it on your mountain bike, or you've already been doing it on your 40-year-old road bike for 39 years – It's cynicism that we hear quite a lot here at GCN, and it's not confined just to gravel riding either I mean, cycling technology as a whole has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years, so we regularly get comments to the effect of, "You don't need it, it's just a fad" – Exactly So, we thought we should probably devise some kind of marketing hype detector test

Now you can all play along at home We're roping in Tom, who is behind the camera, and I'm going to get stuck in as well – Yeah, it really is quite simple, as you would expect from GCN A 12-point poll Ready? – Yes

– Do you have disc brakes? – [Simon] Yes – [Tom] Yes – [Dan] Do you have a gravel bike? – [Simon] Yes – [Tom] Yup – [Dan] Do you have an aero bike? – [Simon] Yup

– [Tom] Yup – [Dan] Aero kit? – Yeah – Yes – [Dan] A mustache, tattoo, or beard? – [Simon] No – [Tom] No

– Oh, I've got a sort of patchy bit Do you eat either a high carb, low carb, or no carb diet? – [Simon] No – [Tom] Yes – Is there lots of carbs in beer? – [Simon] Yeah – I'm in a high carb diet

Have you ever had a coach? – Yes, I have – [Tom] Yup – [Dan] Have you had a bike fit? – Well, not out of choice – [Tom] Yeah – [Dan] How wide are your tires? – [Simon] They go up to 40mL these days, but on the road? 28

– [Tom] Yeah, 28 – I'm 28 too Oval chain rings? – No – [Tom] Nope – [Dan] Fancy brake pad compounds? – [Simon] No

– [Tom] Yes – Expensive lube? – [Simon] No – [Tom] Ceramic – Whoa Well, I didn't count up Tom's, but I think you, Si, were six out of 12 there, so 50%, where you haven't made up what the answers mean yet, but I would imagine you're in the cusp

Do you feel we are suckers for marketing hype? – Well, it kind of depends on your perspective, doesn't it? I mean, expensive chain loop, probably won't surprise many of you to know that I don't tend to invest in that particular one – Still got the WD-40? – Well yes, I have, yeah And then also, fancy brake pad compounds, that's another one, and tattoos, beards, and mustaches Yet to be convinced of their merits as well, but the rest of it, genuinely, I feel a tangible benefit to – That said, if you live in an area that's exclusively dry and you don't go down any technical descents, you're probably going to see disc brakes as pretty much pointless

And the same could go for if you live in an area where there's no gravel riding, just mountain bike trails or road Then, what's the point in getting a gravel bike? – Frankly though, and I can see people's point here, nobody needs any of those aforementioned tech upgrades If you buy a bike that's 40 years old on eBay, you will be able to go out and have a great ride and have great fun – But then, nobody needs a smart phone either, do we? None of us had one 15 years ago, but the fact is, it's incredibly useful despite being a time waster You've got the entire worlds information at your fingertips

– Including marketing hype – Well including marketing hype, but the fact is, some people out there will decide to snub that modern technology and go back to basics, and that's fair enough On the other hand, in my opinion, if you take a modern road bike and then compare it to the aforementioned 1970 steel bike from eBay, you're going to have a more comfortable ride, a more enjoyable ride, a faster one, a safer one, and you're also going to find that that bike lasts a hell of a lot longer – Well, we would love to hear your thoughts on this subject Do you think that you can differentiate between hype and right? Or, are you the biggest cynic since sliced bread? – That one doesn't even make any sense

– That doesn't, sorry – Regardless, please do get involved in the comments section, because we're pretty sure this is going to evoke a fairly passionate response from the lot of you – Absolutely In fact, it's been a while since we've had a debate on disc brakes, isn't it? Things got pretty hairy when we were there, so keep things civil please, in the conversation Right, now we're going to hand over to Katherine, who has been over at the Ovo Women's Tour, here in the UK

– Hi guys, reporting in from the Ovo Energy Women's Tour six day stage race starting here in Suffolk We've been chatting with Canyon Sram, one of the teams here, and also with the riders ahead of the race, so it looks to be a really exciting one Catch up with all the news from that next week in the Racing News Show – We also want to give you a little sneak peak of what's coming up on the channel this weekend I got to go out to the U

S last week to catch up with new recruit, Jeremy Powers, and we did an amazing ride, which you'll be able to watch this Saturday So here you go (car horn honking) – Jeremy! – It's me, man! In an American truck, a Ford 450 stallions underneath that hood

