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    Hi guys Welcome back to Groundseek channel^^ I want to thank all of you who always support my channel since the beginning by watching all my videos, outside of laptop reviews, like: culinary, gaming, and all the gadgets stuff

    cause the first time this channel being made, we're focusing on gameplay, not laptop review :p OK, now I want to talk about gadget about 10 in 1 smartphone lens, APEXEL DG-10 normally, few company only sells 3 in 1, or maybe 5 in 1 lens this time APEXEL made the 10 in 1 version quite much for lens collections 😮 I would say that probably only 3 to 5 lens being effectively used others are just for fun 🙂 I was going to review this product about 2 years ago (but I cancel it) cause that day I think: this is just the same product review like the others but surprisingly there's some Groundseekers loved to know further about smartphone lenses they also wonder if these kind of lenses can be used on smartphone with multiple cameras let's say, Samsung Note series they also asked me to compare which's better between APEXEL lens vs AUKEY's that I've been review before first, I want to let you know that APEXEL DG-10 comes with

    you'll get the cleaning cloth, and a lenses pouch in black and red stripes

    like this all I can say, this pouch is very uncomfortable to use, cause the lenses get easily shattered everywhere inside of it 🙁 fine, the next thing to come is the clamp it is having stainless gold-plated screw hole here and the lens screw comes in hard plastic so the benefit is they will not get loosen each other some brands has learn from this because that issue happened so often to lens products so if they make both stainless, I'm pretty sure they'll get loosen easily well, that's a good point 🙂 like I said before, here's the cleaning cloth and I already wrote them on paper so I didn't get confused! 😀 the first lens is macro, and the wide lens

    special for macro and wide lens, both are stick together similar to AUKEY products wide lens can make your smartphone camera having more wider view and you just need to detach the macro lens from wide lens like this, rotate it for macro lens, you can create a micro sight taking pictures/videos of small objects like insects, flowers, etc that will look amazing if you take it on a very close view ok I get confused now :0 there found it this is fish eye lens 198 degree time to compare with AUKEY fish eye lens, I brought AUKEY lens here

    as you can see, AUKEY has its best curve, with less reflections unlike APEXEL lens that produce white reflection, AUKEY fish eye lens can make pure quality and soft contrast to the camera but I didn't say that this APEXEL fish eye lens bad, it's pretty good what makes both different is that the AUKEY's have full screen capability, no black hole/panda eyes around the edge of the lens, in this product, there is but well that's not a big deal to me 😉 next the Telephoto it has 2x zoom feature so your phone camera will have closer view two times than usual

    I often to use this lens for portrait recordings (can get a little bokay too) Oops, I forgot to tell you how to attach lens to the clamp like this don't forget to open the cap 😉 where to put the clamp? to camera phone, for sure LOL I mean what if the phone has two or multiple camera

    ? it should be on the first line that located mostly on the left side (left for horizontal and top for vertical) next lens to discuss is star filter this lens will create star effects to your capture/recording like when you need to capture night scene, lamp post, you will see the bright part appear in glowing stars like "X" sign just remember to capture this in contrast between bright and dark situation the bright part will become glowing stars or "X" sign next is the flow filter lens if I saw the manual, it said that this lens is used for fast/blur movements but to me, it looks like

    oil painting effects 😀 so there will be some kind of oil painting effects around it but yeah, it can also be used for motions, as described in manual sheet

    the other is kaleidoscope lens there's kaleidoscope 3 and kaleidoscope 6 lens in short, kaleidoscope 3 has three separated sides (like diamond) with this you can make the center focus become separated into three parts while the kaleidoscope 6, will create six separations

    next radial filter lens this is where you will get sixth sense? or unconsious vision? like everything zoom in blur

    kinda similar with flow filter lens, but this one will have zoom effects the last one is my favourite! 😀 CPL lens so, what's the function? here's a sample, while you're outside let's say you see a car there and you cannot see what's inside, because it has sky reflections

    if you use this CPL lens, you will be able to see through inside the car I'm at the pool right now, I can remove sky reflections if I use this CPL lens cause if you see with bare eyes, the water you see will be blocked by sky reflections now that's where you will need this lens 🙂 wait, you're not going to use this for inappropriate things, huh? 😀 let's use it for positive things okay? [LOL TRAP MYSELF] ah, I forgot one more thing some of APEXEL 10 in 1 lenses can be rotateable what's up with that? so if you use radial filter, flow filter, or star filter when you rotate the lens, its effects will also be rotated you should've notice from earlier video sample, the effect does movements because I rotate the lens and for this CPL lens, if you rotate it you will get between see through or seeing it like human eyes OK that's all for now Groundseekers, total are 10 from 9 lens, with one that has capability to be divided in two Thanks for watching this video, if you like please tap like and if you haven't subscribe, please subscribe^^ and I'd be happy if you want to share this video to others so everyone knows about this APEXEL 10 in 1 lens 😉 Thanks again and i'll see you in another video! cao cao cao cao :p

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