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AMI Tech Tip: Alarmed app review


[MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: It's time for more AMI Tech Tips GRANT HARDY: Hi

I'm Grant Hardy with another AMI Tech Tip Today, we're taking a look at the Alarmed app for iOS which you can use to keep track of reminders and timers While the built in reminders app is sufficient, there are a few features of this app that really stick out to me For one, you can assign custom sounds to your reminders which can serve as a really great memory jogger because you don't even have to look at your phone to know what you're being reminded about PHONE: Melody beep, chimes, bells

Alerts GRANT HARDY: Secondly, if there are timers you use frequently, like a cooking timer that's nine minutes, you don't have to recreate them all the time Just rerun your timers with a tap PHONE: Add new timer button New timer padding

GRANT HARDY: Thirdly, if you assign notes to reminders, the app can turn your notes into a checklist That means that with a location based reminder, you could set it up so that when you arrive at the grocery store, your shopping list pops right up on the screen And you can check off items as you go PHONE: Selected checklist 2 of 2 Apples, bread

GRANT HARDY: But my favourite feature has to be Nag Me If there's something really important you need to do, like give your pet medication or you're just a tiny little bit scatterbrained like me, then you can set up a reminder that goes off every single minute until you acknowledge that your task is complete PHONE: Add new reminder button Alarm Tuesday, April 23rd 7 AM

Button GRANT HARDY: Alarmed is accessible and free, but with an in app purchase you can unlock more sounds and a couple of other extras as well NARRATOR: For more AMI Tech Tips, go to youtubecom/AccessibleMedia

Source: Youtube

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