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    Another $125 Free Paypal Money Using a Smartphone! Make Up to $1000 Daily!


    So yes as you can see I've received my pay-out which is $125 (us dollars) I have earned 6,14172 Philippine peso for free and without investment

    And if you want to earn the same amount all you have to do is to watch this full video tutorial to be able to guide you Do you want to earn $125 up to $1000 free, without investment? So in this video I'll be teaching you how to make it happen! Hello everyone! My name is Aiza Mercado and welcome back to "Earn Money with Aiza" where I'll be teaching you on how to make money online Before we proceed with our video tutorial Let me shout-out first the winners for the last video give-away Who won 200 pesos So this are the winners

    And congrats! And if you want to participate with our video give-away just like this video and once it hit to 1,000 like then we will pick 2 winners using random comment picker So, goodluck! So now I'll be teaching you the simple and basic way on how we can $125 up to $1000 for free and no investment This is an application and we just have to download it and good news here is that it is available on IOS devices and android phones let's start in our video description, you can check the link there where you can register in here you will the daily raffle app all you have to do is just play with the raffle and it is a risk free application with a daily price starting $100 up to $1000 And I will show you how legit it is and ofcourse our proof of withdrawal alright so here I won and of course our effort here is necessary patience and luck is the main investement here so let's now open the app daily raffle this is a 100% free doesn't need an app purchase which means that we don't need to purchase credits in our google playstore or appstore to play this game With this application all we have to do is to get tickets and guess the six digits it's like a playing lotto just guessing numbers and let's see the frequently asked questions or their game rules alright so here number 1 we need to have atleast $100 for the minimum cash out and it is free of charge all tickets can be obtain 100% free the price will be divided among the winners and the jackpot price just like in lotto if there are 4 winners then the jackpot price will be divided into four good thing here is that you don't need to guess the 6 digits because you can also win in guessing 4 digits or 5 numbers or the jackpot price which is 6 digits rule here is get the first 4 numbers in the same order to win $125 So yesterday I was so lucky because because I just did random picking and I think I'm playing this for almost 5 days and finally I won I did not guess numbers instead I just use random picker that can also be use through an application

    So the first 5 numbers with the same order will win $250 I guess this is all 100% luck you can also use your favorite numbers and yeah, I'll show you later on how to do it so next get 6 numbers in the same order to win $500 alright daily draw here is 7pm (GMT) so the 7pm (GMT) in our country is 3:00am so you can check the winners if you're still up at 3am so let's go back and let's proceed on how to get a ticket and how to guess numbers here If you want to get a ticket there are two ways on how to do it number 1 no need to invite friends to withdraw here so if you want to get a ticket faster you can refer friends once you invite someone and use your referral code you can earn instant 5 tickets and the coolest feature here is that if your referral won, you will get a 5% commission so let say he won $125 automatically you will have 625 us dollars so now I don't have yet referral ID and it's optional if you want to put or not so free to put your referral code in our comment section and I can choose and use it for you to have 5 tickets so you can start when you have tickets second way to get a ticket is to click "get a ticket" you just have to watch ads for 10-15 seconds and after it you will get your free ticket to use in guessing numbers so let's try it now we have to wait let's now close it and now we will have a free tickets here we can choose or we can have a quick pick for example for our quick pick it has an auto generated 6 digits but if you want to choose your own you can choose 1,5,7,1,5,9 3,5 and 7 and if you're good with that click add ticket and it will be added to your ticket section so far our draw 32 and if you want to play and play let's go back to home and get a ticket again and now I will use quick pick again to make it fast, then add ticket another good thing about this application they are are giving hints for example yesterday evening at 12:37am it notified "today is your lucky day" so first number of the winning number is number 1 they're giving atleast 3 hints to give us correct guess or answers sometimes the first number sometimes the last number and sometimes it's the third number so it's that easy to play you just need to have a ticket and if you won in their raffle you will see the results and you can won up to $100 – $1000 sometimes the price changes today is $500 so now let's check the winners you can that I'm here in the list aizamercado won $125 if you click it you will see my Instagram account and you can see that they're really legit so as you can see it so easy and basic to play this game and now let's check if I can withdraw my money so here I got $125 (us dollars) so let's do a proof of payment now here there are 2 ways on how to cash-out your money via paypal or via bitcoin so for now because it's been so long since I posted a paypal earning, I'll use paypal just put your paypal email then click cash-out alright cash-out request, "The money takes about 15 days to be received" so it will take time 15 days but I will request or send them support to make a faster process during cash-out

    So it just take some hours and their contact pass is now effective and I've sent them email to process the cash out directly So as you can see I've received my pay-out which is $125 (us dollars) I have earned 6, 14172 Philippine peso for free and without investment that's how easy to make $100, $500 up to $1000 for free and without investment I hope this video helps you to make money online and please like this video now and do participate in our video give-away everyday or every uploads subscribe also to my youtube and telegram channel for more apps and sites to make extra money through online Thank you for watching! My name is Aiza Mercado Stay cool! And have a great day

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