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Aiko Wireless Smartphone Charger – Wireless Qi Charger for Samsung Galaxy and iPhone X


More and more phones are offering wireless charging now and a company name Aiko has a charger that works for Android and iPhones The Aiko Qi enabled charger has 2 coils for better connection and has fast charging ability with 15 watts of power

The package comes with a USB wall plug and a micro USB cable The charger itself is light-weight and can accommodate various phone sizes There is a single USB port on the back and it can be powered simply by plugging it into a computer The two charging coils are stacked to allow vertical or horizontal charging Samsung S8 and S9 phones can be fully charged in 3 hours but it will fast charge other phones too! In this example, you'll see how long it takes a Samsung Galaxy S9+ to initiate charging when placed on the cradle

It takes a little longer to start charging than on an official Samsung Qi charger when tested side-by-side But the Aiko charger works well with the Samsung phone And here's a quick demonstration of horizontal charging in case you want to watch a video on your phone and charge it at the same time I did try this with an iPhone X but I had some trouble with the phone staying in charge mode I'm not exactly sure what the issue I was having but this phone did have a small metal plate stuck to the back of the phone

But I've read other reviews where people were really happy with the speed that their iPhone was charging on the Aiko charger I hope you enjoyed this overview of the Aiko wireless Qi charger And don't forget to hit the subscribe button to catch all my weekly videos!

Source: Youtube

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