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Are Tech Wizards Revolutionizing Leadership?


This is crazy Never in the history of the world have the top five companies in the world been tech companies

Think about it with me for a second, right? Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon These are the five most influential powerful companies in the world Second crazy fact; all of them were started by a computer programmer, founder or co-founder This is mind blowing! It's changing the way I think about a leader and I think about an influencer There's this great story in the Bible about a guy named King Saul

He was the tall big strong leader and everyone said 'Man, that's the king That's the guy we need to follow' Well what happened in the story? This guy named David, he's little, short, with the slingshot you know that guy? He's the leader God said "he's the man after my own heart" I have a group of friends that pray for Mark Zuckerberg every week by his office

And a year ago Mark Zuckerberg came out to say 'I'm no longer an atheist man' Prayer works and it's because we are seeing the change happening in our culture The influencer is new and they're leading the way through technology It's about time we said we've got to pray for them, we've got to spend time with them, and maybe that's even you And how are you using that influence that you have? This is a whole culture shift, there's a new influencer, it's not the leader we used to know

Source: Youtube

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