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All New 2019 Niner RIP 9 RDO – 29 + 27.5 | GMBN Tech First Look


– The Rip 9 has been around for a decade but it has evolved, and for the very first time, Niner are making a 275 bike

Yes, you heard it right The bike company that's named after 29er's have made their first ever 275 bike I've come out to Patagonia and Niner have invited us to ride them I'm riding 29er, Blake is riding the small wheel bike

(upbeat techno music) So it's an all new bike, completely redesigned It's the longest, lowest slackest bike that Niner have ever made A 140MM travel trail bike that might be the Holy Grail That magic figure I've come to love 29er trail and Enduro bikes

To me they feel good straightaway as soon as you jump on them They feel like they cover ground really well and make me feel confident on downhills I'm a racer, I like a bike to feel fast My idea of a perfect bike for rallying the downhills and exploring the wilderness of Patagonia You can see the silhouettes of the bikes are virtually identical from the two different wheel sizes

They are two different frames, you can't run 29 and 275 in the same bike, basically because when Niner came round to it, they decided there'd be too many compromises to try and do that So, choose your wheel size, that's the bike Comes with a 66 degree head angle or a 65, because you've got this flip chip on the rear You can run that on high or low

And that slackens the bike up or raises the bottom bracket just so you get that clearance on the pedals You've got this CVA suspension on the back of these bikes Nice and sensitive to begin with, good support on that mid-stroke and then ramp up Carbon fiber frames, you can see where the frames have been, sort of overbuilt and then where they're slimmer to save the weight Down here surrounding the shock you've got this rib cage

Niner have designed them to really achieve that lateral stiffness so the bike feels stiff but they've got some compliance vertically And that really is a good thing to aim for Just so the bike is not super punishing, it's stiff where you want it to be but also compliant when you need it to be (upbeat tecnho music) The geometry numbers look really similar between the two bikes Of course, Niner have designed them to really mirror each other so reaches the same, head angle of course is the same

It's only when you start looking at bottom bracket drop and front center where of course that's different on a 29er and you get those characteristics that many of us have come to love like that sort of truckability of getting over things, rolling over things that little bit better That is great on a 29er Where Niner have decided to build this brand new bike with small wheels, they're just looking for that more agile, more playful bike that many other riders come to like Of course, Blake really likes these types of bike I really like the 29ers

– [Blake] 275 is my thing I want a bike that's super agile, throwable in the air and on the ground I'm a freerider that loves to ride all sorts of mountain bikes Fun is the top of the list of things I want from a bike

And I can find anywhere, wilderness or not, to pop the bike into shape – We've got the ability to run a big 28 tire on the 275 bike and then up to a 26 on the 29

It comes back with a more modestly sized 25 but actually, it's probably more realistic for most riders The seat tube has been shortened on the new Rip 9 so it can accommodate a 170MM drop of post Also that standover height has dropped 20MM A short head tube and low stack height gives the ability to run in a whole different range of bars and stem

They do come with super short stem and wide bars And the bike's are built for abuse They've got black oxide bearings to make them super durable, you've got bump guards and bash guards on the bottom of the bike Also, you've got full sleeve internal rooting to make it super easy to get those cables through the frame The bike's are one by specific

You've got room to mount a bottle cage inside the frame and you've got the practicality of a metric sized shock There's a couple of really cool little touches to the bike You've got a little sag gauge on that pivot bolt there, also you've got a little 90-degree valve there to make it super easy to adjust the pressure on your shock Super cool to see a company like Niner really completely re-evaluate their ethos and design a new bike 27

5 wheels for someone who likes to thrash the bike around, throw it around in the air but also that 29er, with that progressive suspension on both bikes, it really makes these bikes capable and that is great for monster trucking down the trails Myself and Blake have had an amazing time here in Patagonia, riding these bikes And also we've ridden a real variety of terrains, some pretty epic days out to be honest Long single track, dusty as hell and then we've actually smashed some proper downhill runs and it's great to see how capable these bikes are Give us a thumbs up if you like us coming to Patagonia, 'cause I love it and hit that subscribe button

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