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AMI Tech Tip: Shopping Online


[MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER: It's time for more AMI Tech Tips GRANT HARDY: Hi, I'm Grant Hardy with a few tips on staying safe while shopping online

Before giving out personal info like your payment details and shipping information, always double-check to make sure you're browsing a secure website This means that the traffic between you and the website is encrypted and there's less chance that others can intercept it Get familiar with how your browser tells you whether you're browsing a secure website or not For example, sighted users might see a green padlock icon for a secure website or a red warning icon for a site that's unsecure Blind and partially-sighted users can look for similar information given by their screen reader

For example, Safari on iOS announces, "Secure and validated connection," at the address bar up top COMPUTER VOICE: Address– secure and validated connection GRANT HARDY: Other than that, I like to research the site I'm buying from to find out what their return policy is and, in the case where it's a marketplace where anyone can post their items, what buyer-protection options are available Of course, I also read users' reviews to find out what others' experiences have been like with the website COMPUTER VOICE: Professional video, five stars

GRANT HARDY: Lastly, use middlemen like PayPal and Apple Pay And that way, you don't have to give your payment details directly to the merchant ANNOUNCER: For more AMI Tech Tips, go to: youtubecom/AccessibleMedia

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