Amazing Software Update for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (One UI 3.1, 3.0, 2.5) – What’s New?

Grab the wallpaper here:

New Samsung …

63 thoughts on “Amazing Software Update for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (One UI 3.1, 3.0, 2.5) – What’s New?

  1. This is actually an old function. My S7 edge used to be able to do this and change the picture-in-picture type. That phone could take photos too, where this can only do video. This is a downgrade from Sammy in my opinion.

  2. Why does my picture in picture keep closing out often on my standard galaxy note 20? Latest firmware updates do not seem to help. I even tried re flashing the phone numerous times and it does not help. Any tips sakitech? I'm tired of always going in recovery to wipe cache every other time especially during a noisy environment.

  3. Sakitech can you make video because, my phone is having many issues after update such as, overheating, lagging problem and many more i was suffering my phone is 3 week old before buying in the market btw my phone is samsung galaxy a32.. I hope you will help for me

  4. This camera upgrade was already out a few weeks ago,and only Exynos users got it first, after complaining to samsung that the snapdragon versions didn't get the new features with the may security updates,….now suddenly they released the new camera features somehow. So samsung is truly watching us!…..BTW I got this update yesterday.

  5. I got this update for S20+. But dual recording is pretty useless without a tripod or gymbal. No support for stabilization. Hope they bring EIS or OIS support for the recording.

  6. Profitez-en. La valeur résiduelle fond comme neige au soleil. Le triangle d'or. 6,7 a 7,3 pouces. Pour le reste des specs side by side. C' est loin d' être des prix compétitifs. 4500$ avec entente de deux ans vs 400 euro pour . 2 pouce de moins et du plastique au dos… Ça laisse songeur sur la place de Samsung et cie.

  7. Thanks for this vid. Hadn't realized I recieved the camera update till I saw this. Do you know why the "continue apps on other devices features doesn't work between galaxy note 20 ultra and galaxy tab s7? Same wifi, bluetooth and Samsung account is being used, but can't continue apps from one device to the other. 😔

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