AMI Tech Tip: Adding Alt Text to Instagram Posts

[swoosh] ANNOUNCER: Here is an AMI This Week Shortcut with Shelby Travers [music playing] It's time again for some AMI Tech Tips

SHELBY TRAVERS: I'm Shelby Travers, and for those of you who have read the title saying that I'm going to teach you how to put alt text onto your Instagram posts, you may be wondering, 'What's alt text?' So I'm going to explain it to you Alt text in layman's terms basically just means photo description So now you might be thinking, OK, well, how many blind people are going to be using Instagram? Well, believe it or not, there's a lot of us blind millennials out there that love Instagram and love scrolling through So let me teach you how to add alt text and make the platform accessible First things first, we have to head into Instagram

Click on the Add button located at the bottom of the screen Once you pick your gorgeous selfie or hilarious meme, click next at the top right of the screen Choose whether or not to add a filter and once again, click next Now, type in your caption, tag who you would like to for the post like you normally would, but before posting, click advanced settings at the bottom of the options Once you're in advanced settings, head to the bottom and under the accessibility heading, you will find write alt text

Click on it The best practise is to answer the simple key facts of the visual Type in any text that may be involved and use clear to understand language and descriptions Click done at the top right of the screen, and you're ready to post To post for all of your followers to see, click share at the top right of the screen

Now, it should be noted the apps love to move their buttons around, so be cautious of that For more AMI Tech Tips, go to youtubecom/AccessibleMedia

Source: Youtube