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After B.Tech | Rey420 | With Subtitles


Subtitles by- Deepak Dagani Daddy I will go to Hyderabad Why? You should not ask Why? I must go Hyderabad I'm done with B-tech, doesn't I need to do job? Will you ask me to stay here itself or what? That general store Subbarao's son returned from Hyderabad What did he do after returning Both he and his son are now together What they are doing you know? Making parcels Pan shop Mastan's son also came back Both he and his dad together Parcelling pans Both Subbarao and Mastan sons are stupids But I'm your son Only 3 month, you just send me money That's it From 4th month, i will send in return What will you do in Hyderabad Will you just come back Meanwhile why can't you look into our business Shit Our business? Do you want me to clean this cow dung after completing my b-tech? All my friends in Hyderabad are doing job Each one is getting nearly 1 lakh salary Won't I get 40,000? I will go, that's it Ok

Do as per your wish Dude Ya He is Jay Hi dude What do you do dude? Why is he leaving like while talking? Doesn't he had sense? Do you know him earlier? No dude Then why are you calling him without respect? I thought he is my friend since he is your friend He will feel bad He need respect give it Where is my room? Just asked to drop my bag Need to clear my interview At least I must get 1 lakh salary Shit Didn't expected interview like this I must go with strong reference next time Dude hmm I need job somehow dude I have come here fighting with my father I don't know what will you do dude, job is very simple thing just forward you resume It's my promise that I will get you a job in just 1 month Till then enjoy Hyderabad dude Chill my friend Dude, saute it properly Boarders are not fried at all You come and do Have it dude hmm Even I should make my hairstyle looks stylish like you hmm, yeah do that later I will come from office Everything is available in the kitchen, prepare if you want something OK Bye Dude Yes What happened Job dude I will take care of it That voice blessed me saying Either because of fire or air or laziness or unhealthiness or on earth Dude What happened with the interview That was good dude Now you have to take care Really? HR is very close to me It will be done, If I just talk to him Really? Then please call him Immediately, once Wait dude Will do it now itself Yes, meanwhile I will also call my dad Daddy What my son whats up? You said that I won't get a job because jobs or not available Dude, seems my friend has come what is the situation? Will he be given the job? Yeah he will get Do you want me to give my position or CEOs? What ever you say By any chance you got the job or what? Why are you asking slowing, I got it already My friend has already set everything Where has he come from? Did you got the certificates after qualifying or? If I talk for 2 mins, will get mad Hello, I will call later [scolding] If you ever refer someone again Will kill you Dude, interview was too hard you destroyed my dignity as well dude, job My uncle is coming He wants to distribute invitation card in some four places Patancheruvu, ECIL, Secunderabad and LB nagar it seems Take the bike Take care He is an elder man, be careful Bye Where are you going for bath What is so urgent to bath especially with hot water Take bath in the afternoon, you will get hot water anyhow Dude Sunny yes dude What is this shit all about What are you doing? Since morning what are you doing, you are jobless only right What is this shit? Seems water is finished Didn't you bring the water Who will bring? Didn't I asked you to stand in the line Since morning what are you doing? You are jobless only right Gas is also empty Was that finished as well? Didn't I asked you to get that filled Why didn't you bring Who is the one being jobless since morning Why aren't you doing all these Will anyone stay Will anyone stay in a place like this? do, do, clean all these Give that to me Daddy What my son Do you want me to send the account number will you send money I didn't got the job yet I will get in a week I'm done with money, send across OK I will send in the morning Dude What are you doing? Nothing dude I know that you won't do anything Cook the rice and bring curries don't forget my favorite curry I don't have bike dude What will you do coming back so fast Go slowly and come back OK dude Dude Job It's been 6 months I will not receive any money from home now wait, you will get Dude What are you doing? Laid down Always sleeping It's raining, bring the clothes and fold them Shall I fold? Dude Jay Sir At least you look don't look at me look for my job Ok, will try you go Jay Sir I will sweep, if you get up you want to do while I sleep? Go, you can sweep later Dude Job dude Sunny what dude Here is the electricity bill Withdraw 3000 from the card Pay 600 for the electricity bill For the remaining money, I will message you an account number you go to back and transfer on that Ok? Go Go, otherwise there will be big line in the bank Came for job to Hyderabad I'm having this full time job without salary At least there is no respect If I do this at least in my village I would have my dignity What my son, shall I send the account number Send money for tickets I will come back What happened Didn't you got you job? Nothing dad

Working here without salary Feel like crying dad You send money, I come there and look after our business I have already told you that there are no jobs You never listen to my words Ok will send, you come OK daddy

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