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Apple iPhone at Rs 1500 – Rent a Smartphone in India!


Hello, friends, this is Amit and welcome back to our PhoneRadar's new Video So, guys, how many of you use an iPhone or think of it to buy the latest Apple iPhone in the future Well, I have been using for a month now this – iPhone 11 Pro Max, which I've bought it for around Rs 1,30,000 which is pretty high! I mean considerably who would want to spend more than a Lakh on a new iPhone but, then, I figured out is buying is only the option well, gifting is the second option, but, who would want to gift an iPhone? then the third option, considering it as an important option, what would it be – like recently we have made a video about Rental cars and I have thought why not I rent an iPhone? So for testing it out, I have browsed it and found a similar service named – Rentomojo, the link to it can be found in the description below utilizing the service, my thoughts were – 'let me try to rent an iPhone' Of course, for testing out for a video, and to check out the product, and to test the service out, I have taken a basic iPhone and booked it on rent

So, this is the latest I mean not the latestof course but, the Apple iPhone 6s and, as soon as I received the box, first impressions it's not a brand new phone at least looking at the paperwork on the packaging it's mentioned as May 2019 the only question is if the manufacturing date is in May 2019, we still do not know whether this iPhone is brand new or not? Well, let's unbox this phone and let's see how does the iPhone 6s look and right out of the box, we can get to see the iPhone 6s Surprisingly, forget the video, overall, product looks Super cool! Now, if anyone asks me to use an iPhone 6s, I would love to use that as it still looks pretty small, compact and slim That was an era, where we used to get these small-sized screen' phones but now we have heavy sized phones with crazy camera setups The phone's got a beautiful design ie – the iPhone 6s one-hand form factor, pretty cool, which is compactly designed and

yes, this is definitely a brand new iPhone 6s and, I have booted up this new phone and it has got a message suggesting "Software update is complete" and I'll set up the TouchID later let's move on and set up some dummy passwords 'use anyway' And, it says "Welcome to iPhone" and

a four-year or three-year-old smartphone, which still works flawlessly! at least right away, as the Home Screen is set up, its working good! Now, let me go to the 'About' area again, that's the standard thing, which I always do let's go here and let's take a quick look and we've here the iOS 132, which is the latest iOS version and it's still available on this but then this video is not about the iPhone 6s let's talk about the package contents and here we haven't received Apple's earphones in the package we got the standard reading manual, the lighting cable, and Apple's favorite 5W charger, so, these are the package contents I'm expecting the earphones within this box, but, we haven't got, further, Rentomojo has offered a standard transparent case, and a screen protector as well So, it's time to use the phone for a few days, let me test it out although, I'm planning to give it back to them within the next two days since I've got a trial offer and wanted to test it out and whole idea of this video is to try out the service as of now, honestly speaking the registration for this service was super easy but then

the problem started! they asked me for my Aadhar, they asked me for my Address proof, finance proof, linked by Bank account, took advance payment from credit card and a security deposit too all the finance-related things aforementioned have been collected by the service so much that, in future, if I ever want to know my financial details

logging into their website can get me a copy of everything! In fact, they asked for a selfie as well which I had given through my laptop, just to prove that I was the owner, which is again a good process wherein they're crosschecking the person who is buying an iPhone, probably for one lakh rupees product might not run away with their phone, which is again a valid thing, but then, as of now, technically, I've paid Rs 1500 and got this on monthly rental subscription basis If you're planning to buy a secondary phone also, this does look like a good deal but then, let's talk about the end of this video, how was my experience when returning this phone Did they keep the promise of their trial service, did they charge any extra fees, how is the overall experience as of now, I'm not impressed with these cases, but then it was not committed, they're trying to safeguard their own product In fact, if you use this case, you can also save their product from dents and scratches

As of now, I like the way you can rent out a smartphone though the price was little higher, that's what I felt If I remember correctly, the latest iPhone's EMI pricing is around Rs 5000 per month which is I think a little on the upper side but then they're also giving you a phone, which costs clearly, Rs 1 Lakh and above So, that's an interesting concept I really wish more companies to get on to the rental services of their phones in India, because, more competition is good for us, as more services when they come to us, the competition also gets merrier and we also get a chance to utilize more such services at a better price So, let's come back on this video after a few days wherein I will discuss my complete experience using this service and share with you guys so, finally friends, we have tried out this iPhone 6s for few days rather than using this because the whole idea was to test out the service and here's my complete review Overall, the Rentomojo services have been satisfying and we were also surprised that a brand new iPhone had been given to us on rent, which is again a good thing, but then these phones weren't there because they wanted to charge different rental for that iPhone apart from that, personally, I feel two important factors when you book a phone from or any product from Rentomojo Firstly, I've felt the rent has been slightly higher if you want to buy the latest iPhone out there you need to give away 4 to 5 thousand or 6 thousand unless you pre-order it or you take it on a rent for 18 months, which is a long duration, as the new variant of it comes every 12 months hence you wouldn't want to use especially if you're paying rent continuously, so, I personally feel their rent is higher again, there's also a profit-making business which justifies the higher rentals but then

if there are more competitors in the same business then the rents can be a little lower, as I mentioned earlier this services' documentation process is quite copious and additionally, they have taken my bank details credit card details, every single identity, which I had just to take a phone on rent, which also includes in my personal feedback For instance, if I take furniture on rent, few of them which I had already took on rent, the documentation there was quite minimal, however, the documentation here as copious, as stated earlier but then overall, I'm pretty much satisfied with the service and best part is that based on these things, I could rent a phone at just Rs 1500 to Rs 2000 and if you're in an emergency situation like traveling internationally, and thought of traveling only for a month, or for 15 days and want to use the latest iPhone or a latest Google Pixel smartphone on the go then you can just easily rent it and no need to ask anyone or beg with anyone – just rent a phone try it out, use it, come back and give it back which appears to be quite a simple solution Overall, this has been my detailed review of Rentomojo's service and if you like these kinds of reviews or interested in such videos of different other services then quickly comment in the section below and, I'll definitely discuss and share such kind of reviews through these videos with you guys in the future videos as well So, guys, this has been the complete review if you guys have liked it, then do LIKE this video, subscribe to this channel and I'll meet you guys in our next video until then GOOD BYE!

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