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    Apexel 1.33x Anamorphic Smartphone lens


    hello and welcome to this review of the apexel or anamorphic lens for smartphones this comes in what appears to be a generic box you can see that that there is not the lens I'm viewing says make you a better photographer however the lens we're looking at is a filmmaking lens in the Box we have some instructions and we have the device itself so first off it comes in this nice case it has a carabiner and for the price point this is pretty good we've got a mount here which is Universal which will be quite good for filmmaking and will fit most phones this did wear out the first time I used it though which wasn't great little bits of plastic it came off and this is quite nice that we've got a mount to put maybe a microphone or something although though how useful it is and I really don't know so let's open this up this looks like a generic case this doesn't seem to quite fit I've got this also came in the box but I put it it seems more useful in here and maybe that it's better if you take this bit out so that you can more easily fit that in that seems to give more protection with this little bit taken out so let's look at the anamorphic lens itself so you've got a lens cover which is going to be quite important and we've got a cover up at the back and it says 133 times anamorphic lens I've been winding this in so it's like this so it doesn't jingle about so I need to unwind it out to here and I need to for my phone set it up like this and to roughly get this in the right place and you'll still need to do adjustments once you've got your lens on and then I need to turn it clockwise you'll notice doing this is going to block out the LED there isn't much you can do about that so you can see things are being squashed on this lens cap that it's much more squashed because it is being pushed in were fitting more into the frame with this adapter on and if I take this off you can see that's what it put it back on I'm gonna head outside and I'm going to do some filming using this anamorphic lens and I'm going to take some photographs using the moment app as well so first thing I'm going to compare the video quality without the anamorphic lens and with the anamorphic lens so you can see when we put the anamorphic lens on the same setting and it's much more cinematic and much more polished here we can see the difference between the normal lens and the anamorphic lens so the moment app is one of the only apps where you can have different lenses for photography so I've used the moment app and use that anamorphic lens setting to take these pictures here I'm just looking at lens flare which is a trademark look of anamorphic lenses and I'm using filmic Pro to see if I can get any lens fair so I've got two bright lights and altering the lights gives different flaring and different characteristic looks but yes we can get those nice lens flares with this anamorphic lens you

    Source: Youtube

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