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Apple iPhone SE 2, budget smartphone, release date???


hello friends I am glad to welcome you on my channel I always have a lot of new reviews for you subscribe and like Apple will launch a budget iPhone SC to release date price insider information that Apple is planning to release and present the SE to periodically appeared since the spring of this year but it was not confirmed in practice insiders were confident that the device will be shown at the presentation in October however surprisingly to the public s ce2 did not appear on the shelves recently the new users again talked network users according to insiders se 2 will be presented in March 2019 and it should be on sale by the end of spring of the same year by the way most likely it will be budget but it is worth noting that for Apple the budget has a slightly different character the price for the device will be about 500 dollars for this money you can buy a flagship Chinese smartphone from zyo me which can compete with the iPhone XS max itself this gadget should compete with the cheapest model presented this year iPhone XR it is expected that the new smartphone will be equipped with a display that will take up to 85% of the front panel as well as face ID face recognition technology it is possible that he will get the function of wireless charging if the back panel will make glass the cost and detailed characteristics of the gadget are not yet known according to experts it should go on sale for about $600 in the case of a higher price the success of sc2 sales in India and China may be questionable recall that the head of zyo me introduced the device part of the photo which teased the fence of the company as it turned out this device was a headset for karaoke which consists of headphones in a microphone about the price and release date while nothing is known so it remains to expect in an hour mint earlier no reported that the flexible smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy F will receive as many as two batteries apparently the company has not been able to ensure that the battery is bent along with the smartphone it is worth noting that cases of smartphone explosions have already been and they are associated with Samsung smartphones no wrote that Apple was sued for deceiving users judging by the lawsuit the Apple corporation used the dark wallpaper during the announcement of the iPhone XS Max and iPhone X s so that the photo frame in the display was invisible the lawsuit alleges that in this way the Apple company is deceiving users let's see how Apple tries to get out this time there will be a lot of interesting information for you on my channel do not forget to subscribe and like see you again on my channel

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