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Amaël Moinard’s BH Ultralight


(swish sound effect) – This is the bike of Amael Moinard of the Fortuneo-Samsic team Now this is brand new for this year's Tour de France

I don't even think he's got to ride it yet So let's have a look BH Ultralight and see what's so special about it (upbeat music) So the frame size that Moinard opts for is a size medium He's 18 meters tall which is five foot 11 in old money So if you're looking at a BH Ultralight and that's your height well, maybe you're a medium

Now it fitted onto this frame is FSA K4 seat post as you can see it's totally inline there's no set back there at all And then fitted on top of that is a Prologo Naro Evo saddle and that's got the CPC Connect; kind of tiny little grippers on top of the saddle there So imagine a load of little octopus suckers basically that's how it works So the idea behind it is that keeps you firmly in place so you don't slide around and on top of the actual saddle itself Now from my understanding that technology actually comes from racing drivers and astronauts to keep them in their respective chairs or seats

So, I imagine it can do the job for a cyclist too, but of course releasing you when you do have to in fact have to get out of the saddle (upbeat music) Then moving forward then to the steering part of the bike, well we've got FSA OS 99 stem and that comes in at 120 millimeters in length That stem is carbon fiber and it's paired up to a pair of FSA K-FORCE handles bars with a slightly kind of aero top to it but not anything to overlised or outrageous And they're at 40 centimeter width fitted to them is the SRAM RED eTap levers So, totally wireless gear changing there

The only cables coming out of them are to control the brakes The handlebars themselves wrapped off in some Prologo handlebar tape with what I think are really fetching florescent green little finishing details on the end I like that (upbeat music) Brake calipers that are connected up to those SRAM levers are the SRAM RED ones And they're stopping a pair of CORIMA 47 S+ wheels

47, that's the depth of the rim itself Tires fitted are tubular and they're Vittoria Corsas Now the hub shells on these wheels have kind of a mottled carbon effect to them, and if you tapping them certainly do appear to be carbon there too And I think ceramic bearings because they run ever so smoothly when I was having a little play around with this bike earlier on Let's have a listen then to this CORIMA Freehub

(clicking spinning wheel) Absolutely love them, carbon and they've got the CORIMA brand logo in there, sort of embossed in there nicely Nicely done CORIMA (slow groove music) Derailleurs both front and rear they're courtesy of SRAM and they're the RED eTaps so there are no wires or cables coming out of them just giving it a super clean look Rear cassette is 11 to 30 So there we are, we have a change there from the normal where we see most riders using an 11 28

Chain rings though, they are very traditional for a pro rider 53 39 And they're fitted onto FSA KFORCE carbon crank set that's 1725 millimeters in length And then screwed into pedal axles is a pair of LOOK KEO carbon blades and the release tension on those is 16 newton meters Now this is probably what's most interesting is that there's no power meter on this bike which is probably a rarity in the peloton these days

Who knows maybe he is going to have one fitted ready for the big depart but right now he doesn't Now surprisingly for a professional's bike this one is really rather clean finishing touches to be perfectly honest On the handlebars yet we do have a mount there ready for the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt GPS and of course we got a leak custom race plus bottle cages Other than that though there is no mount for a number, there's no cables being shrink wrapped together because of course there's no cables to do that with, only the brakes It's surprising

I must just point out though, that this rear wheel does have the initials WB on it maybe they're from Warren Barguil's bike So I don't know but other than that yeah, there's nothing at all After all these bikes have been put together really at the last minute for this year's Tour de France

Let's look at the measurements then shall we Well from the top of the saddle to the center of the bottom bracket that's 75 centimeters, and from the tip of the saddle to the center of the bars 545, and the drop from the saddle to the handle bars that's 125 centimeters Now the weight of it comes in at just over the USI's minimum weight limit 6

83 kilograms So it's ultra light just like the name suggests So there we are, Amael Moinard's BH Ultralight bike Let me know what you think of it done there in the comments section down below, and also a big thanks to those guys for putting it together for me and allowing me to film right now Now, as ever like and share this video with your friends, tell them all about it, after all maybe they're in the market for a brand new bike

Remember as well to check out the GCN shop at shopglobalcyclingnetworkcom where we have a whole heap of goodies just for you Now for another great video how about clicking here for another pro bike

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