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Amazon Echo rival as Bose announces new wireless smart speaker | Tech News


With Amazon’s Echo continuing to dominate it seems Bose now wants a slice of the smart speaker market The audio experts have just announced the launch of their new Bose Home Speaker 500 which not only includes powerful sound but also has Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant baked in

This means the new wireless speaker can be controlled via speech Although this new device has similar features to the Echo it seems it will beat Amazon’s offering in a vital area and that’s audio quality Bose says its new device has the widest soundstage of any smart speaker available today It’s wrapped in seamless anodised aluminium is a mere 203cm high x 169cm wide x 10

9cmdeep, and uses two custom drivers pointed in opposite directions — so sound reflects off surrounding walls, separating instruments to the far left and right, and placing vocals where the artist did Along with this new wireless speaker, Bose has also announced a new smart TV speaker The Bose Soundbar 700 was engineered to outperform every other product in its category, matching its stunning performance with equally stunning design At just over 57cm high by 10

8cm deep and 98cm long, it has curved clean lines, a wraparound metal grille, and a tempered glass top Inside, it’s packed with proprietary technology Bose PhaseGuides send multiple channels of a soundtrack or song throughout a space, placing discrete sound in places where there are no speakers Bose DSP, custom low-profile transducers, and QuietPort technology deliver exceptional detail and depth for your favourite tracks, crystal clear dialogue for Netflix, and dramatic realism for sports To manage the TV or other connected equipment, the Bose Soundbar 700 also comes with an intelligent universal remote

The Home Speaker 500 will retail for £39995 and the Soundbar 500 and 700 will retail for £49995 and £79995 respectively All will be sold at Bose retail stores, Bose

couk, and from authorised Bose dealers

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