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Analyst and Associate Life at the Mumbai Tech Hub | JPMorgan Chase


Darpan: India is a technology hub for the organization The whole application development, the designing, the solution, and the implementation is done in India

I not only learn technology, but I also see the other side, which is finance Ashish: Technology is at the helm of everything, right from issuing a credit card, to servicing it, to making sure the technology we are having a fastest authorization possible My name is Ashish I am an associate with the Consumer and Community Banking Darpan: My name is Darpan, and I am a technology analyst in Corporate and Investment Banking

My role is to code through the rep new applications as well as supporting and maintaining the existing applications and to analyze solutions into the securities lending space The biggest challenge out here is going to be moving our applications onto the cloud Everything that happens before the trade is booked That is headed up by my team Ashish: I manage the technology platform, which involves single use account platform issuing virtual cards for our buyers and suppliers on the commercial card domain

The technology, you get an opportunity to interact with clients in operations, see how they're using your products and see what problems they face Let me just walk you through the last part here I think that's where we need to implement some new code Darpan: Seeing how my code or how my solution is actually being used, it's a wonderful experience, because I get to explore technology and deliver value to the business Ashish: There are three hubs that we operate out of: Mumbai, Bengal and Heidelberg

There's 9 billion dollar's worth of investment that goes into technology every year There are ample opportunities Name a technology that you want to work for, and JPMorgan has it

Darpan: Every application, every small piece of code that we write, every second that I'm giving towards learning a technology, is going to solve a real time problem That is what I love about coding Ashish: Not many people get to say they do what they love I get to say, "I love what I do at JPMorgan Chase"

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