– Jesus man, is that yours? – Uh-huh No it's not, I actually drive a Prius I borrowed this, but you ready to go? (bright classical music) Do you see that fish over there? Come on, man! – Great ride, but did you have to get naked again? – What? – It is now time for your weekly inspiration here on GCN, and your chance to win one of three Wiggle voucher amounts: 100 pounds if you take the top prize, 75 pounds for second, and 50 for third Usual ways to enter each and every week, you can use the upload, a link to which is in the description below, or you can use the hashtag #GCNinspiration over on Instagram Now most of them this week have come from the uploader, except for this first one, Simon

– Yeah, and we're going to get things started with Steve from Lanzarote, he sent this one in – I know, it's a terrible photo It's terrible, there's no prize this one This is Steve Dorkins, my father-in-law, who I promised I would give a shout out to on the show So there's no prize for him

– What? – There's no prize for him, sorry – Well, I'm glad there's no prize, but – There's a prize for me in terms of brownie points, so there you go Steve

Please try to better your photo next time, and I hope you enjoy your holiday over in Lanzarote – Honestly, right, okay Well let's get things started then, properly In third place, an actual photo that was sent in and presuming no relative of yours? – It's a good one, a really good one – No, okay

This is Aidan from the Kippure Mountain in Dublin In Ireland, yeah okay, anyway, there you go Saturday afternoon in the Dublin mountains, it rained the whole ride until I got to the highest point, and above it all was a lovely rainbow over the Sally Gap – Yeah, you got that right too Well done to you, 50 pounds on its way in Wiggle vouchers to spend on what you want over in their online shop

Second place this week goes to Delano, over in Auckland, New Zealand, who took this photo out on a morning group ride As ever, suckers for sunset and sunrise photos, and this is a good one – I'm not going to lie, give me a sunset or a sunrise over a rainbow, because well, we all know what rainbows mean don't they, and you're going to get all wet So yeah, that is great, but the winner this week, irrespective of it being from the most complicated place name we could find, Dachsteinstrabe Summit in Austria Look at that! – Well, we should do the due diligence and give his name

Jakub, well done to you 100 pounds of Wiggle vouchers, and that is a stunning photo – That is amazing I was focusing so much on the place, I forgot – He's been building up to the pronunciation of that place over the last 10 minutes

– Oh I know, I'm going to get annihilated as well – Forgot poor old Jakub Well done to all of you, don't forget to keep sending your entrances in Entrances? Entrants – Entries

– Well, you know what to do I told you at the start – It's now time for Cycling Shorts – Cycling Shorts now, and we're going to start with the news that former professional rider Andrea Tafi will be coming out of retirement! – [Dan] Oh, not this story again – No seriously, he will

He actually will this time Not, unfortunately, to live his dream of riding Paris-Roubaix Bay again, but, he's going to be riding gravel Yes, Andrea knows where it's at So he's going to be riding a Paris-Roubaix style event, and it's even going to finish on a velodrome – Interesting one, this

It's being organized by G4 Productions, and it's part of a series called Rock and Road The first of that series will take place on November the third in Trexlertown, over in Pennsylvania, at which you will be able to see Tafi riding – Yeah, with or without aero bars, Andrea? That's the question for you – Speaking of which, we had a rather passionate We had loads of comments – We did, it was brilliant, yeah! – So we'll start with this one from Eric Sonnen – Yeah, he said, I've never heard of the Dirty Kanza until now, but I want to ride it next year, adding to the lack of coolness – Speaking of which, we might ride it as well

Meanwhile, Greg Genna summed the whole situation up perfectly He said, Gravel races are like mullets: business at the front, party at the back The racing up front basically doesn't affect the party behind – That's what they said about the Tour de France, wasn't it? In 2010? – Was it? – Yeah, when you did it, yeah – Was there some business at the front, was there, that I didn't see? – Yeah

Wasn't much of a party at the back either, was it? – No, not much, no – Right then, we also had a very cool message sent to us by the event director at Dirty Kanza He said, firstly, I absolutely loved the latest episode, which was very kind of you The mere fact that you are able to laugh means you guys have the right attitude for gravel, if there is such a thing Growth and prestige I guess can make things more difficult for us in some ways, but at the end of the day we're just trying to offer an amazing experience to as many people as possible

We don't care if they're slow, fast, whether they get paid to ride their bikes, or they don't And then he also said, appreciate the hard work You're providing a little levity to a sport and a society that can be way too serious sometimes – [Dan] Conversely, Geoff Kabush had this to say on Twitter: Sure are a lot of tabloid bull (bleep) hot takes this week saying I care about whether Aerobars are cool or not Was it in tabloid stuff as well? – [Simon] Yeah, I don't know

