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Are suspicions on China’s 5G tech warranted or exaggerated? – 33rd APR 2019


So the question is "are the suspicion against Chinese 5G tech exaggerated or is it warranted?" I would say that the question is misdirected because in the end it's not a question about the vendors Companies like Huawei are very competitive and extremely professional organizations, and probably the first generation of multi-nationals coming out of China that actually is the good side of the Chinese market economy

But fundamentally, the problem lies with the the issue of trust between the governments China impose very strict and unconditional obligations on its citizens and its businesses to be available and including handing over access to data, as well as communication equipment that its companies or its citizens posted abroad may have access to And of course this kind of unfettered and unrestricted access through China's National Intelligence Law makes a lot of other countries including Europe and including some of its staunchest allies in the European Council, like in the Nordics, it makes them very nervous So the question is not really around technology, it's a question about the obligation that the government imposed on those who make the technology, so that's the fundamental point

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