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AMI Blind Tech Tip: Weather Gods


[COMPUTER TECH MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: It's time again for some AMI tech tips GRANT HARDY: I'm Grant Hardy for Accessible Media

I'm talking about the Weather Gods App today, available from the Apple App Store This gives you a lot more functionality than the out-of-box experience you get from an IOS device Just like the Weather Gods found in many ancient mythologies, this app gives you a quick way to see what the wind, fire, ice, water, and moon gods are doing And there are even visuals and a soundscape to go along with it, too But if you prefer a more conventional forecast in clear text, that's also available

My favourite feature of the app, though, are the push alerts I can get a notification if it's going to rain or snow the next day right before the rain begins, if the UV index is going to be high, or even 15 minutes before sunset, so that I know it's getting dark out and I need to be careful APP VOICE: Mostly cloudy for the next couple of hours GRANT HARDY: If you're someone who just forgets to check the weather, or you want to be better informed, this is the app for you Got a favourite app of your own? Email us at thisweek@ami

ca Now if only I owned an umbrella

Source: Youtube

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