Adding a new myki

Hi, Georgia from PTV here Mobile myki is available on Android smartphones for travel across Victoria Let me show you how to add a myki to Google Pay Once you have Google Pay on your phone, it’s time to add a new Mobile myki card Open Google Pay Select “Passes” on the bottom right of the screen, then select the blue “add pass”

Select “Travel card” from the list of options then “myki” Once you select “Create card”, you’ll be asked whether you want to add myki Money, or a myki Pass The great thing about Mobile myki is that it uses the same system as a physical myki so the options should be familiar to you if you've used a myki in the past myki Money will allow you to pay as you go myki Pass is for those who are travelling often Select the option that best suits you and then “Continue” To add myki Money, choose the fare that applies to you Select your payment card under “Payment method” and enter the amount you would like to add as myki Money

When you first set up your Mobile myki, the minimum amount you can add is ten dollars, and the maximum is fifty dollars Select “Continue” When you’re happy with your purchase select “Purchase” Once your purchase has been processed, you’ll see your updated myki Money balance in the main Mobile myki screen Congratulations, you’re now ready to go There’s heaps more information on our website to help you travel with Mobile myki

Source: Youtube