– [Dan] I mean, come on, I wore a jorts skinsuit last weekend – You wore a what, Geoff? A skinsuit? – Is that how much that you wanted to win the race, you wore a skinsuit? – Well you know what? He probably should have put aero bars on Then he would've felt some benefits Maybe next year, Geoff, maybe next year, aero bars – Right, I think we should move on, and we'll discuss that topic that Geoff Kabush put up on Twitter at another time

– I look forward to the debate resurfacing in about June next year – We're going to move on to what could be some very good news for commuters here in the UK So, just a couple days ago, there was an announcement of a change to the bike to work scheme, which is going to make it easier for employers to provide employees with bikes worth more than 1,000 pounds, and that's going to include E-Bikes – Whoa, now we know some of you are not all that big on E-Bikes But the fact is, more people on bikes, whether E-Bikes or normal bikes, has got to be a good thing for environmental reasons and also for traffic congestion reasons, and the other thing as well is that having E-Bikes in there means that it's opened up to people with disabilities for the first time

You can't moan about that – No, surely nobody can moan about that fact Also in other good news for commuters over here in the UK, the Royal Parks Society has announced a new movement strategy, which says that in a few years time, there's a possibility that cars are going to be banned from our Royal Parks here in the UK – I'm going to go have a lie down Movement strategy has got my hype detector twitching ever so slightly

That's right, but it is good news for London-dwelling cyclists Richmond Park, long been a haven for those pre and post work fast laps, but it does get kind of congested, doesn't it, at rush hour times – It does – That could be good news – I used to live not too far from Richmond Park

Although, it was four miles in the direction of much quieter roads so I never really went there, but I did on one occasion head to Richmond Park just to see what all the fuss was about amongst local cyclists, did a couple laps I was quite enjoying it, actually, until in the second lap, somebody shouted at me whilst I was racing for the Cervelo test team, "Oi, Full Pro Kit wanker!" (laughing) – That's great You had another good story actually, about your Cervelo test team days Just the other day, on a similar line, what was it? When you were signing on for that local race after Tour de France? – Yeah, this was after the tour Well, it was after the tour I did in 2010

Two weeks later, I went over to the Morton TLI Handicap Race about an hour from where I lived I signed on, and the lady behind the desk said, have you ever done this race before? And I said no, this is my first time here at Morton Which group do you want to go in? And I said, well I'll go in the fast group, the elite one, I think Are you sure you're going to be all right with that because they do go quite fast at the scratch group at the back? And I said yes, I'll be fine I think To be fair to her, she did come up and apologize a couple of hours later when somebody told her that I'd just come out of the Tour de France

– Oh, that's brilliant isn't it? Brilliant – Great stories, great stories Gather round the fire! – We'll move quickly on One last point from cycling We've got to say a big congratulations to Nikki Brammeier

She has officially announced that she's hanging up her racing wheels, having won World Cups and Cyclocross and had a successful career, partly because she's expecting a child as well So that's great news – With former professional writer, Matt Brammeier So congratulations to both of you from all of us Tech of the week now, and first up, something new from Whoop

This is their Whoop 30! – That's right, now I was out visiting them in Boston last week, actually So we've got a couple of videos coming up on GCN soon I'm not going to lie, I was absolutely fascinated, so I hope you lot will be too If you don't know what Whoop is, then we probably better explain

This is part of it, so they make a wearable device that collects a whole load of data, including heart rate variability But the really clever bit lies on the smartphone app, because with that data, it can work out your recovery status, how much strain you're under, and then also, it can give you a load of insight into how well you're sleeping – Well you've been wearing it since last Saturday, haven't you, so how are you getting on? – Well, it is still getting to know me, so calibrating, but early signs are not good, Dan So the first night was a transatlantic flight, and then last night my tendency to sleepwalk seems to have negatively impacted my sleep So my current recovery status is just 34%

Which does tally up with how I'm feeling, so there we go – To be fair, your tendency to sleepwalk has also disrupted my sleep when we've roomed together in a hotel at an event somewhere Version 30 will mean that you get five days between full charges It also has something called heart rate broadcaster, which means you can sync up to your devices, such as Oh-ah-hu, and further to that, there's a strain coach

Now what this does is assess your recovery at any particular point in the day and then recommend how much training to do at any particular point in the day based on your cardiovascular strain – Yeah, so stay tuned We'll see what this churns out over the next couple of weeks when I'm chilling out a bit Right, now some hardware for us It looks from certain shots that EF Education First have got themselves some new Cannondales to race on at the Criterium du Dauphine

