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    Aplicativo para ativar Alexa por voz no Smartphone Android (Recurso Mãos Livres)


    Alexa, what is the weather forecast for Rio de Janeiro? In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil the temperature is 27 degrees Hey guys, in this video I'm going to show you how to set up Alexa to become the default Assistant on Android and enable the Handsfree function, in which you activate the App by voice, without touching the device, ok? Spin it! Well, let's go! I will show you the app that I have already installed but we will configure it together **App to enable "Alexa" by voice!** O app é esse: Ultimate Alexa **App to enable "Alexa" by voice!** The app is all in Portuguese and does not require any configuration **Also available in English** I'm already logged on Amazon if you don't have an account, just create and if you already have it, just log in and click on allow Let's wait

    Home screen and you just need to click allow in the two permission requests of the App Enables permission for Ultimate Alexa to override other App's So that he always listens to you, when he needs to request some action Here are some instructions, but it's worth skipping that part These are instructions for using the Alexa application itself Let's go Let's go into the configuration of the App that we need to do Which is one of the main adjustments which is making Ultimate Alexa the standard Android Assistant Where it comes pre-configured with Google I'm going to zoom in a little Google is selected and we will change

    Not for Alexa, Let's switch to Ultimate Alexa Sorry So, once you've set it up, made it the default Voice Assistant If you hold the home button, it will not open Google Assistant, but Alexa, right? So now we are going to do the final test, which is to activate Alexa with the screen locked Alexa What is the forecast today in Rio de Janeiro? At the moment, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil The temperature is 22 °, with mostly cloudy skies So guys, I think this feature will help a lot of people who are looking for tutorials even from abroad I searched a lot until I was able to enable this function Congratulations to the developers of Ultimate Alexa A very good application

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    Source: Youtube

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