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Animal 4D | Vườn Thú 4D Trên Smartphone Cho Bé (Hướng Dẫn Cài Đặt Miễn Phí)


Do you see the dog has just appeared on screen? You can see him from every direction and zoom in or out – an 4D image Hello everyone! Today I'm gonna show you the way to install an interesting app

It is called "Animal 4D" which can create an 4D images on smartphone's screen It is so lively that you can use it to teach English for someone or entertain with it I will not waste your time for more Let's get started! Both of iOS and Android have this app and it is completely free Let's go to App Store to search and download it to your phone or you can follow the link that I left in video description below After downloading, let's search it on Google with the keyword "Animal 4D" or "Animal 4D pics" Click to Images

There are so many images For example this turtle image, touch and keep to save it to Library I already downloaded a lot of images They are all free for sure Let's open and try it! It will take some moments for loading

It has a simple interface with camera's display I'm gonna open images that I have just downloaded on this second phone Let's try with a dog first! Can you see the dog on screen! It is an 4D image and it looks the same in every direction The app will speak the name of the animal then you can teach English for your children through it Or you can zoom in and out by your hands through inductive feature

or spin it around two ways for you to control it I will try with another one This is an elephant image Zoom in and out! Lively sounds

I will try with the Ant Ohhh it shows us a small branch with some ants If you don't have 2 smartphones like I do, I will show you another way As you can see I already printed some images They are all from Google I will try with the Monkey image

Here it is! Hello I will try with all of images at the same time and let's see what will happen! I have 8 images here 7 animals and one banana bunch Wow a zoo is in front of me now Zoom it to see it more clearly

They will disappear if my hand cover the camera I have just shared with an amazing app Hope you can do it with my instruction Thank you for watching Goodbye and see you in next videos!

Source: Youtube

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