– Indeed, three riders from the team appear to be using them at that race, amongst them TJ Vangarden We have no official details on these new bikes at the moment, but from what we have seen, it appears that they follow suit with a few other manufacturers in that they've got the dropped seat stay designs and that D-shaped aero seat tube too Lovely looking bike We've also seen on the UCI website that they've approved disc and windbreak versions, but it does look quite similar to a few other bikes out there, recently released – Well, it does, doesn't it? I mean, presumably, given that they've released the new aero bike last year that this is their replacement for the super 6 lightweight bike

So it was a big departure from that Cannondale silhouette, isn't it? But I think I like the look of it – Well I like the look of it too, but as I said, it looks quite similar to others And I wonder whether the UCI regulations on equipment are going to mean that we end up with all the top end bikes looking almost exactly the same – Well yeah, but all the top end bikes used to look exactly the same before aero anyway, so hey, it's same old – Back to basics

Hack, forward slash, bodge of the week now starting with this from Murat over in Turkey After spending all my budget on my road bike, I've decided to turn my good old hybrid into a TT bike Not super fast or anything, but it certainly does allow me to get into the exact position that I would on a TT bike – [Simon] Nice! I'm liking that Super fast commute

– [Dan] I love that base bar, is it? And the aero bar – [Simon] I wonder what Geoff Kabush has to say about using aero bars for commuting – Depends if he's commuting on his own or not, doesn't it? – Yeah, that's a good point Also, we've got another one for Geoff This one, Tim, has created some custom carbon aero bars with integrated computer mount, for his giant propel advanced disc

– [Dan] Oh my goodness! Like a cactus – Yeah, something looks kind of weird about it, but that's pretty cool If only the UCI would make them legal and you could use 'em in road races But otherwise, 'cause your propel's probably going to struggle on the dirty counter But maybe retro fit it to your gravel bike

– We've got a video bodge, forward slash, hack for you now from Carlos, over in Ontario I was mixing rubber liquid, or liquid rubber, to repair my trailer roof, and my drill started to overheat I was about to zip tie a socket wrench to a Shimano 105 Biospace square tapered crank, added a pedal, and hey, presto! He was able to whisk it all up – Nice work, there we go! A weird cycling related hack, but mainly DIY Anyway, we've got this one sent in by Terra

This is a commuter bike with a loader gear and a dropper seat post So there we go, look at that He's managed to get a giant saddle bag attached and have his dropper on there, on his full suspension bike – [Dan] Biggest saddle bag I've ever seen, there – [Simon] Yeah, that's like the holy grail for bike packers

– Very, very neat job – It does look good, doesn't it? – This came in from Alan, he put, just came across this bike in the local market and thought it looked pretty cool No hidden motor gear on there, I mean, we get sent a lot of these and we decide not to show them most of the time but there seemed to be a bit extra going on with this one It's even got the petrol tank there at the top and an exhaust coming out down the bottom – There we go, yeah

Next I've got this one from Matt These are quick link pliers he's made out of two old steak knives He said they were so hard I couldn't drill them, so I had to use the TIG welder to melt through There we go, that's a hack and a half, isn't it? – [Dan] Talk about recycling Imagine getting your fingers stuck between two steak knives if you squish it too hard

– Just be careful 'Cause that does look like it might be a recipe for disaster – Yeah, health and safety, they're going to go mad This one came in from Owen Coming home from the train and I seen this incredible bodge

It seems to be turned up with PVC plumbing pipes and a ton of electrical tape – [Simon] Oh my word! – [Dan] We get sent quite a few along these lines as well, but that looks like far more of a bodge than most, doesn't it? – [Simon] That is incredible! I'm loving the cassette on the front wheel Honestly, that is fantastic – Even if you got a really bad back, do you have to get that high and that far back? – Well you got to ask yourself, if your back's that bad, how's it going to feel when those handle bars snap off? And you go straight over the bars There we go, anyway, as promised at the top of the show, we will leave you with the ultimate anti-theft bike commuter hack

– Wait a sec, it's a bit of a sting in the tale, this one – Oh, also known as the bee's knees This is sent in by Valec from Slovakia Those are bees Yes, I don't know how he's done this, but his bike has been protected by a swarm of angry bees

I think that's genius! – [Dan] Well, that's what you get for smearing condensed milk around your seat poles, isn't it? – [Simon] What? Is that what he did? – I don't know, I have no idea what he did, but I don't know what has attracted the bees there in the first place But he won't be going anywhere near that, will he or anybody else? – Well that's it, how do you ride home? – Anyway, that's enough for this week The hashtag is #GCNhack over on social media, or you can use that upload, our link to which is in the description below Caption competition now Your chance to get your hand on a GCN Camelback water bottle

