AMD FIXES Samsung Exynos Chips (Console Graphics), iPhone 13 Battery Leaks & more!

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0: 46 – Today’s Deals:
– Samsung Galaxy Book Pro
– M1 MacBook Air
– Sony’s WH-1000XM4
– Sony WF-1000XM3
– Galaxy S21 Plus
– Sony Headphones
– Samsung …

63 thoughts on “AMD FIXES Samsung Exynos Chips (Console Graphics), iPhone 13 Battery Leaks & more!

  1. competition is good apple is getting leaps ahead with apple M1 chip and Samsung need to do something and they did it we are yet to see the results but iam already excited.

  2. They’d better fix the Exynos chips, reviewers always seem to review them on empty phones and miss the laa alg that happens when you load them up with the rubbish that we accumulate on our phones:)

  3. Wow Samsung exynos 2200 ! I wonder How much higher the price will be On Sammys Smart phones? hmmmm. Dont get me wrong this sounds amazing and cant wait to see just how much of an Improvement they will bring.

  4. i am very interested for the exynos 2200 ,as it can deliver better gpu performance than snapdragon chips, and with the partnership b/w samsung and microsoft gaming on phone can be next level. Hope this partnership extends to samsung's mid range phones as well

  5. Hell yeah. I'm looking forward to having a phone that can be docked and used as a pc. I'm already doing it now with Dex on my S10 5G – it's good enough for documents, internet browsing and YouTube, but nothing beyond that.
    I look forward to the day where my phone is powerful enough to also be a gaming pc 😄

  6. Imagine playing Xbox or PC games straight from your phone. Without needing a game streaming service.
    That’s the dream
    Samsung might do that once the new batteries are implemented because possible heating issues

  7. The new Huawei watch is literally the only circular smart watch I’ve seen that I actually like. Literally looks like a circular version of the Apple Watch – which from me is a massive compliment. Love Apple’s design.

  8. There is no way Samsung could win with the AMD partnership. If it's unbelievably fast, it'll have cooling issues. If it's underwhelming compared to a run-of-the-mill Qualcomm chip, their stock will take a hit.

  9. For what we have currently on our playstore, even my SD 865 is more than plenty. I would love new graphic boosts in like another 2 years but but the games need to improve drastically.

  10. I wouldn't be surprised if the HarmonyOS (forked Android) becomes the mainstream OS in China if Huawei can't make it back to Android through the US governments good graces.

  11. Huawei's P50 back looks as laughable as their shameless iPad clone. Talking of being laughable, judging by the very limited number of units produced of the rushed Z Fold 3, it's safe to say Samsung could have another recall on its hands which would be as embarrassing as their new Exynos. Thank God for the killer A15 Bionic iPhone 13's and M2 products. 😁🎤

  12. Im on 3 year cycle, thought of getting OnePlus 9T, but i will hold on for few more months to see what this exynos can do in s22… Investing my time on AMD exynos 😑

  13. "console-like graphics"… we still don't know how many CUs it will have, if it'll have Infinity Cache, and many other things. The basic design of the cores is the same as the good RX 6900XT, but depending on the configuration it may be nothing more than a decent Adreno competitor. Which would still be GREAT for the market, but no "console-like" stuff.
    Let's remember that Qualcomm's Adreno stuff has grown starting from older ATI IPs that they sold (Adreno is actually an anagram for Radeon), so I still anticipate AMD to release good stuff that they may also be able to use in the next AMD Ryzen 6000U mobile APUs

  14. People bash exynos, but the 2100 isn't all that bad
    They have similar benchmarks to the 888
    Cooling and battery efficiency is where they need some work

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