All you got to do is send in a hilariously funny caption into a photo we're just about to give you First up, we've got the results from last week, and you'll notice that our bottle supply is running low That's 'cause Dan's was so good, he helped himself to an entire armful last week So congratulations again, Dan – Thanks very much

But we did have a very good caption come in from Ian Milne, the winner this week Caption: "It's a race cape, not a dinner jacket!" – [Simon] Hey, I like that! – Very good, well done – Very good indeed, yeah, fantastic – All right, this week's photo comes from the start of the Criterium du Dauphine, and it's a fan getting a selfie with Chris Froome – [Simon] No pressure, mate

No pressure, but as long as it's as good as last week's – [Dan] Well, it's not as good as last week's I'm afraid But here's my best effort "You got to put your elbows a bit further out if you want to look like me" – Aw, it's good

– I spent a good five, six minutes thinking about that I couldn't come up with anything better, but if you can, please leave them in the comments section down below – Another bottle's safe for another week – Before we tell you what's coming up on the channel over the next seven days, we've picked out just two of our favorite comments this time, and they both centered around your Can One Bike Do It All video First up, from DonalOB, No, it seems one bike can't do it all

This one appears to lack a bottle opener Ask SRAM or 3T to sort that out, and I'm sold – That's true I don't think the new SRAM Force Etap Axs does have a bottle opener – You can use your cleats, can't you? On your road shoes? – Well no, 'cause you use your mountain bike shoes

– Oh yeah Well, you need a bottle opener on your bike then! – Yeah, it's a good point I did get thirsty, unfortunately, at the end of that As someone else noticed, I couldn't get my beer open Right then, yeah, this one from MrGrumpy53

Interesting way of number pinning, dot dot dot I feel like I've been slightly jealous there, Dan – [Dan] I've never been slagged off of my number pinning – No, but he then offers comment, I've always just pulled my jersey over the steering wheel of my car to keep it tight Even works with skin suits, which I thought was a genius hack

So, there we go Thank you very much, Mr Grumpy That's, yeah, I'm going to try that I'm going to do another race, mate – Are you? – Yeah, yeah

I don't know when, but I want to do one When my recovery sticks – Cool story, bro Right then, coming up on Wednesday – Yeah, this one time, I was on the Cervelo test team

– There's more of them, equally cool stories Right, well what was that? I'm going to do another race When, what? Don't know, just going to do another race Anyway, on Wednesday, how is the average 21 miles per hour on your road bike just one notch up from the magical 20 mile per hour barrier On Thursday, we've got Catherine coming in with a pre-ride from the Ovo Women's Tour with the Canyon SRAM team, which will be very cool indeed, plus, we're going to show you how to warm up for a time trial like a pro

Something we did back at the Giro d'Italia Friday, as ever, is ask GCN anything – Yeah, and then Saturday, it is the All-American gravel ride that Jeremy and I went on over in Massachusetts the other day, which you've already seen a sneak peak of, so I can't wait to see the rest of that one And then on Sunday, we've got cheap bike versus super bike, commuter challenge So how much difference does it make having a cheap bike or a super bike when you're riding to work? – Yeah, Monday we're back with the Racing News Show, and the conclusion of the Criterium du Dauphine, highlights of which you can see every day over on our Facebook page, and then we'll be back in the set for the show next Tuesday

– It's nearly time for Extreme Corner Before we get there, just a quick bit of housekeeping So we've got our events coming up this summer, GCN Avoriaz and GCN Saalbach, well, I've just settled on a great one, Dan The GCN Avoriaz, we're going to be throwing in some master classes So proper coach and a GCN presenter will be on hand to take you through some skill sessions to help you improve, as well as just having a good time riding your bike

– Well, it was just going to be a GCN presenter, wasn't it? Before someone upstairs said, well we probably should have a proper coach too Just to show how to properly do things That one from the first to the fifth of August All right, it's time now for Extreme Corner, and it's Blake Sansa from GMBM fame, teaching us how to crash (upbeat rock music) Blooming good bloke, isn't he? – He is

– Riding a bike and coming off it, unbelievably Do you know what, I've got another cool story for you – Oh yeah – In the early days of GCN, it was requested that I make a video on how to crash a road bike, which I refused to do It's all right being off-road, like Blake, which has soft landings

We don't want to try and crash on a road, do you? – That's a bit like my story I was going to tell you something interesting, but then it didn't happen – It wasn't interesting Right, should we wrap it up then? – Probably best Please give this video a big thumbs up if you've enjoyed it, and also, if you want to check out the video from the weekend, Can One Bike Do It All, you can click through on screen just now

– Rate size number pinny (laughs)

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